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This is great, good job!

Thanks, if you will have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask.

will this work for images located on a different domain?

Yes, it will.

Nice one!

I assume the slider background is transparent? Not white?

will this work with html content instead of images?

Is this code able to locate the images by itself? So i can put up a folder and it reads out all the images inside the folder and displays them or do i have to write a list everytime? Is or will be there such a feature?

Would be great to hear soon from you.

Greetings Yeti

Are you able to add external links for each image ? Thanks

hi, do we have chance to change the image axisis left to right?

hi, do we have chance to change the image axisis left to right?

Hi – does this version of the carousel allow for content other than images e.g. flash video as in your FLASHized Carousel?


I could use a little help here . Great widget , one problem it cycles once then all of the images vanish , inspecting it i could see it’s still working just not displaying the images .

please help. thanks .

I don’t know if I should buy this, as the guy above me said, and I also notice in the demo that once the first cycle finishes, all images disappear.