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Very nice script. What is the best way to set the color of the timer numbers? It seems to be based on the text color of the container. Can the text color be changed independently? Thanks.

is it possible to make this count down, say set it for 30 seconds and make it count down to zero when they press play/go??

Sorry not possible. I suggest you take a look at the countdown scripts that are available on CodeCanyon.

Is it possible to utilize this as a timer for online tests? Where NO ability to pause, just a visual on time passing also the ability to redirect to a URL upon time run out?

Does it save its value in a cookie in case we close the browser ?

No it does not, but that’s easy to add :)

hello there! nice timer, really like it. but i have a problem with your jquery 1.7.1, i currently use 1.9.1, and with this your timer does not work, any idea how to fix this? best regards!

ah sorry, it was my fault, it works fine with jquery 1.9.1!

Philo01, can I have many timers in the same page; these to be started at different times?

Thank you

good job i wish you all the best for your sales !