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Hi! Good job, do you think it could be also animated?

Thanks. I’m working on the animation part. Hopefully it will be ready in the next version.

Very nice work, I think this is the first time I’ve seen an arched text script. Great idea and extremely useful. Do you have any plans of IE 7/8 support or animations?

Thank you. Animations are planned for the next version.

which browser support?

IE9, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome. Basically all modern browsers.

If you need animation support in a similar effect, you might want to check out mine SineScroller plugin here:

Thanks. It looks great. I did something similar in the past, but it didn’t have such a smooth animation.

Demo offline

Hello i’m computer illiterate, can you tell me how to copy and paste on my website. It’s not working for me thanks

$(“PUT YOUR SELECTOR HERE”).textArch({ fullCircle: false, radius: 200, angleBetweenLetters : 8, fitTextToPath : true, startAngle : 0, inside : false, yScale : 1, fontScale : 1 }); – See more at:

Hi, i am interested to buy this plugin but i need to implement it in my angular project so the text that has to be arched is not static but dynamic. will this be a problem?