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Niez?a koncepcja, powodzenia w sprzeda?y :bigsmile:

Great ideea on the ad! Can you use it with iframe or html code, or it’s just image and link?

Hi Marius!

Yes, the advert content can be used in any media types ;)

Hi Mariusz again,

Sorry for my mistake. I wrongly understood your question. The advert content is load from a file, so you can use any types of ad ;)


No problem. Thanks for sorting this out. I’ve bookmarked it for future projects.

can you use local video? if so, what formats will play? and will the video loop?


The ViewBox script has built-in JW Player, so you can use formats such as; AVI , MP3, MP4 , VMW . The loop option isn’t available at the moment.

nice job, seems to be a bug with IE10 on Windows 8 – the popup won’t even happen.

Does this include the site template? Or is it just the script?


The zip package with the ViewBox script has also the site template inside.


The package of the script has PSD Files with ViewBox elements.

What code do I use for JW Player for the JQuery Viewbox HTML5 Revolution?

I’m running this in Firefox 23.01.1 and the player keeps loading at the very top (partially hidden) of the browser. How do I reposition this to the center of the browser?

hi there i have a iframe set up with a url and when i pop the box up it shows nothing no website just blank. i dont know if its to do with my hosting config or what..do you have any ideas

i have it sorted thanks…great work by the way

i want to yous it on multiple pages. it works one one page and when i use it one another it does not show the popup..i use frame

Hi. Do you have a version of this for wordpress?

Hi Jeremiec

Yes, I have the ViewBox script for WordPress. Please contact me.

How can we pass through the video image for jwplayer in viewbox_Develop.js?

It looks like it can be passed through like this: jwplayer(“myElement”).setup({ file: ”/uploads/example.mp4”, image: ”/uploads/example.jpg”,

But not sure how in the viewbox.js file.

Hi, I send you email reply. Please check it.

Thinking of purchasing but wanted to know if this script is able to play videos directly from my server or do they have to be streamed from YouTube? Can the script also play just audio files that are on my server?? Thanks!

how can I use the rtmp steam into the jw player? ( wowza) www.webcam-harlingen.nl


Please send me mail message via CodeCanyon. I will help you ;)

hi, a question View an html page, php, tpl in a lightbox if I take the module

in the page that I want to open “popup” I have to put the code? or only in the header.tpl

An example here http://www.lws.fr/ look down page click on Customer Reviews

thank you

hi, I’m always interested can you open pages, cgu.html, cgu.php example here http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_web.php look on (details) thank you

Beautiful use of shadows in your demo. Great eye.

We couldn’t get this to work – the support page on codecanyon goes to a blank page and I have messaged you via envato but not heard back. :(