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It flickers at the edges. please fix it in your next release.

Does this work with multiple images on the same page? I ultimately am looking for something like this but with thumbnails underneath and when each thumbnail is clicked, it changes the main image then gives that image the ability to zoom and what not… Is that possible with this?

Yes, you can use it with multiple images, but can’t say for sure about the thumbnail thing. Do you mean that you need to load images dynamically?

What I am basically looking for is here:

I need the same functionality as that, and so far your script is the closest thing I have found… Is this possible with this feature? If not, can you point me in the right direction to where I can find something like this or can I hire you to modify your script slightly to offer this functionality (thumbnails, possible video, etc.)

Thanks for the quick response, I hope this works out

Pre-sales question:

I’d like to use a zoom script within Apple iBooks Author v2, and I know for sure that it won’t work if the script does try to load xml files with ajax local. Can you please tell me if that’s the case with your JQuery Zoom Wizard?


Live Preview is not working.

I am finding few awesome JQuery Script to include my Shopping website: nowadays updates are going on more & more & I Think I need to follow the updates by the quality script. I see the 3.17 average based on 6 ratings on for this post. I also need it.

Having an issue with the script not running once loaded. We’re using this within conjunction with YooTheme’s Widgetkit. The JS file and CSS file are being loaded but not executed. I thought at first that it was the JS compression plugin that we’re using on the site but still had the issue upon turning it off. The page in question is:

The lightbox that loads on opening any of photos in the sidebar is where MagicZoom should be loading.

We have had this plugin for a few versions and through updates to joomla, gantry, and the theme that we used for this client and have been able to get it to work every time. After this update however, we’re out of luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to apply the middle demo to something like this:

so I have the zoom but I keep the map tags with their clicks

is it possible?

Thanks you

Its working with div zoom or only image zoom ?

Just images.

Can you tell me if mouse events will be detected on an image map on top of the image while the glass is active? I’d need to be able to click on things and capture what was hit, mouse coordinates, etc…

I’m pretty sure it is possible, but I can’t make any promises, as I don’t know the specific needs for your project.