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This can go over flash site?

No, it won’t work well placed above flash.

See an example here of it placed above Flash http://flashized.com/ – the top section is Flash

I will need it anyway :)

Might be a good idea to add the ability for a timeout variable to be set when calling the createSnow function. Just an idea. I do love what you’ve made though, thank you!

Yes. What I meant was, it would be great if there was a way to set a timeout for when the snow stops. Or, at least, a way to stop it once it’s started. There may be a way to stop it by calling another function and I just don’t know about it. Is there?

Thanks for your suggestion. We will add this option to the next version tomorrow.

I uploaded new version with removeSnow function, it should appear after review by codecanyon experts.

Nice work X-Team!! :)

Works well with flash if you add wmode="transparent" and <param name="wmode" value="Transparent"> to the flash containers.

I have tested it with firebug.

thanks for the great project. it is possible to only have the snow fall in a certain container? here is a link to the project i’m working on. http://13standard.com/friday/holiday/html5_2.html. you can see that the snow doesn’t need to cascade down the whole page. also when it reaches the bottom of the page that causes the scroll bar to momentarily appear, which throws off alignment and makes the whole thing ‘jump.’ any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

Thank you, nice file…Excellent!

When i apply this to my page my page shakes in firefox? is this common?


7S5 Purchased

I have the same issue – just purchased. It works great except for the horizonal “shaking of the page within the browser. This was with Google Chrome… The problem appears to be that the scroll bars are turning on/off depending, most likely because of snowflakes near the edge of the page. Is there any way to constrain the area of snowflakes?


Love the effect! Looks great on our site. How can the SPEED be changed? Also to ask the same question as faucethead… Is there a way to contain the snow fall to a div?

to fix the shaking problem: search for this:
if (flakes[i].top < scrollTop || flakes[i].top + flakes[i].size + 1 > scrollTop + innerHeight)){

change it to:

if (flakes[i].top < scrollTop || flakes[i].top + flakes[i].size + 1 > scrollTop + (innerHeight-10)){

this will remove the flakes just before they hit the bottom of the page and prevent the annoying scrollbars from popping

another problem is when you remove the snow you cant get it back without a page refresh, just add this function to the plugin source code, right after the removeSnow function:

window.reCreateSnow = function(){ enabled = true; }

How do we add a delay on for the snowfall?? like start after 10 seconds etc? Can it be done?

Hi, I have your script but I dont understand how to install it. Your document dont say with code I must past to my pages. So please can you explain it better? Thanks