Discussion on Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress

Discussion on Lana Image Optimizer for WordPress

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Tks for update Lana!! :)


I previously used Smush Pro however its so slow so I am looking for much faster image optimizer.

What will happen to previously Smushed images when I use Lana?

Thank you.

This is a very interesting question. Smush and other similar plugins work quite differently. These usually use different functions to optimize images with different image file extensions (either PNG or JPG) to reduce the size. There are optimize plugins that send images to their server via an API, optimize them, and then download the new image to WordPress.

Lana Image Optimizer is completely different. Locally, it uses a default PHP library to convert images to JPG format and compress them. This format is preferred for web speed due to its small size.

So if Smush makes an optimized PNG image from a PNG image, then Lana Image Optimizer will convert that image to a JPG image.

The Group Filter “only assigned to product images” includes the images of variable products?

This optimizes the images that are assigned to a product post type. This is a feature of WordPress that assigns images to post types. If you upload an image within the admin post edit page, it will be automatically assigned to the post.

In the List view in the Media Library, you will see a “Uploaded to” in the table, for example, if an image is uploaded for a product post, it will be optimized if you select “only assigned to product images”.

If you contact me via email, I can also send pictures with captions if that’s more help:

hi, Just JPG? I use logo with png ? broken png?

Converts all images, including PNG images, to JPG.

However, there are some exceptions: does not convert PNG images with transparent backgrounds.

And you can set exceptions to not convert.

hi, watermark ?

The optimizer plugin does not watermark images. There is currently no setting to add your own watermark to images. The only purpose of the plugin is to optimize the size of the images.

Can this optimize the whole media libaray

Yes, it is possible to optimize the whole Media Library.

You can try this in the demo. Or see the documentation for it:

Can it backup the media files like wp smush and imagify does

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible in my plugin.

I’ll be honest: the Smush plugin can provide more features right now. So if you use it, it may not be worth it for you to use my plugin.

The advantage of the Lana Image Optimizer plugin is that you can optimize your images using several different php libraries, and there is no file size limit.

The other thing that is important to know is that Lana Image Optimizer converts all images to jpg, which is a compressed file type. This is an irreversible change. When it comes to speed optimization, this matters a lot because it results in a significant reduction in file size.

does it got an option that i can remove original image after optimize them? thx

i can not access website’s database, maybe there are some non image type inside. if you don’t mind , i would like to ask for refound. thanks!

Okay, completely understandable, please click to the Refound request here in CodeCanyon.

Unfortunately, I can’t analyze this without access, because here I would have to look at more files, even at the database level. The file type should not be a problem because it checks the list for an image file. That’s why it’s strange.

done, if not file type , then no idea, thanks!

Hi, There has been no major visible development in a long time, do you have any plan to add more features to it? What are we paying for?

Thanks & Regards,

It is basically a pretty single purpose and lightweight plugin: optimizing images using PHP lib. The PHP libs used by the plugin are default libs (not developed by us), they have not changed.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, I would be happy to listen to you in a comment here or email to

In the future, we plan to create our own Python-based image optimizer lib that can be used on the client’s own server after installation, but this is complicated to set up (we will of course make a detailed description) and cannot be installed on all web hosts due to the requirements (so it may affect few clients).

Well, just noticed that the optimizer is renaming the compressed files while saving – is it normal?

Kindly look into this, if possible add an option to delete the original file so that the compressed one is not renamed.

Regarding feature request, how about implementing a document optimizer and external cloud drive integration so that everything in the media library could be backed up with one click?

Yes, the plugin converts files to jpg, which means renaming “x.png” files to “x.jpg”.

The plugin deletes the old files and also replaces the file name in the WordPress database. Failure to delete it could be a file access issue or a conflict issue. I can help you check this privately by writing to email.

This is basically an image optimization plugin because the images displayed on the website matter for search engine optimization. This is the purpose of the plugin. Document optimization is an interesting idea, but it would be a completely different plugin and product if I made it in the future. There is a default php lib for optimizing images, I don’t think there is any for optimizing documents, so for that I would have to write and install a separate server script for the client.

I think there are a lot of very powerful backup plugins with professional cron setup, cloud integration and everything you need. I think it would be worthwhile for you to try one of them.

Hi!! I translated to Portuguese (BR) can i send to you the files, so you can include in the plugin…?

Wow, thank you very much. If you send it, I’ll add it to the plugin.

You can contact us at the following email address:

How do I know if this plugin works on my site or not !?

The easiest way to ask your webhosting provider is “GD library enabled in my webserver”? If the answer is yes, the plugin will work.

If there is still a problem with the function in your webserver, I will refund the price of the plugin with the Envato refund system.

I haven’t purchased the plugin yet, but I’d like to be sure whether or not it will really improve Images and speed up my site

I recently bought Plugin: Seo Image Optimizer

Images optimization on my website still 0% for testing on gtmetrix and PageSpeed ​​Insights

Seo Image Optimizer – I think in the free version it only optimizes the newly uploaded images (not the old ones). Therefore, PageSpeed and gtmetrix writes that images (old images) are not optimized. But I’m not sure. – Upload a few large png (not transparent) images and optimize them. You can see a decrease in their size. – This is my website. gtmetrix: Optimize images – A (97)

Important note that Lana Image Optimizer plugin cannot optimize transparent png. Therefore, if you have such an image on the website, you will not get A (100) score.

