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Is it possible to add HTML and CSS within the menu? For example, add a photo above the menu? Thanks


Yes, you can add another content to the menu.

is there any way to not have the menu always on top?



Of course, you can set it via CSS ;)

I’m really new to CSS. Can’t you provide a hint?

Ok. No hints…

Hi ,

I added the script into my site but its taking time to execute the script on document . ready so when i land site i can see the menu content first after 2 sc its hiding , how can i resolve this issue ? also i need to open the menu on onload and after some 5 sc its should close is there settings is available for this now ?


Sorry for long wait time. Please contact me via mail, I will add modifications to the script.

hey, nice code… how to change color?? greetings form germany

color of the hover effect -> this blue

Hey Friend!

Of course, you can set the hover color via plugin settings. For example:
$(" ul li").sidebarMenu({
    hoverColor    : "#12CADE"    //Hex color to animate

If you need my help, feel free to write me via CodeCanyon form ;)

Quick question and I hope you understand. If the menu is generated dynamically is it possible to integrated it with your script? Some menus require the menu to be created in the javascript but some can generate the menu from plain html or dynamic code. Which kind is yours?

Did you understand the question?


sorry for long wait time to my reply. Please write me via mail, I will help you implement my menu.