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halfdata supports this item


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just wanted to know if this can be embed to auto appear after a delay and can track if it already has appeared for the user for the day so it does not appear again not until cookies are cleared or the next day perhaps.

Ok thanks, we are planning to use it with X-Cart – have you encountered any issues with X-Cart before?

I’m not familiar with this system, so I can’t answer your question. It works with any website actually.

Exactly what I was looking for and more. Awesome script!


pridek Purchased

Why is it that all of a sudden my purchase code does not work

Just wait a little. Sometimes Envato API server is down.

UPD: Everything works now. ;-)


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Hi thank you again for this awesome program as you know one of several of your’s I have gotten. I just noticed that you did an update so I downloaded it. I know in the admin how to add a new plugin but can’t see any directions to upgrade. Also is there any upgrades in the admin module I should also be aware of? Also my admin panel shows I have version 594 for layered popups and version 1 for admin

Hi. To update the script you just need overwrite existing files by new ones (via FTP).


beegee Purchased

awesome thanks

Doesn’t script have a way to upload images?? or am I missing something? How can a builder like this not have an upload option?

how? using an FTP software? i’m surprised this isn’t a bigger topic in comments.

Ah. Sorry. You are asking about standalone script. I though it’s WP. For standalone script you need upload images by yourself (FTP, or any 3rd party image hosting like imgur, etc.)

I just got really disappointed in the script. Had high hopes.

Hi i have bought your awesome script ,, do you have a multi user like saas on your extended licence.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

1. I have try to download Popups Library and file not on my computer or in Halfdata Panel Pop up so where is it to import.

2. Can i pass parameter from url to another page via pop up

If my site parameter is mydomain.com/?source=keyword

i need to collect email and pass parameter another page how to integrate it

i need Pop up Library # 24569 to use with above requirement


1. Please explain more clearly what’s wrong with Popups Library.

2. There is no such feature.

how to use Pop Up library i need to use # 24569

Did you put Item Purchase Code on Settings page? If so, just go to Popups Library in your admin panel and click desired popup. It will be imported into your popup list.

I am using version 6.30

Within my pop-up I have a name and email field, along with a “submit” button

I am also using “Tribulant Newsletter”

When I click the “Submit” button the pop-up does not disappear and nothing gets sent to my email or the plucin’s “log” area.


How do I configure these fields and the “submit” button to send me the inputted info from the pop-up ?


This was meant for the WordPress version.

Please extend support period (your support expired unfortunately) and provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check.