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Discussion on jSimplePresentation

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How do I change the transition type?

Also, how can I make a button to go to the last page?

Hi kreilly253 and thanks for the purchase !

All you have to do is to read the documentation, there is a part about the transition (the “Javascript” one).

To make a button which bring you to the last page, you have to copy and past the “nextPage()” function in the JS file, and replace :

$("div[id^='page']:eq(" + (currentPage) + ")").show();


$("div[id^='page']:eq(" + ($pagesCount-1) + ")").show();


In which file do I add the transition function and where in the file?

Have you read the documentation ?

If you want to use a preset transition, you have to modify the index file, and if you want to create your own transition, you have to implement it in the JS file, and call it in the index one.

But, PLEASE read the documentation.

I need to place the slider in a main that is 1000px wide. I assumed I could have created:
‘div myframe style=”1000px”’
‘div id=”container”’
‘div id=”page1”’CONTENT’/div’
—> but the “container” still floats outside of the first div. please advise.

Hi kferanec,

have you got an online demo you can show me ? (if you have it, you can send me an email via my profile page)
Btw, you don’t need to have two div. You can directly do :

<div id="container" style="width:1000px; height:1000px;">
     <div id="page1">


I want to set my slideshow to autoplay – so I’ve changed the settings in the script.js file to be autoplay: true, with intervalTime: 2000 but nothing changes – it doesn’t autoplay – do I need to change settings somewhere else as well?

Hi Eskymo,

Normally, that’s doing the job..
Please send me your JS script via email (you already have it : valx76)


Hey jcolindres !

Thanks for the purchase :)

Of course, you can loop in both directions, and easily.

  • In function previousPage()
if (params.loop) {
    if (currentPage == 0)
        currentPage = $pagesCount - 1;
} else {

  • In function verifyButtons()
if (currentPage == 0)
    $("#previous, #previousNoEffect").hide();
    $("#previous, #previousNoEffect").show();
if (currentPage == 0) {
    if (!params.loop)
        $("#previous, #previousNoEffect").hide();
        $("#previous, #previousNoEffect").show();
} else {
    $("#previous, #previousNoEffect").show();

Here it is, I just tested it, and it works :) !
Feel free to contact me if you have further questions / problems, and to rate the script depending on your opinion !

Thanks again !


I have a quick pre-purchase question.

Is this plugin limited to only full-screen, or can I use it as a floating div within the rest of my page and resize it however I like?


Hello jcolindres,

you can create the slideshow on all the HTML blocks you want ! For the “full-screen” version, the script is called on the “document” variable, but you can create a DIV and apply the script to this DIV .


Great thanks. I just purchased.

I’ve looked through the script and can’t seem to find how to loop in both directions. I’ve altered the code so that the previous button shows on the first page, but when I click it, instead of looping it goes into negative pages.

How can I get it loop by clicking both previous and next?

Thanks! Great script!

I’m really excited about this :D -Is it easy to use images or any other kind of HTML element to link to specific slides?


Hi chipperson and thanks for your comment.

Of course you can easily add a link to a specific slide.
I say in the item presentation :
Each pages must have an id that starts with “page”

So, to go to a specific page, you have just to use a jQuery selector on ”#page” and select the one you want.
By the way, if you buy the item and have problems to do that, I’ll do it with you by email :)


Thanks for all the support via email – thanks for taking a look at my script and html and offering a solution – it works. I’m no expert at jQuery stuff so it’s all a bit beyond me, but this has been the easiest slideshow to setup by far, even with the few issues I’ve had – it fits into my responsive site really well. I’ve tried tons of scripts this week and they’ve all been a nightmare with very little documentation and not very good support etc – just given you 5 stars as this is such a good app and such good value as well!

Thanks a lot for your message and the rate (again) !!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions :)


Just sent you my file set up so you can take a look – maybe I’m missing something.

Oh ok I see now, I’m answering to your mail directly, it will be easier :)

I’ve not modified any of the files apart from the CSS .

I just sent you the code that is in my script.js file to your gmail email.

I’m sorry but I don’t receive your mail..

Try to send directly your script.js file ( as it is in my profile page)

It’s ok I received it finally. I just copied your code to my script.js and it works like I said.. Have you modify the plugin file ? Or try to download a fresh version..

But how can you do what ?

How do I get my slideshow to work as your example. i.e. when it first loads there is only a next button on the right – mine does this so that’s ok. When I get to the last slide in your example the next button disappears and you’re left with just the previous button on the left of the screen – this doesn’t happen in my slideshow./ I get to the last slide and both buttons are visible and if I click on the next button it takes me back to the start of the slideshow – I’ve got loop set to false.

