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Hi Do you think it’s possible to add more than one marker in directions in order to create a route including more than one marker? Thanks


You mean waypoints? This feature is not provided… why you need multiple routes? :) I do not think this script needs that, currently you’re the only one that needs that…

Hello… i’m getting the following error

storeLocator.min.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: MarkerClusterer is not defined at o._createMarkers (storeLocator.min.js:1) at o._initMarker (storeLocator.min.js:1) at o._initAfterDataLoaded (storeLocator.min.js:1) at o.<anonymous> (storeLocator.min.js:1) at Object.e [as complete] (jquery.min.js:2) at i (jquery.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith (jquery.min.js:2) at A (jquery.min.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js:4) at Object.send (jquery.min.js:4)

Hi thank ou for purchasing You have to iclude markerclusterer.js and jquery.tmpl.min.js


yeah i figured it out.. now sure why you didn’t include it in your latest download

I added those 2 lines <script src=”src/jquery.tmpl.min.js”></script> <script src=”src/markerclusterer.js”></script>

ohh really? .... good to know :) thanks for the info

Hello, I bought your plugin to use for a client of mine. Poren, I’d like to use json inside my php file. I use wordpress with custom post type. And I want to loop the json inside the file itself, instead of using the file located in the src folder

Link of my project. See image

I want changer line remote: ’<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’);?>/google/src/stores.json’,

by code json in my page.

Your remote is empty even if you put remote: ’<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’);?>/google/src/stores.json’, or not?

Yes, I know that. But in my case, it will only work if json is inside the main page and not in a directory.

did you receive my mail? :)


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i can’t zoom max like google map and so, i can’t go on street view


hi thank you for purchasing.

Can you PM me a demo url?


You can enable streetView with mapOptions: {}

mapOptions: { streetViewControl: true },

Hello .. Good evening Is it possible to place the source inside the html and not the json file? As in the example of this other plugin.

See exemple below

    //Activ'Map plugin init
        places : [
            {title:'Place_1', address:'XX Str City', phone:'+XX XX XXXX', tags:['tag_01'], lat:XX.XXX, lng:-X.XXX, img:'pic_1.jpg'},
            {title:'Place_2', address:'XX Str City', phone:'+XX XX XXXX', tags:['tag_01','tag_02'], lat:XX.XXX, lng:-X.XXX, img:'pic_2.jpg'}


this is not possible, the plugin is using an ajax call for the remote url.

still not working with the link i sent to you?

For my project it just works like the example above. I’ll have to buy that one. Thank you.

Why that? You don’t have a url for your data?


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Hi, do you have the API Key for google maps ? Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchase You need to create your own API Key


Hello, thanks for the great map! How do I set the default view of the map? For instance, the map is loading locations all across the USA, but I want the default view to be zoomed in to New York city.

Hi and thx. You can set the default location when you call the plugin defaultLocation:[latitude, longitude]

There are a few instances of defaultLocation: in your files. Which JS file and line number should I change?

hmmm… what? You can define it in the options You call the plugin $(’.demo’).storeLocator({ defaultLocation:[latitude, longitude] });


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Hi Alsniffer, We use your plugin with a laravel project and VueJs. In our project I use another library called Laravel-echo-server. the latter uses to notify the user connect to our app but on the geolocation page of our site there is a conflict between VueJs, Socket.Io and your plugin. it’s a moment that I’m looking for to coexist the two solutions so I come to solicit your help. if you have track to advise us. I remain at your disposal for information if necessary. Thank you in advance.

Hi Where exactly is the problem? Conflict with the brackets or what?


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Sorry for my english is not better. I have a blank page if I include the and VueJs library in my geolocation page because I need both to make the notification work with redis. In the browser console I have no error. It’s so that I can not tell you what exactly is the problem. I have a blacnhe page and google map is not loaded in the DOM. So I wanted to know if you have explanations. The solution is that I deployed today deprives the users of the notification function while they visit the geoloc page of my app and this is another page once they have access to the notification and this is not a better solution.

Can you send me a private message with a demo url?


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Is it possible to add the classic bubble when clicking on map icon as well?

Added them myself no worries

Hey, sorry for the late answer, glad you have found it out yourself :)

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to,once the map is loaded, zoom in and zoom out with an external controller? If so, how can I refer to the the map itself? I usually do:


after calling something like:

var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"),mapOptions);

But this is not working. Whay would it be the equivalent to the variable “map” in your script? Thanks!

You can do it with the onUpdateList Event, but if you zoom in, you can’t really say where to zoom in :)

You can do something like this
<button class="changeZoomBtn" data-zoom="5">Change ZOOM</button>

onUpdateList: function() {     
   var t =;
   $('.changeZoomBtn').on('click', function(e) {
        var zoom = $(this).data('zoom');

This should change the Zoom after click on a button or something

That one worked! Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help!

Nice that it worked :) hf & gl


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Hello, Before I Buy the plugin its possible to include more than one photo for each location? Best


This should be possible… You can define your json return data yourself, so if you want more images, just return an array with your images and modify your template to show them up


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Hi, I already bought your plugin

Can you help me on the gallery, I just need to add different gallery images per location.

In stores.json file don’t have any indication for the gallery.

Item purchase code: f413d68a-07dd-46b3-ae0b-8031a06dc8fd

in stores.json, id and location are mandatory fields, you can use other customs fields like galleries, images and fill it with your value, then you can use this variables in the template

"images": [

detail template:

<div class="gallery">
    {{each images}}
        <div class="image-container">${$value}</div>
Create here your Gallery template as a row or for a jQuery Plugin

If you are using a plugin, you could call it with the onUpdate method

   onUpdateDetail: function() {

not tested, you can write me a PM, i’ll try it later local