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Can I include clickable URLs in quotes? Need to forward to another page/site when clicked on a URL in a quote. Thanks.

No rush! Please let me know when you add it in the future update. Thanks.

Hi, the link support is added, you can see it in the demo now.

Great, you’re the man. I’m sure I’ll use this item in some projects sometime in the future. Just to point out, I bought your item because its unique, you did what your customers asked you (great customer service, thank you) specially at this price! And just to chip into this project for further upgrades/development I bought the Extended License even I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I like smart and good natured people! Regards.

Really awesome looking plugin!! Do those transitions work in older browsers, like IE8 or is there a fallback? If so, what is it? Thanks!

Hi, due to keep it’s lightweight, there is no transition on the old browser like IE8, but you can customize the code with Modernizr to detect the CSS3 support, and add the fade transition as fallback.

>Can I include clickable URLs in quotes?

I am also very interested by this!


Ok, thanks your feedback, I’ll find a good solution and add it in the next update.

Hi, the link support is added, you can see it in the demo now.

Thanks! :)

Except the css everything is pretty nice :). The JS is great

would like it you could add option to show/hide prev|next arrows?

Hello, is there a way to add this to wordpress as a plugin?

Crap, I just realized this wasn’t a Wordpress plugin. I could have sworn that I did a search for “quotes” under Wordpress. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hi thanks your feedback, I’m learning the wp plugin development these day, will inform you when it’s available.

Hi… Greetings! This code does not work with my site instead it take over all the property of my site and cant run anything.

Any Advice?


Hi, can you drop me a line with your online preview via the contact form in my profile page.

Hi, looks great but is it configurable to show random quotes or only sequential ones please?

Sorry didn’t notice it says in the demo it can be random.

Ah but that’s the animation, is it possible to randomize the quotes please? Also i like the idea of being able to click on it to go to the next one, is there any way, could you suggest which bit of code i would have to add to additional arrow button so people can press that to go forward?


I hope you don’t mind me posting this here, but I received your plugin within the following template:

Whenever I add text that is more than 38 words it seems to be cut off from the easeIn animations. It will animate the first 38 words, but 39+ will be instantly displayed. All the words easeOut as expected, it is just on the easeIn that the problem appears.

You can view this on the following site:

Also, regarding the animations, are word by word animations the only ones available or can I have the whole text fade in at once?

I have tried contacting the seller of the template, but seem to have gotten nowhere.

Many thanks for any support you kindly provide


Really nice ! great going …...looks awesome thanks.


Is there a way to increase the delay before moving to the next quote. It is currently moving very fast. If so then I may be interested in buying this.

Thanks Ben

Hi, you can customize it via the slideshowDelay, right now it’s 3000 which means 3 seconds. Change to a higher value as you like.

Hi Sike, great script, all works great apart from i have a problem where my site is using a number of other jquery functions and i think it could be conflicting, when the page loads which has this script, words which are usually bold are not bold and also each time the next quote which is loaded all other words on the site go less bold, have you come across this before? or do you know how i can resolve this?

fantastic support, having waited over 7 days for no response?

Hi, please send me a preview via the contact form in my profile page, I can’t debug without the preview.


1) Can I upload my own list of quotes? 2) Can these custom quotes then be scheduled to auto populate in a designated area on a daily/weekly/refresh basis?

Lastly.. can I put these quotes on the page header?

Thank you.

I too would like to have the quotes randomized. I found some code that does this but cannot get it to work. Please can you help?

Thank you so much for the tip although I am very new to coding and still struggling. Please can you be so kind to provide the example code?

Any further help will be gratefully received. I still cannot get this to work.

Hi, you can try to randomize the HTML list before call this quote plugin.

Is there anyway to increase/decrease the speed of the animations? Can’t see where they are set. Many thanks.

Hi, it’s in the CSS, search for the animation-duration and replace them with other value as you like.

Okay – figured it out. Not used .animate() before. I ended up changing the CSS since there was a lot of repetition grouping animation duration and ease functions as these are the same for each .animate. Might be worth doing so people can change animation speed easily?

Hi – if this is responsive, why does it look so wired on my phone? (iPhone 6 Plus)