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Hi Alex,

Looking to purchase this product but I have a few questions:

1. Can a modal popup load 5 seconds after a page loads?

2. Can I use a Constant Contact form in the modal popup?

3. Can I close a modal popup by clicking anywhere on the screen instead of just the x?

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Bill,

1) yes, small improvements to js code are required
2) you can use any default form in the modal window
3) yes, small improvements to js code are required

If you have basic jQuery knowledge – it is a matter of 5 minutes to add changes to fit your needs. Also, I could help you with that..

Please note that advanced version doesn’t have backend logic at all, only html, js and css files. If you need a form with sending email or database feature – you have to add your own backend code or use full version of the script.

Best Regards, Alex

Hi, I want to create a order form, wherein customer can submit his details including his Name, mobile No., Email, address, and once he submit the form, the data is captured into backend table, and the same is mailed to us with a cc to his email id.

Would all details be mailed. Also, does this form require a dedicated domain with prestashop etc, or it could be loaded individually into a sub directory of an existing domain.

We will use this subdirectory, and will be using web2app for this form, so that it could be used as app….

1) email template is a html file with php variables. you may add/delete any variable. all info is mailed by default
2) default form is a html code with js and php functions, you may use a form at any page which supports html, js and php.

Please note that it is not a plugin or drag-and-drop builder, you have to copy form files to your server and, in case any customization, you have to add changes manually.


I was wondering if this could create a modal that could say “Join our mailing list and save $X” that would provide a place generating a coupon code or sending an email with one?


1) for sending email – this version has only frontend files. you need full version or you may add your own backend files using any language

2) you may add any additional function for generating a coupon. it depends from your aims and programming skills

I hope I have helped with such vague answer

Best Regards, Alex

Hi, I’m looking into purchasing your product and have a question. I want to design a multi step form that starts with two buttons (“Home” and “Office”). Depending on which button a client pics it’ll show a different form. I also would like it to be a nice fade in wizard so each step switches smoothly. Can I accomplish that with your forms?


Just Forms is a set of ready to use forms and extensions. All available extensions you may find on demo site.

You may add any customization to default code. Please note that some knowledge of javascript is required n this case.

Best Regards, Alex

Hello, There is a possibility to integrate du form in a post ? With a shortcode for example ?


what do you mean – “post”? Just Forms is a set of html forms with javascript and php functions. You may embed default forms to any page where you may use html and javascript+php is supported

Please note: Just Forms advanced version doesn’t contain any server side scripts. Add your own server side logic or use Just Forms full version

Best Regards, Alex

I have a few requirements for my photo booth booking page:

user need to fill in the following:

1. Using a map with predictive destination text (like google maps) Get distance from fixed location to selected location.

2. Pick 1 selection from radio button and depending on choice a certain price needs to be applied.

3. Calendar must be able to have maximum 3 simultaneous bookings on 1 day and user must chose time as well in slots of 1 hour.

Each field must have a price that will be used in a total field.

Is this at all possible?


1) script contains simple google map. you may add any improvements according to google map API
2) script contains default calculation logic, for example –
seems it looks like what you are looking for
3) jQuery UI DataPicker is used for date selection. it is not a booking system

You may add any changes to default code, but some level of developer skills is required

Best Regards, Alex

Hi, can you provide one responsive sample page with menu along with this forms template


sorry, your question is not clear for me… All forms and elements you may find on demo site

Best Regards, Alex

Hi, can you please update your documentation for the AJAX side, I am trying to use your forms with ASP.

Also can you show a tabbed login/register form on the side of the page.



thanks for the purchase

1) your support expired for this product 2) for AJAX requests jQuery Form Plugin is used. Link to the home page of this plugin you may find in the “Credits” section in the docs 3) question about tabbed forms is not clear for me. please describe with another details

For further questions please send me an email via item support page. I provide item support via emails

Best Regards, Alex

Does the form have Matrix fields ?


What is matrix fileds? All available extensions are on demo site



there are no fields like these by default


Having issues with form submitting … its just loading:

I’m sorry can you be more specific.

From your comment I can see that you bought advanced version of the script. This version doesn’t have any server files by default (files on your server which do the logic) – thus there can’t be any issue because default form files.
In case you are using your own server files – please check them


ok thank you. I may need to get the standard form then if thats the case. I’ll check with our programmer.

Hi, I’ve a pre sale question. Does the Form can save the data into a database and at the same time compile a PDF to be printed? If yes, does the PDF is just a print of the inserted data or it can be a custom model like a contract, that recall the form data in specific fields? Thank you in advance


1) to save form data into pdf file you may use full versions of the script:
Just Forms full –
Just Forms Pro full –
2) pdf contains form data only. You may create custom pdf doc – tcpdf library is used in Just Forms ( )
Example form with pdf –

Thanks, Alex

Hi there, Is any option to translate calendar in “Inline date picker” section and “choose” button on color picker?



Yes, jQuery Datepcker UI has translation feature, check the docs for this plugin


Hi again. Last comment here was almost 7 month ago so do you still able to support this plugin? I have big problem about validation messages.

I bought this plugin long time ago but now want to use it first time and there is misunderstanding issues in documentation for me. I can renew support if it is needed.

Looking forward for your answer.



Yes, your support expired for this plugin. Send me email with details what problems you have


Sent. Thanks