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Hi, if I just edit the options available in the admin panel, Could I offer the app to a client or Do I need to make code changes?

you can take a look at envato rules for that

you will have to change the naming of the app like logo etc

Yes, i can build the Android on build.phonegap.com. But ERROR on Android version with this error Message: Error – Some official plugins have to be updated if using PhoneGap >= 4.0.0. Please upgrade the version of any plugins that may include the following file: GoogleMaps.java

sorry but did you purchase?

Developer in the name of the owner

sorry i only support who purchase my item


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Hello, why is not the iPhone identified?

Push notifications do not come on the device (iOS Push Modem development)


check your ios certificate make sure you add your phone ui id in device list in apple dev console

Hi I need a delivery app, what is the difference between this kartero app and karenderia driver?? I have the app for orders, only need asign delivery to driver and check process

the kartero app is stand alone while karenderia driver app is addon for kmrs

please do try the demo so you can see it this will fit your needs


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We already install before in our server, and that server we stop it. and now we want to install again but there is a problem.

This the log error:


Anyone can help me?

can you send the error i build.phonegap when you click the button not the error logs

hi Basti, how to add plugin on play store, I has follow this instruction http://docs.phonegap.com/phonegap-build/signing/android/, when i type on CMD result is red line. please solve a problem ? tq

you need to install java first in your computer


once you have java installed you cannot execute the command


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i didnt hear from you in your private mail

reply sent


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am having the same problem with phonegap. is it from my end? i don’t understand .

apart from phonegap, is there other way to build our App?

phonegap is the very easy way to compile the app the second is via command line which is very complicated

do you plan to keep this app? because I don’t see recent updates

yes i do just busy with my other items :)


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How can i rename agent(s) ?

the best way to change it is via language file



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Hello What are Contacts are they your employees or the people you delivering or picking up items ?

its fort the people you delivering or picking up items



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Hi Basti, I’m having trouble compiling the app. I removed the version in the config.xml file but once the .apk was generated it simply does not leave the “Loading Settings …” screen. Please help me! With little knowledge I have I made some changes but I did not succeed! I await your reply.

Sorry I did not activate as I proceeded?

function isDebug() { //on/off //return true; return false; }

send me your api url so i can do a test

email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified

Can we deploy into a normal shared hosting and when the App gain traction, we change it to a Cloud hosting or Dedicated server with our Regular license?

yes you can :) am using shared hosting before on my demo i just switch to vps cause shared most of the time its down

Hi, there when i fallow the “task link” for fallow, it get stock on getting information and a green dot keep blinking, at the end i can not rate the agent. can i get some help ?

can you do this quick fixed

open the file components/driver.php and look for functions getTaskDistance

change this