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Hi, Actually i wanna to use this plugin into my site… If it is possible to give me a trial version for this plugin… And also is there any options to pay back my cash.. if it doesn’t work well?


Here is the demo The script in the demo is the same as the one that is downloadable. You can make a refund if needed but you need to respect these requirements

Best regards

How to solve problem like Scriptsright say “Hi, just to let you know I integration lazy loader to my site works brilliantly just one problem please tell me you have solution for backspace browser for scroll to go back to same scroll location/hight this is happening on Exployer and chrome… The problem is you have to scroll from the beginning again!! Thanks” How to avoid loading from beginning again when we press back . please check scrool until footer, then klik last article. Then press back, it will make loading from beginning again.

Any hint to the solution? i will try to make it myself

I have success solve this problem. I use hidden input as describe in this post No need cookies or pushstate

Hi, thanks for the link, I will have a look. Best regards

Can this be modified to use an xml file instead of json?

Hi, it’s not planned but it’s a good idea. If you master JS, you need to edit lazyloader.js and use jQuery.parseXML() to handle the content of an XML file. Best regards

Can it work with magento2

Hi, This plugin works with all systems but is not ready to use with CMS like magento. You need to adapt the script as a plugin for magento. Regards

Useful script!

Thanks ;)