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Is there a color picker drop-down? To have to copy and paste the color into every color field is very annoying. Likewise, is there a google font dropdown that shows the preview of the font family?

there are plugins that show the Font Family in the <option> as an image; where images are in a sprite. Therefore, only 1 image is download, approx 250K

you have js/color-picker.js – is that used in the code? is it disabled?

Yes. I’ll add it in the future.

Hey man, great plugin! My customer is happy with it. But we have an issue, we have the same instance of the pop up on LOTS of products. Was wondering, can I tag each instance somehow so when we get the notification email it tells us which product they initiated the pop up from?? http://kiwicrew.co.nz/high-vis-t-shirts/ Note the pop up button for each product. We’d like to know which product they are enquiring from.


oh nvm its in the logs! the url its coming from.

ok ok sorry its just the url to the page. he wants to know which specific instance on that page; ie know which product the customer is enquiring about. any ideas? thanks!

Hi. There is no such feature. As you noticed, you can know url where popup was submitted. Using urlbyou can identify the product.

Hi there,

I purchase last week, and I see that on the 1st September that you updated to version 6.20.

Which files do I need to update?

And how should I do the update?

Regards, Hugh

Please do it again. Unfortunately, I cant add it to my code, because it’s an issue on your server. Due to wrong configuration your server doesn’t recognize index.php as main index file. That’s why you need do this trick by forcing it to use index.php.

Next time just not overwrite modified files. ;-) If you want me to check your installation, please provide valid FTP-access. I’ll check what you have there. Without FTP-access I can’t help you, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help (again) – all fixed now.

My website is SSL secured. But when adding the pop-up to it, it’s no langer secured. The ‘green icon’ in Chrome disappears. The image I’ve used in the pop-up is also on a https location. What am I doing wrong?

Look at your source code. You have embedded 2 versions of Layered Popups on the same page. New version and old version. Remove these lines from footer:
<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
<link href="https://popup.gznd.be/css/style.css?ver=2.00" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> 
<script src="https://popup.gznd.be/js/ulp-jsonp.js?ver=2.00"></script>  
This code is from old version which is not supported anymore.

Great, thanks for the help!

Hi, May I know if there’s any features difference for both Wordpress version and html version?

Yes. It’s intalled as separate php-script and then embedded into your plain html site by inserting js/html-snippets.

May I confirm if all OnLoad popup, OnExit popup, etc available for Non-WP version? Thanks

Yes. You can use them.

Can I use pop3 email?

Pop3 email? For what? Pop3 is a protocol used to connect to email account to fetch received messages. Cant imagine how it can be used in cooperation with popup. Please explain.

On Settings page, can setup Sender name and Sender e-mail, but how to setup recipient email address?
On website can send email, but can’t receive email.

sorry. I think i commented on WP version of app before. I would like to know if this app is multi user? so i can allow my clients to create their own pop ups?

Nope. This is not multi-user app.

I bought this script… I need to buy your OTHER admin panel for this to work?

Nope. This script already contains admin panel.

where we used to add this code,i forgot the path

<script> ulp_add_event(“onabd”, { popup: “OBJECT1_ID”, popup_mobile: “OBJECT2_ID”, mode: “every-time”, period: 5 }); </script>

Please read “How To Use” page in your admin panel. ;-) It explain where to insert it. Answer: below remote.js (or remote.min.js) and above closing </body> tag.

For any support assistance please extend support period. Yours expired, unfortunately.


lioilgr Purchased


I am considering to buy the script.
Could you confirm for Layered Popups – Standalone Popup Script does it include – integrated with Halfdata Admin Panel or do you have to buy it separately to be integrated with Layered Popups – Standalone Popup Script
Thank you


lioilgr Purchased

Could you kindly provide an example code to test run a Layered PopUp from different external website
Thank you

Please read “How to use” page in your admin panel. It explains everything. Try to do what it says and if something doesn’t work I’ll let you know what’s wrong.

If you want demo for your installation, just provide access to admin panel and I’ll create the simplest demo. ;-)


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Hi, When I download latest version of your Plugin from Downloads page (All files & documentation), I can’t install on WordPress. Here is the files I got when I unzip http://prntscr.com/gv8cmd

How could I get your latest version of the plugin? Where from I’ve to download?

You purchased not WP plugin, but standalone script.


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Hi, How to update the script ? I need to copy/paste files

Hi. Just overwrite old files by new ones. If you use old version (below 4), you need install it from scratch.

Hey is it possible to make button flash/glow? I’m browsing through popup library but don’t see any examples of this.

Sorry, I commented in the wrong place, I own WP plugin. Not sure how to delete it, so please ignore this.

Hi. No, there is no such feature, unfortunately.

Hi, Is this plugin compatible with polylang? Thanks!

I’m not familiar with this software, so I can’t answer your question.


I just buy your product 6027291-layered-popups. Is it possible to install it on AWS server? If i need just the popup fonctions, do i need to buy Halfdata Admin Panel? I’m using symfony/Angular


Hi. Thanks for purchasing. You don’t need additional software. Just install it as it’s said on item page. ;-)

thanks. I already install the Admin on my local server. Can i reuse it on le production server?