Ok I see now. It’s strange yes..

Uhm can you send me the plugin’s call script (with an email) to verify myself ? Because, I’m testing the plugin again and it works..

I’m not sure I understood your question.

Sorry – I’m not being very clear. I tried the horizontal transitions and they don’t work as I imagined. On each transition you get a flash on extended slideshow at the bottom and I can’t figure out how to resolve that – also the slides don’t scroll to the left when using the previous arrows, so I decided not to use this option in the end.

With regards to the opacity I didn’t like the way the whole slide fades to white really quickly and then the next slides fades in – I don’t like the flash of white in between and couldn’t figure out how to change the code to avoid this. I got round it by giving the container div a background colour – now when I move from slide to slide I only see the content fading and not the background as well.

I think you didn’t really read the documentation ^^ !

I’ll explain you. For the transition function (called for each slide’s move), you can give a different effect for the previous and next slide. In the plugin file (JS), you have some examples, if I understand correctly what you want, you can copy the code of the ‘moveHorizontalTransition’ variable, delete the first line about the opacity, and change the transitionTime value.

If you want, I can send you the snippet code with email (just send me one and i’ll answer you)

It works. The values passed in the plugin are de DEFAULT one, we can change it with the button in the top of the slideshow, so they just affect the init state of the slideshow.

Thanks for getting back to me – how do I do this? In your example the next arrow disappears at the end of the slideshow – this doesn’t happen in mine.

No problem ! :)

But how can you do what ? Deactivate the loop button ? If you’re searching how to do that, you can comment lines 257 and 258, it will deactivate the button.

Another quick question about transitions.

I’d like to ditch the opacity fade aspect of it and just have it either switch from one slide to the next, or move left and right without any opacity change. How would these options be possible?

I’m not sure I understood your question.

If you don’t want to have an fade transition, you can not specify a transition effect in the plugin’s call, or specify a transition without opacity (like Transition.moveHorizontal for example)..

Tell me if that’s what you wanted to know Eskymo !

loop:false – doesn’t work on mine.

Whether I have the loop set to true or false the result is the same.

When the slideshow loads there is the next arrow, I move to the next slide and the previous arrow appears. Once I reach the last slide both arrows still remain so if I click on the next arrow it takes me back to the start of the slideshow – I would expect the next arrow to disappear at the last slide if loop is set to false.

How can this be fixed?

Hi Eskymo,

first, thanks for the purchase ! It works. The values passed in the plugin are de DEFAULT one, we can change it with the button in the top of the slideshow, so they just affect the init state of the slideshow.


No problem, I just purchased the script and will install and test it on my server.

Also, if it is as good as it sounds, I will be happy to let you install this on my server (will set you up with sub domain) and you can use it for demo purpose. After-all if your script will help me solve my problem, I am happy to help you with yours.



thank you again Vishal !

For the host, I don’t want to bother you with a script ! However, to know if the script is good for you, I’m interested ! Feel free to review and rate it :)


This seems very interesting and I would really like to buy it, however I need to see how it works. Would it be possible for you to set up demo with slides that includes combinations of HTML + Image + CSS + JS (if possible)

Cuz if this can do that, then it would be an ideal script for our website and I would love to use it on the home page.

So please set up a demo, and if can’t set up a public demo, then let me know and I can give you my email and you can send me link to a private demo.

Thank you.


Hey, thanks for the comment !

It can do that (the “Video preview” contains xHTML/CSS/Images/JS (classic JS and jQuery)) !

It’s OK for a private demo (not public because, right now, I don’t have a host to share live preview).

Please send me your email and I’ll do the necessary :)

Very good job VP76 , sorry for my ignorance… but how can I make it work on a Wordpress installation? it can be installed as a Plugin? or…

Please advise

Thanks! Alex

Hi nearshorepros, and thanks for your purchase !

I’m sorry but it is not a Wordpress plugin, just a jQuery one.. I don’t know enough Wordpress to develop plugins on it..

But I searched the web and found an interesting link : How to turn any jQuery plugin into a WordPress one

Is the contact page functional? Not listed in specs. Also, can it be set up for “subscription” such as newsletter? Thank you!

Hi FBecht !

The contact form is not functional, it doesn’t do anything ! I put it in the video to show we can use anything in each slides, and a form too !

And yes for the newsletter system, for the user it is just an email input (secured with JS for example), you have just to create a php file for the newsletter system and that’s all ! :)

NOTE : For the contact page, you can easily find some JS example on the web, it is really simple to implement.

Purchased it, tested it, love it. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks again.

I’m glad you like it !

If you have further questions, any problems or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

And thanks again for your purchase !


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