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My question is regarding validation.

How can I highlight the textbox instead of label.

var tab3_tab2_metrics = [
$('#tab3_tab2_daterange').nod(tab3_tab2_metrics, {
  errorClass: 'label red'

How can I do it:

errorClass: has-error

instead of label red

Thank you. It is working…

Woo, Yea!

how i set the current date in datetime picker?

Hi @flpchapola!,

it depends on your date-picker current format.

for example(16/02/2016) – you can use jQuery to set current date to ur textbox via


note: ”.kd-datetime” is ur textbox class

all right, thanks ;) Your site is off? I go to then to read the documentation of theme and is not found ;/

We’re very sorry, still got problem with domain dns :(

but it will back again within 12hr


How can I insert the autoplay owl slider eien tooltip it does not work?

This is an amazing beautiful skin, with a huge number of the features I’ve been looking for. However, I have no experience working with Bootstrap (only very limited experience working with very basic HTML). May I assume edits to this skin all need to be made at the code level, or is there some kind of 3rd party editor I could use to develop a site using this skin?