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Is it possible to have 3 menus Social Icons And text in the pop-up?

I am prepared to pay for customization.


That depends on how you want it all to look. Send me a message via the contact form on my profile and provide some examples if you can, even if it’s just a rough drawing.


Love this plugin. Nice update!

Cheers Chris :)

Can I set this menu as sticky while user scroll down to the site?

Hi. Yes, you can set it to stick to the top at all times or it can scroll away with the rest of the site. Both ways are possible.


Thanks for the support. Like always your support is awesome :)

Hi, i want to do a question before buy the plugin, it’s possibile to have in the fullscreen menu the item and the subitem in the same page in two different column ? Like this screenshot :

Thanks Giacomo


That layout would require some custom work.


can you help me to do this custom work? I need to do a review with a client for a project and he want this type of layout

Thanks for the quick answer

I can, sure. Contact us through the contact form on our profile, explain everything you need (are there animations, what happens with the column layout on mobile screens etc., the whole lot) and I’ll give you a precise quote.



lynnej Purchased

Hallo I just installed the plugin (it was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!) however I’m having a problem, the menu won’t open at all. I’m using the Divi theme and tested Jumbo on another Divi site and it works without a problem so went on to disable plugins and for some reason it’s clashing with NextGen Gallery (even on the pages that aren’t displaying a gallery.) Do you have a solution for this please? Thanks in advance! Lynne

Hi there, thanks for the purchase.

NextGen has the known habit of rearranging a site’s code for whatever reason (js files above the wp_footer tag etc). Long story short, changing the two instances of “wp_footer” to “wp_head” in jumbo.php should do the trick. That’ll move Jumbo’s code above the code it’s dependent on, which is how it should be.



lynnej Purchased

It’s working like a dream now, thank you!


rosina Purchased

I would like to purchase just need to know can the menu overlay content on the page?

Hi. Not quite sure what you’re asking here but yes, the full-screen menu opens above your page content.


Can you have sub-menus in the jumbo menu? Your live preview doesn’t show much.

Hi. Yes, the full-screen menu is 2-level. The secondary dropdown menu is multi-level. The item page holds the full details.


hello, can I add images (images, not icons) instead each text in the menu? I’d like to have a graphical menu, for example: someone calling on phone to contact option as well as a car for location option, etc. please let me know. thanks.

Hi. Jumbo doesn’t have that functionality built in, however you can use a free plugin alongside Jumbo to achieve that. If you can’t such a plugin, get in touch with us via the contact form on our profile and I’ll point you to one.



I’m not sure what happened in updates or something else .. however, the menu button is no long clickable.

Can you please assist?

Hi. You’re not giving much to go on here :) But I’ll have a look, sure. Send me a message via the contact form on our profile and include your site address.


Hi, Support one page Menu with row ID as url?

Yes, anchor links work. No shortcode for the menu button.


thanks , last question , can i use with visual composer?

Haven’t tested with VC.



I really like your plugins Jumbo and Nest but i need to understand if I can do what i need.

I have a menu with 4 items / links. When I click on one link i’d like to open a full page panel where I can show specific links for that resource and some content.

I’m using a Visual Composer to create page & content.

is this possible with Jumbo or Nest or something else?

thanks in advance

(thanks for fast reply.. wow effect! ) .. so with nest i have the limit to only ONE panel for page…

with Jumbo.. could I have 4 different Jumbo configuration, each one for one of my 4 links in primary menu ? Instead to have the “hamburger” activation, i could connect a different jumbo panel to my links … is there other (easier) way?

Jumbo has one full-screen menu. Nest can be modified to have multiple panels, but since it’s been designed from the ground up to be a site-wide panel with per-post/page overrides, it would certainly take come doing. If you’re interested in getting that done as custom work though, feel free to get in touch via the contact form on our profile.


perfect! thanks again for your clarifications. You were very helpful! my best!

WOW Beautiful Style Bonfire Curious, menu can go on the Rt side of mobile also? And does it hide the themes menu, or …? #SOCOOL!

Hi. Yes, the menu buttons can be placed on the right. And hiding theme menu by class/ID is included, like in our other menu plugins.



MrMGM Purchased

Hi, I want to add a burger menu and also keep my existing menu, can this plugin work along side an existing themes primary menu?

Hi. By default Jumbo doesn’t interfere with anything. It just adds itself to your site.


Nice update. This is one of my favorite Nav plugins. Your products are always top top top. :)

LOVE THE UPDATE! Columns would be amazing on Tap Tap ;)

Yup, they’re coming there as well, hang tight :)


Would you consider adding the ability to put the word “menu” above or below the hamburger? Believe it or not, a not insignificant percentage or people have no idea what the hamburger is and so it goes largely unused. Which sucks since Jumbo is so awesome.

If you would be willing to provide a code snippet here to do this that would be downright spectacular ;-)


Here’s some quick CSS:

.jumbo-buttons-wrapper::after { content:’MENU’; color:#fff; }

If you want styling and positioning as well, then that would be custom work (since it’s small work, just renewing your expired support would do as well). If you decide to do so, send a message via the contact form on our profile afterwards and we’ll send over additional code.


hi. some questions: 1) is it possible to hide my theme’s menu through this plugin? i got another plugin and it doesn’t hide the menu so i’m looking another option. 2) is it possible to have 2 menus an attach some pages to menu 1 and others to menu 2? i need a menu for one language and a second one for another language. 3) is it possible to have submenus (different levels) or everything is in the same level? thank you.


1) There is an option to hide your theme menu. You just need to know the class/ID of your theme menu (if you don’t know it nor how to look it up then your theme developer will be able to tell it to you).

2) Jumbo is a site-wide menu. It uses the standard menu function though, so if you’re using a translation plugin you can translate it like any other menu. But again, that functionality is not built in.

3) The dropdown menu is multi-level and the full-screen menu is 2-level. This is shown on the demo sites as well.


Hi there. Pre-sale question for you. Your plugins look AWESOME and I intend to purchase at least one. I’m using the Divi theme and would like to be able to achieve a left side main nav like this: Would you recommend Jumbo or Nest (or something different) for this purpose?

Thanks in advance, Jessica


None of our plugins offer that kind of an exact solution. You’d need to do quite some bit of custom work to replicate that site’s navigation exactly. As for which of our plugins is closest, I guess Jumbo or TapTap, as they have integrated menu locations.


Ok, cool. I’m just looking for the basic functionality of clicking a left-hand hamburger and have it open from the left to full screen. I’m comfortable messing around with CSS and php code to get the look and feel I need, but haven’t been able to find the right base plugin yet to play with. I’ll take a look at TapTap and Jumbo and see which will best fit my needs.

Thanks so much!

1. Can you have multiple Jumbo Menus? 2. Can I use a custom trigger to open the Jumbo Menu of choice? 3. Can Nest’s full page option be a Jumbo Menu? 4. If none of your current products work for this – can you send me quote to custom code #1 & #2 for me?

Thank you – your products are amazing.

Nest is designed to be a flyout panel. I do recall customer once using it to build a menu once but I don’t recall the site.

Sent you a message on customization and also what are all your menu plugins that allow for multiple menu’s and to run separate from the Theme menu system?

All our plugins have their own menu location that you can attach a unique menu to, but they’re all single instance.