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Really unique! Great to see some creativity for navigation. Bookmarked.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

HI I have to say that this is really good.. I have a question is it possible to make it auto hide.. Best Regards Sam

Thank you!

Sure that’s possible, would you want the entire menu hidden or just reduced to icons until you hover?

HI thanks for the reply. would Like to have it to reduce to icons. Doesn’t really mater, Maybe if its easier to get it to show a small line of a black line on the corner.

Best regards Sam

Very nice :) i’ll buy.

Thank you :) would love to see how it’s used.

Looks interesting!

Really nice, but I have an issue. When I’m on parts of my website that’s in the public_html folder in the FTP it works perfect! But when the url ends like /p/23 it wont reach the javascript. I can’t see the images on each tab in the menu and the submenu doesnt work either. The script is <script src=”http://mywebsite.com/js/customScript.js”></script>. Please help.

Hi Viktor,

Could you email me a link to lee@klevermedia.co.uk and I’ll take a look for you.


HI This is a really menue. I am having one problem. When the screen gets smaller, then the content on my page goes behind the navigation. Is it something I can do about this ? Best regards Sam

Hi Sam, you could use percentages to adjust the width of your content div rather than a fixed width?

Hi Thanks for the reply. Is it the html ore the css is should edit ? And could you maybe tell which line I should edit ? Thanks for the help. Best Regards Sam

Very nice script to quickly add navigation to a site. I made a few edits to the styling which I found made it work better for a control panel settings, such as changing the sidebar position to fixed so it stays in place when scrolling down to make edits, and making the height adjust to the height of the page so it doesn’t cut off at the bottom. But I suppose styling is all down to preference.

5 stars

Thanks for the comments I’m glad you’re happy with the nav bar, I’ll release a version 2 correcting those issues thanks for pointing those out :)

Hi Lee,

I’m looking to customize my sliders, by adding a secondary nav w/ product information on it. Will this nav work for that?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? lol i’m new to wordpress/php editing of CSS .

Thanks QMI

Hi QMI ,

The main functionality is to work as shown in the demo, but there’s not reason why without a little customisation it couldn’t be used the way you wish :)

You would need some knowledge of css/html/jQuery depending on what you wanted to do.




How meany levels can I have?


At the minute you can only have the top and secondary level.


I’m living in Turkey. We r using unicode char and i want use ç or ö characters in index.html . but i cant use.

Im using this solutions.

index.html using id attr. in a tag.
<li><a href="#" id="CopKutusu">Çöp Kutusu</a></li>

$("ul#nav li #CopKutusu").addClass("trash").attr('title', 'Çöp Kutusu');

leegrant, if u have any different solution, pls share.

Hello Nice menu, thanks. I have a question When user select and click on of the submenu, I’d like to maintain the submenu layer open(if click, do not reduce the submenu). How can I fix it? Hope your quick reply thanks.

Hi ccmagig,

If you’d like to email my support (support@klevermedia.co.uk) I can send you some modified code :)


Does this menu go three levels deep? IE is it possible to display children of the second level items?

NM. Saw the response to @leegrant

Hi there! Responsive?


Sorry no this is not responsive.


Looks wonderful! Would there happen to be a way to get it to work with a Wordpress theme?


Sure – the code could be implemented into a theme although it’s not available as plugin as yet I’m afraid.


Thanks for writing back. Would that be fairly uncomplicated? Perhaps something even a complete beginner such as myself might be able to manage in a single sitting. If yes, I would like to purchase the files to make an attempt. : )


No problem, I’d say for a complete beginner it may be a little over complicated as you’d need l knowledge in html/css/php as you’d need to include the files, setup the menu’s to pull data etc.

If you’d like to go through in more detail please feel free to email me via my profile page.

I want them but horizontal and not vertical :(


Ah sorry this is only available in vertical I’m afraid.