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great look and very useful :) good job, I whish you good luck with the sales !

Thanks Eric

any live link ?

I just have add live preview please have a look again thanks

hi, can i use this in wordpress? i will make the timeline page. please comment.

It is simple HTML/CSS coded so you can easily implement into wordpress or any other custom website but you know some basic stuff like adding divs, css into code etc thanks

Hi, is this vertical layout only? Can we easily swap to horizontal layout or would it need too much tuning of your html/css code?


Yes currently it is only vertical layout and to swap it into horizontal , you need to change it’s whole layout which means, you may require much work thanks

Wonderful work – thanks!

Could you possibly explain the 3 following things:

- Is it possible to add images in “ketcontent”? My attempts failed so far. - Is it possible to define the “ketcontent” which should be active by default, or to set this alternatively to “none”?

Thanks again. Alexander.

Hi Alexander,

Actually we can’t add image into “Ketcontent” because i am using color: transparent; property to hide the content which not possible for image.

Default active for “ketcontent” also isn’t possible

But i will try to brings these features in next update. I already have started work ,hope you will get these feature in next update

Thanks for contacting.

Thanks, that’s very cool to hear – looking forward!

Would horizontal layout with a next and previous button be hard to achieve?

I will try to add in next update. thanks

hello, is it possible to show all the content box without having to click ?

Hi, Right now it may not possible. You may need to edit the css code.