Offline Crossword Android Quiz App

Offline Crossword Android Quiz App

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CrossWords is a completely new game based on the well-known crossword idea but with a more modern and entertaining look In each stage a group of interesting questions, behind each question a puzzle about a picture or information or a sentence.

This game, with the quality of its questions, is considered a comprehensive cultural course that will enrich your knowledge in various fields.

Various questions suitable for all ages

- General information in various fields - Complete the sentence, proverb - Questions of thinking and intelligence - Movie and Actor - Cars and Brands - Celebrities and soccer players - Maps, flags, and countries - Enlarged photos

2021-12-19 3.0
  - Major Core Update (MVVM)
  - Update all image from PNG to XML (easy to Edit colors)
  - Update the App Design
  - Change from SQL to Room database
  - Update crossword generator
  - Fix errors and add improvements
  - Update crossword generator
  - Improvement RTL support

2021-05-19 2.4
  - Add video documentation
  - Add Interstitial Ads
  - Create crossword generator 

2021-01-31 2.0
  - Create a new version with SQL database instead of JSON file
  - Fix bugs in both version JSON and SQL
  - Add support to the RTL language
  - All text can be translated in the String.xml file

  -Initial: Initial Version.