Discussion on jQuery Responsive OneByOne Slider Plugin

Discussion on jQuery Responsive OneByOne Slider Plugin

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Comment allez-vous? We are interested in purchasing this script for our marketing and Wordpress website development agency.

Question please if I may. I would like to know if I am able install this script via Wordpress plugin called Header and Footer Scripts found here: Or even the Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin here:

I also found this one: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin solution:

I think it should work with any of these plugins but I want to know, which one you would suggest to me before purchasing. I plan to only use one plugin to add scripts to client websites, as I know lots of plugins can slow down websites.

Merci, Kym

Hi, I think yes, but you have to customize the content via the HTML. And there is also a WordPress version available:

pre sale question…does it applicable or can it be use for joomla 3.x?

plugin doesn`t working with jquery 3, with first version work fine

@Diabolique @sike Can i have this update? I bought this theme (OneCommunity – BuddyPress Theme ) and my slider isnt working. If i update normal way, all my theme adjustments are gone. Please help me out here.. Tnx in advance.

Hi sorry, you have to contact the theme author for support. And this item is in jQuery only.

Does it support links on android 6 because I use it with 2 themes and none is working

Is there any progress in this case?

Email replied.

Thanks for fix but when is planned update working with jquery shipped with wordpress? 1.12.4 version of jquery

Hi sike. Should we wait for a BootStrap 3 compatible version?



The following is creative web design slider, it is user friendly and appealing. Can I make a design like this?


The jQuery Responsive OneByOne Slider for WordPress is on autoplay and arrows are no longer clickable.

We recently purchased this a month ago. However, upon updating to the latest WordPress after creating a new slider it starts autoplaying immediately and does not allow for manual control.

No additional updates were made and it was working fine prior to the WP upgrade.

Please advise how this can be fixed.


this is for a very old version of the slider

it stopped working several months ago…the arrows and the dots on the bottom became missing

maybe you can help by looking at the source for this..

its on the homepage of

let me know what you think

p.s. the previous developer left the company so i purchased a new license just to be able to submit this support ticket


Bootstrap 3 support

i have some issues when i use that plugin with bs3 would u let me know if there is something wrong i made or u can upgrade it ?

Hi right now it only support Bootstrap 2, will try to add the Bootstrap 3 support in the future update.

if I order the extended license , can I sell the banner rotator ?

Hi, I think you can use it in your theme. You can find more information about the license here:

Hi, I purchased this awhile back and just now am trying to use it on a site, like it but damn, I cant seem to find out how to pause on mouse-over or just a plain old pause button. Am I missing it or does this slider have a pause function? Any help appreciated

I’ve tried to implement your slider with Bootstrap 3.1.0. I’ve managed to do this successfully, but: text-elements only seem to ‘appear’ (opacity 0 > 1) on the >first< ’.active’-slide. Other slide captions will just stay on opacity 0; Does it forget to grab the new child elements somewhere?

Then I noticed on(‘slid’,...) in the bootstrap javascript file, which I changed to ‘’ – Still no luck though :(

Any ideas?

Ps: kudos on the sales, a bit pricey for what I actually use this though… (as an extension to bootstrap)

Hi, i was wondering this plugin has api calls. I want my buttons outside the slider, is it possible to do this. For example: $('.button').click(function(){ slider.nextslide(); }); Or something like that?! Please advise! Great plugin btw.

Hi, I’m Buying Wordpress theme OneCommunity – BuddyPress Theme ( ). This theme used this slider. Now the animations used in slider area need to be discarded. Only just fade. How can i fix it.

i purchased your plugin as part of a theme and i am very happy with it.

just a quick question the slider has grey areas on the left and right side – i tried increasing the picture size to cover it up but it didnt work

you can take a look here


First of all: Great plugin! but i saw an error in Firefox

The first time the images make the slide effect, but when i click the arrow “previous” the images dont do the effect anymore.

I didnt chance anything except the images..

sorry for my bad english.


Hi, can you drop me a line with your online preview via the contact form in my profile page? Then I can take a look.

Hi Sike,

Thanks for the great plugin. The carousel version is great. But I have two questions:

1- Could you give the parameters available? The parameters that you provided in CodeCanyon don’t seem to work with carousel:

$('#myCarousel').oneCarousel({ autoHideButton: true, width: 1240, height: 420, interval: 5000, pause: 'hover', slideShow: false, enableDrag: true })

doesn’t apply any of the parameters to my slider :(

2- Also, I was very happy in the old version with the circle buttons to change slide. Now I have a left and right arrow that doesn’t make it iPhone style at all. Is there a way to go back to the previous navigation buttons with the carousel slider?

Thanks for your answer :)

Hey, have you had time to take a look at this? Thanks a lot

1) Hi, the Carousel version only support:

easeIn : 'fadeInLeft',
pause: 'hover',
interval: 5000
2) You can download the latest version 2 of Bootstrap, and add the circle buttons:

Hello first congratulations for this script, very nice! I’ve got 2 questions: like “lettereye”, a couple of month ago, is there any way to just play once (not loop)? My second question, is certainly more difficult: i would like that the previous div “oneByOne_item” don’t slide to the left but fadeout when the next div fadein (in fact i don’t need support for mouse or wipe): oups i’m not sure to be clear ;) Thanks for your answer Jerome


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