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Is it possible Geo-fence?

its very much possible but i never tried it yet

cant sign in in demo app

you need to sign up as customer and create a driver


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Hi, so I thinkI find one problem again, the SOUND on RECIVE the TASK for Driver APP not sound .. what can it be and how do I change, do I need redo all APK again ???

it should play the sounds mate :)

when you receive the push it will play the sounds

did you receive the push?

make sure the filename is the same and its mp3


haik74 Purchased

but I just see it I will try again

ok mate let me know the results



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Love the system its great!. However on the customer login page. When you input login info and hit login nothing happens. But if you refresh the page it going into the desktop app. Also the map in contacts in not working. When you input a contact it asks for long an lat. One last thing is there a way to add fields to the import function. “Driver and Team, time”


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Oh thank you yes http://myservicedispatcher.com so I didn’t email from this site telling me you answered. Also in the web app dashboard the drop down doesn’t change anything. Cew 1 or crew 2? Not sure but I LOVE IT. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I ran a beta test at a client today worked perfect. Also figured out the import issues Can I add more imports fields by adding more in the controller file? Last thing I was thinking of trying to add the weather overlay to the web app. Where should I start?


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How can I give you a login not in public comments?

mate i tried to register to your site and its working fine

you can email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified

Reports 1-Task Performance 2-Task Completion 3-Task Punctuality 3-Effectiveness 4-Time Based Activity 5-Distance Based Activity 6-Time Based Productivity 7-Task Efficiency 8-Successful Task 9-On-time Task Is it possible the same as the other site of the same model?

will do take note mate right now am working in my other item updates

Hello I have installed kartero….. facing this problem 1. Cannot receive task notification when driver receive new task. 2. tracker Link when we sent to customer they only see, information loading screen… cannot see driver live 3. in API manager i cannot find this option ” Google Places API Web Service ” Only showing google places api android servie “

Please let me know thanks

you need to run all the cron jobs make sure you have correct google api key and push key

watch all the video tutorials

kartero installation guide

kartero creating google api key

compiling kartero app
kartero how to run a cron jobs


Customer, leaves feedback, where i can check that feedback in admin or customer panel thanks

is this where the customer rate the app? did you already check the activity timeline of the task


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Hi Basti how to translate pop-up msg ‘Not rated yet!’ (when cursor over stars) in /app/agents? i have added $lang[‘Not rated yet!’]=’’; and $lang[‘Not rated yet!’]=’xxxxxxxxx’; in language file but still no translation . How to add any missing translation?

can you send me screenshot?


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Hi here is the one for mouseover msg on /app/agents https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4L2OokdHnz5LUdEc05mTFdaeFk

and i’ve found few more not translated on price page, “DAYS” its only on days plan and no. of allowed drivers “1 DRIVER” LINK-> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4L2OokdHnz5a0tkQzNRaHJIZnM

Hi, how are you? It already has a client application. I’m with a client that wants to personalize kartero to work as UberRUSH

hi mate

sorry but am not available for custom work :(


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Hello dear support,

Unfortunately I get this error message when creating from the APK iOS:

Error – The following 3rd party plugin is causing the build to fail and may need to be updated to a newer version: plugin.google.maps

Can you give me a guide to solve this problem.


remove the version of the map plugin in config.xml

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" spec="1.3.9" >


<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" >

Hai Basti, How to install kartero on subfolder at public HTML.thanks

just create a folder and place all the files there and copy index.php and htaccess outside the the folder you created and modify index.php to point to the folder

hope that make sense

please guide me, because i use WP and also has index.php and htaccess

ah ok just simply create a folder ? then copy all the files in there

Hi. How can I have documents about api. http://domain.com/api how can I access api without app.

sorry right now i don’t have one :(


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Just couple feedbacks for future features:

-Can we have a simple app for the customers (customer of a customer) to track their delivery? For example: Type in Task ID to track the task via a simple app. I know there is a link to track but a very simple app would be more exiting.

-Can you add the cost of service in the task? This is feedback from my internal. If we have the option to turn on task cost just like turning on photo or signature would be nice. The cost can be manually entered.

hi mate

thanks for you suggestion

1. already in my plans

2. this will be connected to customer app that they can booked services anyways i will try to put a cost

Is there a way , we can implement any indian sms gateway. other than nexolo and twilio. Thanks

And as december 30 told, Just an android app… or we can use same driver app… in which customer have different user name password, In which they just track driver .. as they are doing in tracking Link…. I just this can be achieved in no time.

hi mate

technically you can add your own sms gateway just modify the code for sending sms

and for the customer app right now am updating my other item so am not sure when the customer app will be release

HI mate, google map not showing, what APIs i should enable?

kartero creating google api key https://youtu.be/Wy4m5DhTVy8