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I need to place the slider in a main that is 1000px wide. I assumed I could have created:
‘div myframe style=”1000px”’
‘div id=”container”’
‘div id=”page1”’CONTENT’/div’
—> but the “container” still floats outside of the first div. please advise.

Hi kferanec,

have you got an online demo you can show me ? (if you have it, you can send me an email via my profile page)
Btw, you don’t need to have two div. You can directly do :

<div id="container" style="width:1000px; height:1000px;">
     <div id="page1">


How do I change the transition type?

Also, how can I make a button to go to the last page?

Hi kreilly253 and thanks for the purchase !

All you have to do is to read the documentation, there is a part about the transition (the “Javascript” one).

To make a button which bring you to the last page, you have to copy and past the “nextPage()” function in the JS file, and replace :

$("div[id^='page']:eq(" + (currentPage) + ")").show();


$("div[id^='page']:eq(" + ($pagesCount-1) + ")").show();


In which file do I add the transition function and where in the file?

Have you read the documentation ?

If you want to use a preset transition, you have to modify the index file, and if you want to create your own transition, you have to implement it in the JS file, and call it in the index one.

But, PLEASE read the documentation.