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I like your script. I use the exit intent popup a lot, but it doesn’t work on mobiles. I think it would be great a scroll up popup for mobiles. When the user scrolling up He wnt to leave the page, and a popup can help us to ad a spec offer.

Hi. You are right, OnExit works only with devices which have mouse pointer. Thanks for idea about scrolling up, I’ll think about it when I have time.

More than 90% of the visitors are mobile!

Hi, Does this support integration with mailfit wordpress plugin

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Hi, is this only for php or can it be used on any server?

Thanks. Do you have a query version (or are planning one)?

Thanks. Do you have a query version (or are planning one)?

Script must be installed on php+mysql server. Popups can be added to any site. Hurry up, Cyber Monday Sale is almost finished. ;-)

Hi, a pre-sales question: works on any site? or i need install other anything? is responsive?

Script requres php and mysql. Popups can be added to any site.

Hurry up. Cyber Monday Sale is almost finished. ;-)


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The onExit popup is not with me

Thank you

I’ve just checked. OnExit popup appears correctly. Please notice you set it to be displayed once per session, so next time it will be displayed when browser start new session.


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I know dear, i also set it to every time but never saw it, please let me what i should fo to see it , hover the mouse towards exit?

OnExit appears when mouse goes to top edge of browser window. After setting it to be displayed every time, don’t forget to clear cookies. ;-)


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HI, I want to buy the code and i want to ask if it for only word press sites or any standalone site? Thanks Ofer

This is standalone script. WP plugin is a different item.

Novice pre-purchase questions…

//// 1 /// May I use or the standalone plugin for both PHP powered websites AND WordPress themes or only for PHP websites but it won’t work for WordPress themes?

//// 2 /// May I add slider revolution / Lightbox (or similar slideshows) in a layered popup just by drag&drop like PopupPress plugin ?

//// 3 /// May I add a Google capcha in a layered popup just by drag&drop ?

//// 4 /// Is there a exit / quit / redirector page behavior for buttons ? If there is a a YES or NO choice and a visitor hit NO can a choice to close the page or redirect the user to another default or random page ?

//// 5 /// Is there an option to wait for a specific word before processing? Write UNDERSTOOD to enter the website. And the user need to type the word.

If not available do you plan to add some of those features?

Sorry but there are no answer to my questions in the description that I’ve read already… It’s not clear enough. You’re talking about a visual constructor without giving what the builder is able to achieve exactly… There are animated templates but I don’t know if we can add navigation buttons like in a slideshow and I don’t know what kind of behaviors we can pick for buttons… Also if this standalone plugin is a able to work on all websites this is what you’re saying in the description how comes you made a specific version for Wordpress I don’t understand !?

1. If you know how to add JS-snippets to your WP theme – YES.

2. Javascript is not allowed inside of layers.

3. It has recaptcha.

4. Each button is an HTML. What you insert is what you get. ;-)

5. No.

Thanks for those answers but it’s coming a bit late because $9 promo ended… It’s sad your plugin doesn’t allow carrousel like in PopupPress – Popups with Slider & Lightbox for WordPress because yours has some nice animated templates.

hey, this is what I’ve been looking for. Couple questions tho:

1. Does this support Acelle Mail? if not, would it be possible for me to implement it? (is there any documentation for it).

2. This should work on any PHP site, right?

3. How easy is it to customize the popups’ design?

4. Is the installation documentation easy enough for noobs to understand? :)


Hi. The answer for all questions is YES. Nothing difficult. People buy and use it without any problems. ;-)


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Hi, I have used your popups before with great success without any issue. But I am using it on a page that has a full-screen background video. Not sure if that is the reason that it is not showing up? Link to page: http://midnightpigbeer.com/ – Thanks!


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Never-mind, my fault, it works like a charm as usual. LOVE your script!!


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its not a standalone script its a wordpress script ? how do i use it on my HTML based website ?

It’s standalone script. Install it as it’s said on item page and use it as it’s said on “How to use” page on its admin panel.

Have a problem with my popups not showing up on any of my sites ever since I installed the new Facebook Customer Chat widget.

Here’s what I have in my Header

<link href=”http://popups.digitera.agency/css/style.css?ver=3.51” rel=”stylesheet”> <link href=”http://popups.digitera.agency/css/animate.min.css?ver=3.51” rel=”stylesheet”> <link href=”http://popups.digitera.agency/css/perfect-scrollbar-0.4.6.min.css?ver=3.51” rel=”stylesheet”>

And here’s what I have just before the end of the Body section

<script src="http://popups.digitera.agency/js/perfect-scrollbar-0.4.6.with-mousewheel.min.js?ver=3.51"></script> 
<script src="http://popups.digitera.agency/js/ulp-jsonp.js?ver=3.51"></script>
<script>var ulp_custom_onload_popup = "IdtbzMBlkLvGNc8w";</script>

Am I doing anything wrong, or is the Facebook Customer Chat code causing a conflict?

Thanks, just installed your latest version, and it looks really great by the way. Unfortunately I still have the same problem. The popup I created for https://skule.news doesn’t come up at all.

Here’s the code I have inserted according to your How To Use section.

<!-- LAYERED POPUPS --> <script id="ulp-remote" src="http://popups.digitera.agency/content/plugins/layered-popups/js/remote.min.js?ver=6.26" data-handler="http://popups.digitera.agency/ajax.php"></script> <script> ulp_add_event("onload", { popup: "jENnKz3mabmBgrYr", mode: "every-time", period: 5, delay: 3, close_delay: 30 }); </script>

Your site is HTTPS, but you included script through HTTP. Browser blocks such behavior. ;-)

Thanks, that fixed it