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Hello, I stopped working Layered Popups, I can not edit or create any pop up, I had not installed the update of 21 February 17, I thought that was the problem, so download and install and it was not solved, then I made a new base Data and install it again and the problem is that the changes are not saved when I try to edit or create a new pop up, what can I do? Thank you!

Hi. Please extend support period (yours expired), provide access to script’s admin panel and FTP-access to folder, where it is installed.

Hello, I already made the payment of support renewal and I send you a message from the contact form of your profile with the other access data

Hi, After you release new version of this plugin, I could update from Plugins page then I downloaded from TF and when I extracted then there was not valid folder or file. Plugin now working even if I upload from WP Dashboard.

Could you fixed it please?

This is not WP plugin. This is standalone script. WP plugin is here: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263

When I am going to download “All files and Documentation” then I couldn’t install this package on my WordPress site. Where from I could download Valid version of your plugin?


Once again. You purchased NOT WORDPRESS PLUGIN. You purchased standalone script. WP plugin is here: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this popup extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt (https://www.formget.com/mailget-bolt/), as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. At that moment there is no integration with this system. But thanks for letting me know. I’ll learn more about it when I have time.

Is this compatible with bootstrap 4?

I works with any website. You just must be able to insert couple JS-snippets into your website.


kczilla Purchased

How can I search thru the popup library in admin panel using phrases like “specials”, “discounts” ... In other words, the admin panel only shows #’s and is difficult to review the popups.

Also, can a popup open on page load and after N seconds go inline on the page?

1. There is no search through Popups library. 2. You can set delay for OnLoad popups (please read How To Use page in your admin panel). If you want delay for inline popup – there is no such feature, unfortunately.


kczilla Purchased

I want to have the popup show onload and after N seconds, instead of removing the popup, have it go from popup to inline. This way the promotion stays on the screen after page load

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

HI, can I use this for just a Pop UP image or Ad ? No email sign up ?

Sure. Just crate layer with image.

Hi. Installed in public_html/popups folder. From root dir it works nice(publis_html/demo.html). How to use popups from subfolder, ex: public_html/somefolder/demo.html ?? Please help.

Copy script’s files into this folder and open it in browser. Make sure that you use latest version of the script.

Hi, can I use my own form handler script with the popups like … form action =”myownhandler.php” ... and include hidden fields in the form code as well? Or does it only work with supportted email providers? Thanks!

Nope, there is no such feature, but https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#29


kczilla Purchased

Where is the Acelle Integration? In the documentation at http://layeredpopups.com/documentation/ it states “Acelle Mail – this module submit user data to selected Acelle Mail list. Plugin uses Acelle Mail API.” I am using Acelle and this is a must-have for me.

Activate Acelle module on Advanced Settings page and configure it on Popup Editor, Integration tab.


kczilla Purchased

There is no option in the Integration or Settings->Advanced for Acelle. See your own screen snapshot of Halfdata Admin Panel at https://s3.envato.com/files/203935027/6_LayeredPopups-AdvancedSettings.jpg

I assume you have it in the word perfect version but not the PHP only version. Also, in content/plugins/layered-popups/modules there is no module for ulp-acelle.php

Please give me the ulp-acelle.php ASAP as I have a project I need to get done ASAP and this is promised for delivery of the project.

Hi. I’ve just updated the script to version 6.17 which has Acelle Mail integration. It is waiting for approval now. I also sent copy to your email. ;-)


kczilla Purchased

How do I send the popup submission to my own api. For example, I have http://foo.com/ajax.php that will handle the popup submission.

Hi, Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But you can try this: https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#29

Hello! I need a popup where the window opens and stays open without fading the contents of the background, we need to use a Player to make the stream active. Is it possible to use your Layered Popups for this purpose?

Hi. Yes, you can disable overlay.

I just purchased the plugin and it doesn’t seem the downloadable file is correct for WP install.

What you purchased is not wp plugin, but standalone script. WP plugin is here https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263

How can we download that without repurchasing it? For some reason, the layered pop-up we purchased showed up under the WP plugin search. I have the older version plugin can I install that and use the license key from the script purchase?

Unfortunayely, Envayo doesnt allow that. You need purchase correct item. For this one you can request refund. ;-)

Hello a nice program and it works well. But how can I let the automatic popup open when I open the website


Please read How To Use page in your admin panel. It explains how to do it.

Thanks I found it.


Dotcom16 Purchased

Hello! I bought her script.

The installation was very simple. But I can not cope with the integration.

It just does not appear on the site.

1. I integrate the script

<Script id = “ulp-remote” src = “URL” data-handler = “URL”> </ script>

2. I set the ID

ContentLink ?

ContentLink ?

But it works. Please help

Hi. Please provide URL of the page where you integrated the script.


Dotcom16 Purchased

Hi Thanks ;) This is here http://www.janotta-partner.de/pipups/login.php

Do you have an e mail address for me, for the Password and the FTP Data ?

No-no. I need URL of the page where you integrated the script (not where you installed it).


First I would like to thank you for a great tools Layered Popups and Side tabs.

I have a two questions related to both.

I have running LP and ST simultaneously on my page and I’d like to know if there is something with I can disable exit intent after showing popup with ST?

Also I would like to open some clicks on popup to a new tab in a browser? Is it possible to set up easily?

Maybe it is possible in newer version of LP, but I think the higher version than 6.02 for NON wordpress was not published yet.

When do you think 6.10 will be published?

Thank you very much.


1. What is ST? If it’s 3rd party software – than “no”, there is no such feature.

2. If you mean regular link like:
<a href="https://google.com/">Google</a>
Then, you can add target="_blank" attribute:
<a href="https://google.com/" target="_blank">Google</a>

3. Latest version 6.18 of both (WP plugin and standalone script) are waiting for approval by CodeCanyon staff.

ST – Side Tabs :)

Tick cehckbox “Single subscription” on General Settings page.

Hi, I have two client sites that I purchased the plugin for and both are not showing. I setup “Active Target” for both. www.dianeward.com, wellsconsultingllc.com Please help.


1. For website dianeward.com you set OnScroll target, but your website is not scrollable in terms of HTML. It simulate scrolling inside of DIV-element, so scrolling event can’t be used on this kind of site.

2. For website wellsconsultingllc.com I don’t see any active targets. Please make sure that you activated target by pulling it from “Inactive” to “Active” section.