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Do you know whether this would work on a one-page site for linking to sections? I’m using the Divi theme, and when its full screen menu is clicked to go to a /#section, the menu doesn’t disappear like it should.

Hi. Indeed, Jumbo has an option to close the menu after clicking a menu item. It was added just for single-page sites.


Cheers! Thank you so much!

Hello, I really like your plugin but I would like to ask some questions 1- would it work with any theme ? 2- where the logo would show up ?and would the logo be in the menu itself or the default logo of the website? 3- can I change the background of the full screen menu ? and can I make it a video ?


1. If it’s built according to WordPress standards, sure. 2. Above the menu items in the full-screen menu. 3. No videos but you can change the background to any image.


hello, i just got this installed and setup, i small problem is that the icon is a bit low in my header vertically and not lining up with my logo, how to fix please? i only have it set it up for mobile

never mind, I figured it out. great plugin!

Was about to say that it looked nice and aligned to me :) I don’t know how you went about it but just throwing it out there that there’s an option to fine-tune the alignment of the menu buttons on Jumbo’s settings page.


pre-purchase question

can i have a “normal” menu and then have this as an icon to display additional content full screen ?

Hi. Jumbo doesn’t interfere with theme menus. It can be its own thing completely, yeah. If you’re looking to display content other than a menu or widgets though, then something like our Nest plugin might be a better fit.


Does your plugin is compatible with WPML ?Thanks

Hi there. Haven’t spcifically tested with WPML, though our items are built with WP standards, so no one’s never said they don’t work with WPML.


to change typography size ? css ?

Hi there, thanks for the purchase. That’s correct, you’ll find the stylesheet very well marked and logically named. Just search for instances of “font-size” and you’ll find what you need in no time.


thanks a lot !!!!! yermat ;)

Hello I need a customizable full screen menu and this one seem nice, can you please tell if its possible to have horizontal menu rather than only vertical as seen in demo?

Hi there. Not out-of-the-box. If you want it horizontal, do you just have a few menu items then and no submenus?


Well they are few max 5 items but with no submenus, basically liked styling here looking for something similar

Making menu items appear horizontally would have to be custom work but it’s pretty quick and painless. Send me an email through the contact form on my profile if you’re interested.


Hi, Great plugin. I am using “jumbo-custom-activator”. In doing so, the menu works fine, but it does not have a close button, or and “X” to close the menu. I would like to add a close option, how do I do that next to the branding logo in the menu, or give the branding logo the same “jumbo-custom-activator” class and use that to close the menu. Thank you

Hi. Because the default menu button animates into the close button then indeed, if you’re using a custom element to activate the menu then you also need a custom close element. I can’t instruct how you can build a custom close button but if you want to use your branding logo to close it like you mention, just give it the same custom activator class.


Thank you for the response. By default should there not be a close button using jumbo-custom-activator? Out of the box, it seems like a missing feature. Thank you


The custom activator class by nature requires some know-how of code and is intended for cases where users wish to apply their own close/open behavior to the menu. It is an interesting point though; I’ve noted it down, could be something to explore in the future.


Hello I want a plugin to display a side menu on my site but only for my visitors, not for search engines. Is it possible to “hide” the menu or the links to the search engines without using nofolow? thank you

Hi. Hiding Jumbo from search engines isn’t among its features.


Thank you for this quick response. Ok thank you

Hello, is it working with PHP7 please? I see latest update is 4 October 15. Thanks for info.

Hi. No reason it shouldn’t. Jumbo uses all of WordPress own functions and works all the way up to the latest WP version.


Purchased the plugin, curious how I flip the default orientation of the hamburger menu and gravatar logo from how they are now. I want mine to match the useage here –—I want my Logo to be far left, with my hamburger menu on the right instead of left.

Hi, looks like they’ve customized it a bit on their own. If you want to make edits like that, you’ll find the code well marked just for occasions where users wish to make their own customizations. If you don’t have the skillset however, feel free to get in touch via the contact form on my profile and I can take it on as a quick paid customization for you.


