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kczilla Purchased

How do I make my popup layer responsive? I want a 600×600 layer that will be responsive (shrink) to smaller devices

All layers are automatically resized to fit device screen. If you would like me to check your popup, please extend support period (your support expired, unfortunately), make sure that you use latest version and show me the problem.


mikaeru55 Purchased

Hi I can’t import the template always stuck at the white blank page kindly check your Support email ( just emailed you ) thanks

Hi. Please make sure that ZipArchive installed on your server. Ususally it’s installed by default, but sometimes it’s not.

hi, I would need popup on html site … does this work? or is it a wordpress plugin? thank you

hello, I need to view them mainly on smartphones … they fit the screen of the smartphone? thank you

another question: how do you insert it? do you need the database? in my server I have only one database, already occupied … can I install it on an external database? thank you

Check my demo on smartphone. :-) You can install it on existing DB.


lalunavbg Purchased

Hello, we ave the standalone version. And we are testing on dev server currently. can we add a link to our helpdesk in the admin-menu ? Where shall we drop the link? Thank you in advance. Lalunavbg

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But script is open source. You can hire php developer and modify it as you need.

Hi – considering this for my clients, however can I deploy this across non-wordpress sites?

My example scenario is a client wants to have popups for a newsletter signup on their site. They provide me the form code to show in the popup (i.e. dotmailer form), then I build the popup, give the client the popup script to add to their website (head section etc?). Is this how it works?

Effectively I could create a management portal for each client to login and control their own popups yes?


1. Popups are embedded into website as js-snippet. So you can embed it into any website.

2. This is not multi-user script. Only one user admin handle all popups.