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nice work, i wish you good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you

good job! What browsers are supported?


cbeby Purchased

Hi, I have to ask something about the product. I need to know something. How can I proceed? An email address parhaps ? Thank you.

Hello, is there a sample to save files to database with asp.net or php ?

Example of PHP code exists on the item details page.


I’m interested in this plugin.

I need to know if you have any example on “edit uploaded images”.

Also I will use this script on a Python backend, I can easly get the Base64 data with Python?

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You will add this example in the future? The script is nice, but without this option to show previous uploaded images I think is incomplete. In most cases we will need this functionality.

May be I will think about this

Ok, If this functionality is available I will buy the script. Thanks

I’ve tested the Demo in IE11 and it is not working. Do you have tested the script with IE11?

Yes. On my computer with Windows 10 I have IE11 and all works.

I’m using Windows 8 with IE11, the “Browse Images” does nothing.

It is taking too long to upload photos, have something to leave faster? The cropping system slows the system?

HI, when i clic on my submit button i don’t go on my php page. I lost all of my input value… I stay on my form page and i don’t find upload picture on my server. Can you help me please. Thank!


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If I am uploading 3 images at once, does the script allow me to rename all of these images? e.g. imagename_1.jpg, imagename_2.jpg etc

Off course. In PHP you can replace $fileName = ‘imagename_’.$i.’.jpg’;


loudon Purchased

That’s great, thanks

I’m using Windows 7 with IE11, the “Browse Images” does nothing.please fix it.

Thank you for replied in ASAP. I really love this tool, it’s great and fast. when I tried in Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, Android, it’s all good, but else IE 11, I don’t know why,IE 11 totally doesn’t work, i saw the comment before, 6 months ago [ lopesandre ] have same problem. I made a video record, https://youtu.be/Eq1_sXzuf20 it show how is work in IE and Chrome, please check it. By the way, my IE 11 can work in http://fb.alptw.com/fileUpload/ looking forward your response

In Windows 7 there are no IE11 as default and you installed it manually, may it’s a reason. And try to remove frame in live preview and see it directly here – http://oldenweb.com/sell/js_image_loader/

In fact, Windows 7 will update to IE 11 automatically, I tred http://oldenweb.com/sell/js_image_loader/ in IE 11, the [ Browse Images ] still doesn’t work. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you.