Pre-sales Questions:

1. Could Jumbo display a content page instead of a menu from the primary menu?

2. I am looking at the demo and curious if the secondary drop-down menu could be configured to drop-down with a left alignment (so it drops down directly underneath the burger button? I’d like to position Jumbo to the right of my pages however the default alignment of the secondary sub-menu will drop past the right margin and boundary of the page. Does an option to configure alignment of the secondary submenu exist within admin or is this custom CSS?

Thank you!

1. No. It’s a menu. 2. Whether Jumbo is placed left or right, the secondary menu drops down beneath the secondary menu button.


Hello, I have one extra question – can I integrate it with some PHP code into theme?

I am not very experienced with PHP, but editing css is not a problem. So I think is shopping time :)

Have fun :) You’ll find the code well marked.

I had quick look at the codes. Yes, it is well marked. I can recommend to other buyers. More fun with editing will be tomorow. 5* Thank you one more time, bye!


Can this create columns like the menu here

Hi. I’m afraid not, Jumbo is a vertical menu. For a layout like that, you’d need to get it customized.


Hi, I don’t know what to say… You are a real Developer. Really. I never seen what that you build, really really beautiful. (excuse me for my english, I know only few words :)

I like a lot your Jumbo Menu!

I have some questions: I see that this your menu is not update in 2016-2017.

Today I was testing in my device your Jumbo Menu and I see a empty space when I scroll down the menu content. I was using Chrome in Android.

Can you removed the empty space from bottom of the screen that could momentarily appear when scrolling on certain touch device browsers?

Another thing I see is that fi use my smartphone orizontal, after the last link of the demo, there isn’t a space beetween the last link and the bottom. It could be possible to add some px of space?

You are the best Developer that I ever meet.

Thanks for the support.

Have a great day :)

Ok! Thanks for your time. See you soon.

P.s. 3. Can you also send me the quick css code to solve this issue with Jumbo after purchase?

Hi, Ok, thanks! Bye

Hi. Looks like a really nice product you have here. Only one question before purchasing. In the main menu submenu elements opens in dropdown style or opens in the new window? I looking for dropdown style for ages. Thanks in advance.

Hi there, thanks for the interest.

Not quite sure what you’re asking me here. But you can set any WordPress menu item link to open in a new window, it’s a built-in feature WordPress has.


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No, Jumbo’s full-screen sub-menus are horizontal. For a drop-down menu, look at our TapTap menu.


It would work in html5?

Hi. Jumbo is a WordPress plugin.


Hi can you please tell me the main differences between this and your tap tap plugin? Also does this plugin have the ability to display only on certain pages?


TapTap is much more customizable, that would be the main difference. All the fine details for each though are brought out on their item pages. And Jumbo is site-wide.


I have the plugin installed and a menu specified. The hamburger is displaying, however, nothing happens when you click on it. Any suggestions?

Indeed. On the settings page under “Settings > Jumbo plugin”, look for the “Main menu background image URL” option.


I looked right past that.

Opacity question, the menu text seems to have an opacity over it prior to the hover state. What setting removes this?

It’s all there mate. “Main menu item opacity”

Hi there! Will this work ok with the WP Reveal Modal plugin? because we have tested it woth several fullscreen menus, and all of them went broken when ajax pages where accesed previously… Another question, can we add a bunch of information in child menus (at fullscreen mode)? maybe using widgets?? becasuse we have to add geographic information, of some regions, we are searching a nice way to show it (and this menu looks really nice! but will not work if it is only links)

Hi there. No, Jumbo doesn’t have widgets in sub-menus. As for AJAX loading, Jumbo’s full-screen menu has an option to close the menu after a menu item is clicked, which is useful on one page websites for example.


But… maybe we can change some z-index to show the ajax page on top of everything? then the user will close it, and see the menu…? the menu will work ok or freezed?

I don’t know why you’d want to display the ajax page above any menu. Like I said, Jumbo’s full-screen menu can be set to close on click.