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Can i submit the contact form as normal contact form just to send mail to admin? I did not need to mailchimp integration? I am getting error in form submission when i did not integrate mailchimp API ?

Sure. There is such feature.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin! Looks great! But I have some issues. When I save a custom made pop up and wanted to go back and edit some more, the panel to the right doesnt show. The pop up is kind of locked. Do you know why? Thank you!

Hi. It may happen if you added JS-code into layer content. Please notice, JavaScript is not allowed inside of popups. If you didn’t do it, please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong there.

Hello, Can this have multiple users with there popup?

Nope. There is no such feature.

ok. Is this planned for future updated?

At that moment I don’t have such plans.

hi one quick question. On my dashboard it says I have version 5.94. I see you updated so is there a newer version. If so to upgrade do I reinstall all the files or is there a different way to update? Thanks

Hi. Download new version from codecanyon and overwrite all existing files by new ones.

thanks for the quick response. It worked perfectly. I am confused about one thing as on the main page it lists programs that will work with the admin page, but the links lead to the WP versions. Other then this one are there any others that work under the admin page that are not WP programs? I already have your universal banner manager which I love but I know that is a stand alone.

Hi. In dashboard you can see list of WP plugins that can work as standalone (under control of this panel).

Hi there.. ive never had issues with the plugin before but on my pop up, it gets hung up on the subscribe button. Says “please wait” forever and gets hung up.. doesnt pass info to mailchimp and pop up doesnt go away to show successful submission.

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username. If you purchased WordPress plugin, please contact me through its support page and provide access to WP dashboard. Also let me know name of popup. https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263

I purchased on Feb 10… order ID 51982181

Any plans to do responsive design/mobile editing?!

Try popup on mobile. All of them fit your screen perfectly. ;-) Moreover you can create separate popups for desktops and for mobiles (for even better experience).


superela Purchased

Hello! I have some questions after buying and installing the popup system.

How can I fire a popup on exit intent on mobile? Can I show only a half page overlay (half the height, for example), instead of full page? Or can I extend rectangles to cover 100% of the page width? How can I centralize vertically all popups layers?


1. There is no Exit Intent on mobiles. It exists on devices with mouse. 2. There is no half page overlay. 3. Use mouse to drag-n-drop layers and put them into desired position (relatively to top-right corner of popup frame).

Hi, I install your plugin and I entered may mailchimp info (api key and list). I tested it with the pop-up #25172 but my email address doesn’t end up in the list!!? Did I miss something? Thanks

Hi. Please extend support period (your expired long time ago) and provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check and let you know what’s wrong.

PS: You left comment for wrong item. ;-)

Hi, We need a simple form that generates a couple input fields from Paid Membership Pro’s shortcode here: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/streamline-membership-checkout-with-the-signup-shortcode-add-on-email-only-signup-redirect-to-referrer-and-popup-integration/

Will that work well with this script? I see it integrates with a bunch of services like MailChimp etc, but we need the ability to execute the php shortcode on the page I linked to.

Ungortunately, thete is no such feature.

I have installed the Halfdata Admin Panel and created my first popup. I copied the integration code into a website hosted on another server (basically, not on the same domain as the HalfData Admin Panel)

The integration snippet is placed right before the closing (body) tag I have programmatic popup, onClick with ID placed correctly. Popup does not work.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do here. The documentation doesn’t go over potential and common problems.

Hi. Please provide URL where you integrated popup. I’ll check and let your know what’s wrong.

Damn, you are so fast. I’ve sent you a private message with the link.