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Please can i get a refund for this? i thought it was for wordpress. i have purchased the wordpress version.


Hi. Request it.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin. Looks great! Question: I’d like to install LayeredPopups on my sandbox site to get acclimated to the plugin and build for my production site. I figure the demo popups within the library are good place to start the learning process. My purchase code is required to access the library. Both my sandbox and production sites are located on separate domains. If I enter my purchase code now, within my sandbox site, could I enter it again at a later time within my production site when I am ready to go live without any problem? Thank you for the help!

Hi. Yes. You can do that.

Hello, halfdata,

is it not possible when using double optin to set a “please confirm” URL/page like the “Thanksgiving URL”? Because when you use the form inline (html shortcode) there is no feedback that you did send (real) the information (in normal popups then popup dissapears als “success sign”). Thanks, Dobomax.

Hi. Many options. 1. You can set Redirect URL – it redirects users after successful form completion. 2. You can set “Thanksgiving popup” – it appears after successful form completion. 3. You can created special layers with notification message and set checkbox “Confirmation of subscription layer”. By default such layers are not visible, but appear after successful form completion.

Hello, halfdata,

thank you very much! It worked. This plugin is great… I did configure Sendy and Interspire Integration and all work perfect without any problem from the very beginning. Even with double optin. I can only recommand this and rate it “5”-stars. The only small “sad” is, that with the non-wp version it seems not possible to use the other add-ons like “opt-in content locker” and “subscribe and download”.

Hi. Thanks for feedback. Yes, add-on are available for WP only, because they are tightly integrated with WP environment.

hi, having issue figuring out custom fields(how to add custom field,which element is used for this? would appreciate some help. thanks

thanks.problem solved

Hi, is it possible to display the popup only for desktop (no mobile, no tablet ? )

You can displayeither for desktop/tablet or smartphones. There is no option tablet/smartphones.

hi this is an awesome program and I recomend it to everyone.

One question in a text block field I see how you do the basic alignment for the text. Is it possible to have the field say justified, and several lines centered? For example I have sections in the text and want the section title centered and the description text aligned left


excellent thank you

One more question, I am trying to use from the popup library #24625 so members of my site can log into their account. I know the url to send them to, and placed it in the redirect url, and have tried placing {loginbox-username} in the script but it does not capture the username and same with password

never mind I found how to add the form fields and it works perfectly. The more I use your program the more I am amazed


How your script to be viewed by Google as they are reported to be penalized sites that will have a intrusive mobile popup window?

Thanks :)

But, I registered Purchase Code on Settings page, but has not made automatically update. What is the reason?

Automatic update is related to WP plugin only. It doesn’t work with standalone script.

Thanks again :)

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Hi, I am looking to buy your extension but as per google adwords specification I cannot have a popup on my landing page, Could I set this popup to load whenever the visitor visits a second page? Thanks.

Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance/customization work.

Hey Halfdata, I wouldn’t considering it as Freelance work/Customization its practically upgrading your script to better suite your customers. An make it compliant to what google requires. This could be a big selling point for you.

And you can achieve this if you know your website architecture. Don’t insert js-snippet into landing page, but do it for other pages.


I am having problems with the overlay layer. It is not displaying: www.ottaki.com

Best regards,


Hi. I don’t see that you purchased this script. If you purchased WP plugin, please contact me through its page: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263 (to verify your license and validity of support period).


ABDU_GO Purchased

Why this Plugin in PHP Scripts Category ? Isn’t a JQuery plugin?

Script is in correct category.


ABDU_GO Purchased

I want it for a non-wp site, purchase this or https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263 ?

Link that you provided is WP plugin. So, it can be installed on WP only.

Hi is there a way to add a check box to a subscription form?(on any version WP or non WP of layered popups)

hi, thanks for the quick reply tried this method but the added element looks like a option box screenshot- http://prnt.sc/dn265i was this the intended graphic ?

got confused since it did not look like a checkbox.

How. Unfortunately, this is how it works.

Hi, does this stand alone script have all the features like the Wordpress plugin one?


i have download latest copy of this script and when i am uploading on hostgator hosting its showing trojan virus please check and remove virus and update copy.


My script doesn’t have and never had viruses. It’s proved by thousands customers and installations. Moreover my current demo works on Hostgator without any problems. Probably it’s a false positive.

Also I’ve checked file with www.virustotal.com (you can do it too) – it’s clean (checked by 52 different antiviruses). Based on this info I recommend you to check your PC for viruses. Probably you have some malware which intrude itself into zip-archives. If it’s clean, ask your hosting provider to update database of virus signatures. Probably they use some antivirus with notfresh database which gives false positive.

if you haven’t already, you should probably update the phpmailer that is bundled with this script due to the recent security exploit. also, in sessions table, ip column should be larger to accommodate IPv6 IP addresses other wise unable to login to admin panel. I also didn’t get the notification from Envato about the update but nevertheless this script is 5 stars!!!! Wish you had autoupdate feature.

Thanks for advises. I’ll update phpmailer shortly.

Guys! The plugin is 5* no doubt. The only thing that I miss is coupon/discount feature. (Subscribe and get a 5% discount on your first order, Like our page to get a discount etc.)

Do you plan adding these features in the future?

Hi. Thanks for idea, but unfortunately, I didn’t catch how this functionality is related to popup. Coupons and discounts are normally functionality of shopping carts, not popups.

Just a quick search over the CodeCanyon market and see for yourself. There are a lot popup plugins with a built in option for coupons. Out there you can find a lot of top notch ecommerce sites giving you:

- Discount on first order for newsletter signup - Discount on first order for social following/liking

Example: www.sensilab.it

Hi, I have a page with 10 names and every click on the name will show up a layered popup (different content for each names), can your script handle this easily? Thank you.

Hi. Sure. Create 10 different popups and show each certain popup for each name.

Thanks for the quick reply. If I have more than 50 names and all with different content, will this slow down the page loading or create any performance issue?

No problems with it. You can create thousands popups. Each popup is pulled asynchronously from server (using ajax) on demand. So it won’t slow down your website at all.