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Pre sale question: I like your Legacy theme will purchase it. I just check the demo and also like how you disable save for demo view. Could you please tell me how to do this if I purchased your theme?

I want build a demo site for clients login to view and want disable save like your demo.


I have edited the code in default wordpress admin package for this. As there is no such method available out there. thank you

So the answer is no support this function to me?

I can sell the restricted admin code to you if you want. Can discuss on email. Please contact from my profile page. Thank you

Is it already supports Woocommerce version 2.6.4?

Yes. It supports woocommerce. In case if you still find any thing unusual after purchase, you can just drop me a message. I will fix in the udpates too. thank you

I’ve a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one real site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check for updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your plugin on my localhost and on a real site at the same time (simultaneously)?
Will I be available all the features without entering any key in the localhost?

Yes you can develop the same site on localhost and online using this single license. Thanks


Draxion Purchased

Hi, I bought this a few days ago.. Nice plugin. For the most part, its working well. However, I’m having issues with the icons of other 3rd party plugins not displaying properly. They seem to be appearing behind the lines and don’t have the circle around them.. do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks

The plugins having this issue use a custom image to display around in the menu and not the default wordpress admin menu structure. You can either replace the images with icons using a custom css feature in this plugin or can edit the images of these plugins.

thank you


Draxion Purchased

could you point me in the direction of using my own custom images? I’d like to fix them up. I looks like through the menu editor I can only use predifined images… i’d like to use my own if possible. Thanks

These are not images but inbuilt font icons. You can use custom CSS option panel of this plugin to add a custom css icon to menu items.

Or you can just find the image in the plugin you want to change and edit it. thank you


mrhocs Purchased

Good morning!

I sent you an email as you asked regarding the search box css issue with creating links in the pop up window in the text editor. Just checking to see that you received it. :)


Yes, i have received it and the it is planned for upcoming update. thank you


mrhocs Purchased

Sounds good! Keep up the awesome work. Your plugin is absolutely amazing!

Have a great day! :)

Please rate the plugin as 5 stars, since you like it. Thanks

I accidentally disabled “Admin Add-Ons” section including plugins menu item and now I can’t access the items I disabled because the section to do so has been disabled. How can I enable menu items if I can’t access that section anymore? Please help.

Please deactivate and reactivate the plugin. It will restore menu to default settings. thank you


kalipub Purchased

Hi! I have a multisite WordPress. If I install Legacy, will all users/sites have this design?

Thank you ;)

Yes. Its your choice. you can apply same settings to all sites in network with just one click or you can choose to apply different settings for individual sites. Thanks


dbrd Purchased

Hello, I want to network activate the plugin, but hide customization from admins and below. My network sites all have an “admin”, but with greatly reduced privileges. I noticed that the default on the demo is to exclude admins and super admins. Does the plugin look up “admin” based on capability, or by name. If by name, can I customize this within the code?


dbrd Purchased

Actually, I spoke too soon. (or was confused)

I want to create a customized admin menu and display the customized version to everyone besides Super Admins. Is this possible?

Also, I am having a bug where when viewing any admin page inside gravity forms I’m losing legacy theme styling. All other admin pages inside other plugins seem to be fine.

You can create a custom menu and show to all users except admin user. This setting can be done from plugin permissions settings page.

For gravity forms, the issue is already noticed and being taken care in the upcoming update.

thank you


Pre-purchase questions:

Very Good Theme !

Can I create chart in Admin dashboard using this theme or any widget facilities available to creating chart in dashboard area ?


Unfortunately no such feature is integrated yet in this plugin. This feature is available in material admin white label wordpress theme. You can try it.

I want to buy but.. i want to know if the licence is for one URL or many? because i have 3 sites…

:( bad, is to expensive for me en this case.

Now, if ill install a multi site wordpress, and configure a WP MU Domain mapper, works?

It will work. Thanks

Will your admin theme conflict with a DIVI theme?

No it doesn’t conflict. It works fine. Thanks


eldread Purchased


You have a great plugin but I’ve noticed that it conflicts with some themes and plugins.

Most recently, with the Salient theme you will get a 404 error if you try to access the theme admin options. If you try clicking enough times you will eventually get to see the options but some of the features/sections don’t appear.

With the plugin Coming Soon Pro, the login page stops working; the background image, logo and some styling disappear. Also, the menu tab ‘Legacy Admin Addon’ goes missing in the Wordpress admin area.

Is there anyway to run your plugin in a non-conflict mode? I want to use it on some sites i work on but can’t due to the conflicts.


First of all apologize for delay in getting back. Our support team is back from Christmas and New year Vacation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

It seems like you support has expired. please renew it.

That is a strange issue. It would be good, if you can email me the screenshot of the issue.

Thank you


kalipub Purchased

Hello, I can’t find how to modify the WordPress image:

And when I change the color, it does not work:

There is an option to hide this wordpress icon menu in legay admin -> admin top bar options panel.

You can also hide other admin top bar links as well. Thank you


I’m waiting a few days from a reply to some questions I had.

Could you kindly reply to the form I submit over the Codecanyon website?

Thank you.

Replied to your request already. Please maintain single thread for communication (on email only). thank you


I sent this in 3 months ago. Just doing a quick check in. Is there any way you guys can put in a new version that addresses the search box for adding a link to content within the page/post editors? It’s the search box css issue with creating links in the pop up window in the text editor.

Thank you!

Hello. I’m interested to purchase this – just have a couple of questions:

1. Can the WP menu items be renamed? For example, if I want to rename “Posts” to “Articles” – is that possible with this plugin?

2. Your page says this supports multi-site set-ups. Can menu items on the “main” site be hidden on the “sub” sites?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

1. Yes you can rename posts yo articles with this plugin. 2. Multi site setup is for the theme settigns and options panel. For menu settings, you will need to do on individual site on network. The reason is different sites on network will have different menu unlike theme and appearance settings.



Damowgli Purchased

Hi there can you add dashboard widgets to the homescreen?


Damowgli Purchased

*custom dashboard widgets

Will consider in future updates. thank you

Hi break design like this Please help fix it

I also can not custome any color here is example , as i set text is red and backgroud black, but menu has no change (I set custom theme option already)

This works fine. Just in case when the plugin base url is not loaded correctly for this plugin, the images are broken (as in your case). The reason this happens when there is some other plugin installed on your site, which is altering the behavior of core wordpress api.

You can check the browser console on pick theme page and find the image path being not able to load. This way you can get an idea of which plugin in conflicting in your installation. Or you can also try to deactivate the plugins one by one and test. This way you can find out the exact plugin raising the conflict.

thank you


majcfr Purchased


Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce product vendors?


Yes. It is compatible. Thank you