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Hi is possible control the Slider with Custom Buttons outside the Slider?


When I click next or previous the animation stops playing. I want it to still animate even if the user does click next or previous. Check the demo it does the same. Any help?

Hi Is it possible to make our slider 450×450 px? We want to purchase this one:


I am assuming this to be correct but best ask – is this code fully compatible with the Slider Evolution Lightbox – I think my next project will benefit from having these two codes.

Gracias por tu tiempo!

I’ve seen this question asked 5 times without an answer… hoping this one results in a response.

Can you embed a video and have the slider pause while it’s playing?

It’d be nice if the slider was responsive and resize

Hola, Is it possible to desactivate the loop functionality ? It means, if I’m on the first slide, the previous button is desactivated. Or if I’m on the last one, i can’t click on the next slide.

Gracias !

Is there a way to add audio to a slide?

Any plans to add zooming in with fade, ala Ken Burns? Thanks.

will be the responsive version?

if I order the extended license , can I sell the banner rotator ?

Compatibility with jQuery 1.11.0 ???

is this compatible with Youtube videos?

i’ve seen some questions about youtube videos but how do I embed it properly?? what is the code?

How do I place a transparent non-moving .png on top of the slider, so the images move underneath it? I sent you links in an e-mail 5/13/14.

This slider can be used only for one site or several possible?

Hola. Necesito ayuda. Deseo utilizar el sistema de alineación vertical de FlexBox Model de CSS3, y poder centrar verticalmente el contenido html (textos) dentro de vada slide. Utilizando, para ello :

display:flex; align-items:center;

entre otras afirmaciones del FlexBox en CSS. Pero, no logro centrar el contenido más allá de un solo slide. Cuando añado el contenido de los otros slides, el contenido de todos deja ya no se alinea en el centro vertical sino en el top de la caja del slide. Quisiera saber si slider evolution es compatible con FlexBox Model o cómo debería hacerlo

Muchas gracias.

Hey, i got an old version of the plugin on a client site (v1.1.5 (08 Jun 2011)) and spotted two bugs:

  • 1) The
    element adds an extra element to the list. For example, if i have 14 images, i’ll get 15
    items, making the last one bug with this error: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined .
  • 2) If the slider has only one image, it keeps trying to do the animation, thus giving a weird behavior.

Was that common for this version of the plugin?

Hey, I want to make this slider responsive, is it possible?

Dear Sir. Where can I download the latest update 2.1.0 (Aug 18 2013)?


Will your slider support reading images from a folder, instead of hard coding each URL?