Discussion on Web push notifications plugin for WordPress, Woocommerce and BuddyPress

Discussion on Web push notifications plugin for WordPress, Woocommerce and BuddyPress

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I have users that are subscribed and I tested the notification message it is being sent and received. However, the subscribers list is always empty! Do you know why?

Hi, I have just responded you in the email. Please check your email.

Hi, I responded to your email yesterday. Please check your email.


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Hello, I have configured the plugin and on my server I have the gmp extension installed but no notification works friend, I bought the plugin, but it doesn’t work as expected, can you check that, or refund?

Hi, please contact me at for further investigation on it.


Drinko Purchased

I just sent email

You have a demo that cant even be accessed? whats the login credentials?

Hi sorry, for some reason it is not pre-populating the username and password. You can use the demo as username and password

Sorry, login credentials work.. but product doesn’t. Backend looks really good, but no notifications work.

In which browser and operating system you test? Did you get opt-in prompt to subscribe to notifications?

can this work with wp api to send a notification via api call? im using one signal now and i want to use your plugin but i need it to work with other apps which means i need an api endpoint to send a message.

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Hello. I would like to translate the plugin but there isn’t any pot file. Can you help me?

Hi, Please contact me at so that I can help you in this regard.

lao6097 Purchased

Hello . I’ve send you a message 5 days ago. Please check

Hi, sorry I did not get it, not even in the spam. Can you please resend or share your email address so that I can contact you

In our site, there are multiple locations and each location has a shop manager.

When an order is placed, will the new order notification be sent to the specific shop manager? or to all shop managers?


Generally it sends notifications to the Admin, so all admins will get the notifications.

Hello, I have configured the plugin and on my server I have the gmp extension installed but no notification works

Hi, I have received your email and responded you.

Hi, Does it work with iOS/Android apps integrated with Wordpress? Like React, ionic, flutter…?

Hi, Web Push Notifications are browser based, so it only works with browsers. iOS currently do not support Web Push Notifications. The plugin only works with WordPress based websites.

Add new features displayed all notifications list in my website page.

Hi, The plugin already display the list of all the notifications with stats in the admin panel.

Namaste, Do you have a price drop notification feature, as well as how to add a button to every product and send it to the user when they agree to the price drop?

Hi, The plugin supports the price drop notification feature and it send notifications to all subscribers once the the price is dropped but there is no option to send notification only to specific subscribers who opted in using the price drop alert button.

Hello, I have questions before buying.

The complement is still maintained?.

Will the GMP extension have to be installed by all my user clients? Or will it be enough for me to have it? Explain more about it please. I thought that push notifications could only be sent with the client’s consent without the need to install any extension.

Thank you so much for everything.

Greetings and many successes

No, GMP is not the WordPress plugin. It is PHP extension that install on your server. It usually already install on the server but if not you have to contact your hosting

Hello, thank you very much for the answer.

I see. I have my website on a VPN server that I control myself, but I don’t know about GMP, my server uses UBUNDU, NGINX, easyengine.

Would you help me or give me a guide on how to install GMP in php? I would be very grateful if you could help me to do it either using FTP or a terminal, I could do it myself if you guide me or give me a guide.

I really hope for a yes answer because I definitely want your plugin.

A million thanks for everything, greetings and my best wishes.

many sales.


Hi, Go ahead and install the plugin, if GMP is not install I will help you to install GMP extension on your server.

Hi guys! before buying.

I want to buy this, but I have a big website, so I probably get more than 500k subscribers.

How many CPU or RAM do I need to support it??

Does your plugin send price drop notifications via email?

How to show price drop button on Product page?

No, it does not send notifications via email. It only sends notifications using Web Push Notification technology. You cannot add the price drop button on the product page. However you can send price drop alter notifications to users.

Hello, is it possible to use a “web to app” solution and let BP pushes notificatons to users Android and iOS-Devices.

- will the personalized notification from BP work?



Web push notification works only with browser that support web push notification, not with the apps. iOS does not support Web push notifications, so no browser will work in iOS for web push notifications

1) I have an android app. can i use this plugin to subscriber users and send them push notification?

2) i have another wordpress site converted in to android app using SUPER PWA. can i use this plugin to subscriber users and send them push notification?

Hi, Web Push Notifications only works with browser not with any native app. So the plugin will not work for any Android or PWA app

Hi, I had a problem before on letspush for loosing about 800 subscribers. I dig a lot for it and got to know that the plugin changed Vapid private and public key during update. In order to rely on the plugin, it is necessary that you keep an interface on plugin option for Vapid keys. In that way, we can keep the keys safe and won’t loose any subscribers. Please provide that on next update! Also, do something if it is possible to make push notification success for old subscribers who subscribed with different Vapid keys!! There are almost 800 subscribers and it’s a big loss.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion, I will update it in the next release. For the old subscribers, plugin has the functionality to automatically re-subscribe them if they are subscribed using the different key. So your all old subscribers will automatically subscribed upon their first visit to your site after the key is changed.

They not gonna visit again. I don’t have user registration enabled on my website. I mostly rely on push notification to get visitors back on my website.

Hello, i like your plugin but i have some questions.

1. Can this handle 950k subscribers?

2. If yes then will this plugin use server resources? (what are requirement)

3. How many notifications sent in a minute?

4. Can we download Data of our subscribers?

No, it does not support 950k subscribers

In which case you are saying this?

Please keep an option to send push notification selecting the country. It’s because offers varies as per the country!

Thanks for you feedback. I will try to add this feature in the upcoming updates

Hi Sir,

This is our subscriber: 315K

But after send notification (as screnshot link below): why is the delivery rate is toooo low than our subscribers? ONLY 8K Delivery rate.

Hey, my all subscribers invalidated after moving a website. What should I do now? Can’t you do anything to fix. There are almost 1000 subscribers and they don’t receive push notifications.

Hi, The subscribers are site specific. If you change your website then users have to register with you new website.


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