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Please explain better how it works: -Agents Tracking Options -Task Critical Options -add options to records agents location

hi mate

1. Agents Tracking Options = this options will determine how to set your agent to offline

2.Task Critical Options = when you create a task and you forgot to assign to a driver within 5minutes it will blink red and it will be in the very top of the task in dashboard

3. records agents location = this options will records your agents location so that you can review it later

like if you want to track back your agent location yesterday




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How can I force the task to the closest driver to the task? with auto assign.

hi mate

you need to run all the cronjobs and set the auto assign to one by one

and for ios make sure you have all the correct config and make sure your port 2195 is open

push is working even the screen is off make sure you allowed the app to run in background during installation


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The port 2195 is open I am able to send push notification to Ios and Android. All the cron jobs are running every minute. the only problem is when the system try to auto assign does not acknowledge the iOS devices when the screen is off. I set the app to run on the background but did not work. Only work if the screen is on.! any ideas??

hi mate

you need to enabled the app to run in the background for ios


hi sir, can i check with you why my “Agents Track Back” only show “coming soon” did i miss anything about the setting?

The realtime on the track logs details. It will be better if need to for review. Example if driver a said its deliver location a 1st at 3pm then location b at 3.15pm. But when check only can see the driver deliver location b 1st then location a. Then how to know the driver time was there? And also this may help for those company use this katero for full time driver. So the boss can know the driver working with the timing given to them. If no realtime tracking abit hard for the boss to keep track rite? This is just a feedback. :))

ah ok i understand

hmmm let me see what i can do am not sure if can be done but let me check :)


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Hi I make the update an now i have this problem my map in the app admin http://prntscr.com/emxm1d

watch this video

kartero creating google api key https://youtu.be/Wy4m5DhTVy8

hi josean93, maybe there’s something not right with your google api.

thanks mate for helping ) cheers


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Hi thanks



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Is save driver’s ways in update function ??? i want to check the ways of drivers because i cann’t check them real time all the time … i will check the ways at night.


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Like GPS System

use the latest update it has a track back options :)


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Hi mate

You upgraded the Kartero system and did not include the changes I asked the admin to create team and driver and leave them online for all customers from what I read in the changelog. :(

mate its a small updates :)

You have availed this small update and have included. : D

it because its a small update your request is not:)


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hello first of all good work.can we use custom sms gateway except twillo & nexmo? thank you

technically you can :) you just need to add those in the code


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Hello! I just updated to the latest version, and when trying to build the app, the Android builds but not iOS

remove the version of google map if you want to compile to ios

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" spec="1.3.9" >


<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" >

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Did you add a new plugin to the app for the background geolocation logging, if so which folder is it in? I didn’t see any new files in the app folder. I thought if the app wasn’t open, it wasn’t able to track the geolocation?

hi mate

you cannot find the files for that that is called plugin i added that in config.xml

and you need to run the app ofcourse when you switch to another app in your device you will see that it will run in the background

please do test so you can see what i mean

Hi when I access the website after instalation apper this message


Try to create account and you will see the message above

Index of /app Parent Directory

sorry ? your site working fine


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hi since you changed the customer settings menu, it not show on mobile and netbooks browsers …/app/settings – the only assessable tab is General Settings Any fix?

yeah your right :( i forgot about those my bad :( let me post the quick fixed here i will check


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Hello Basti. I just want to ask you why could be the reason that the map is not loaded on the app? Thanks

its your google api

kartero creating google api key https://youtu.be/Wy4m5DhTVy8

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“click here to purchase sms credits” Why this is in app demo?

sorry that is not yet fully functional :) it will be added in next update

Hi Bastikikang…. Great Work…

Can you help me with a doubt?

In the Agents TrackBack, I can not select the date.. appears without function… And I can not see the Track details logs ….

What do you think ?

hard refresh your browser maybe the files is still cache in your browser

Yes Friend… with the hard refresh all go right..

Have a nice day.

Hello I cant Open camera or Upload image from mobile device, is there something wrong? http://prntscr.com/enxqp5 http://prntscr.com/enxqyp http://prntscr.com/enxr4y

these images can help

don’t turn on the debug in your file www/js/app.js

function isDebug() { //on/off return false; }

so, days before i was having this error

/GetAppSettings?&lang_id=null file:///GetAppSettings?callback=jQuery111308237732171434833_1489612491835&&lang_id=null&_=1489612491836 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

and it was fixed by turning on debug mode how can I manage these changes?, can you explain me how does it work

hi sir, the customer settings menu, it not show on mobile browsers app/settings – the only assessable tab is General Settings. any quick fix? my customer been asking me already.

hi basti,

Can we add the following features

driver: can add the money collected during the task + delivery fees

Admin: - I can set the percentage from the delivery fees that goes to the driver - I can get reports about each driver total commission - I can get report about total income (money collected + income from delivery), money collected only, or money gained from delivery

Best Regards,