But if you buy the plugin and you don’t get the result you expect, I will refund your money. So you don’t have to worry.


demo is not working.

Oh damn. Thank you very much for reporting, I fixed it.

Hi the plugin returns the following error

LANA_EDITOR_VERSION – assumed ‘LANA_EDITOR_VERSION’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /web/htdocs/ on line 106

Thank you very much

The new version is available. :)

Thank you very much

when i use the plugn, my websit get down

Sorry for the trouble.

The Lana Image Optimizer plugin uses the GD PHP lib on your server. This GD lib is free and installed on almost all servers by default. But unfortunately, this also means using your server’s CPU. Unfortunately, with lib optimization and load, I can’t do anything.

I tested it several times in my own virtual server (1 USD/month, very low) and optimized for 5 and 10 MB png images without any problems. It took time and used the CPU, but it worked.

The other image optimizer plugin that uses an external server is usually a monthly pay or a pay-per image. That’s why I made this plugin that uses your server, so you only have to buy it once.

Of course I will refund the price of the plugin. I’m sorry it wasn’t useful for you.

If the media library optimization is somehow interrupted, the page needs to be resumed from the previous scan when it is refreshed (eg scan log). When it’s launched for the second time, it goes through the images it has already optimized. This is a waste of time. The second time it starts, it also corrupts the images with the png extension. I am very satisfied with the plugin. Thank you. In addition to those who have problems; If you start max_execution_time of your server to a minimum of 2000 and start optimization, you will not have any interruptions.

- When it’s launched for the second time, it goes through the images it has already optimized. This is a waste of time. - This is very true. Thank you for the feedback. In the next version I will try to fix it.

- The second time it starts, it also corrupts the images with the png extension. - I’m trying to check it, but I think it could have happened because of a failure. (I think the image was damaged at the first run.)

- If you start max_execution_time of your server to a minimum of 2000 and start optimization, you will not have any interruptions. - This cannot be a problem. The plugin converts each image individually, using ajax (so it goes one by one in the background). Therefore, there is no long running time. (Maybe if the size of a single image is very large, I’ll test it.)

Can you send more information about the png image that is broken? Size, anything. Or please send me the image. My email address is:

Thank you very much for your help and your feedback.

Hello I have two questions:

1- I have several sites I can use the plugin on all of them?

2-One of the sites is the and I have it almost optimized gtmetrix, it lacks even only the optimization of the images see: Serves scaled images (F0)

Does your plugin solve this point in Gmetrix?

Thank you

1.) Yes

2.) “Serve scaled images” – This is not an optimization problem. So no, Lana Image Optimizer does not solve this.

But: - How to solve “Serve scaled images” problem? - Go to WordPress admin > Media Library > Select Logo (logo_ervedal-09.png) > Edit Image (button) > Scale Image (section) > New dimensions: 70×65 > Scale (button) - Remove ervedal-header-03.jpg from template, because it is not in use. I think you will need to modify the template code at this point.

If you need help, email us at This gives us a few minutes action when you give access to the WordPress site. We are a profession in WordPress development, we are happy to help you, no problem you are not a customer. :)

Hello, thanks i really need a more complete solution to optimize the images but pay only once because what I see is that there are many who charge for the amount of images.

Thank You

A more complex image optimizer needs a custom script (such as Python) that can be run on its own server only (complex image optimizer plugins service is paid per image because the script uses the company’s own server by API, which is resource-intensive per image). I think It’s so unique that you need a freelancher order. I do not think you find such a marketplace script.

HI.does your plugin have a Poedit file for translate?

Yes, translation ready!

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks :)

I’m trying to turn on automatic optimization but back to disabled alone, what can it be? I already disabled the other plugins but it did not work.

Thank you.

Sorry, this is a small bug in the form url.

I uploaded the new version to CodeCanyon, but sometimes it takes 1-2 days to verify.

If you write me an email to then I can send the new bugfixed version immediately. :)

I can wait until then, I was able to install the plugin through the Envato Market plugin, so I update it to inform you if the update has arrived here. Thank you!

All right, thank you for your patience. :)

I cleaned the WP cache and everything is ok! Sorry!

Yes, cache plugin sometimes causes confusion. You should always clean the cache if any file is modified.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact us. :)

Hi, what image formats can the plugin optimize? Is the plugin available for installation through the Envato Market plugin?

image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/pjpeg image/png (simple, non-transparent) image/gif (normal, non-animated)

Later, hopefully: image/bmp and image/webp (we are currently testing the possibilities).

Unfortunately I can not test it because it lists only the items purchased but I think the answer is yes because the Envato Market plugin lists the WordPress downloadable plugins and I always add the installable WordPress Plugin for uploading.

Go Lana! ;)

Thank You. We will do our best. :)


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