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Hi There

Having some problems with the gallery and with touch screen devices.

We want to pinch and zoom on touch screen devices but the gallery keeps crashing the browsers.

See demo here:

When I tested your example on mobile and tablet there was no problem with pinching and zooming. But when I purchased the code the pinch and zoom would not work so I added <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

Not sure what is happening Please came back to me as soon as possible

Thank You

Will this work with JQuery 1.4.3?

Hi, I haven’t tested it, why don’t your use the latest jQuery?


please let me know if the fullwidth slider can includes a line of thumbnails at bootm (as you have made) that moves when you click on last visible one, so make appear new ones thumbs. and: can the slider auto-restart when it comes to the last slide??? and: can be added some text caption over the images (simple text)? thanks!!!!!!!!!!


I have a pre-purchase question.

Is it possible to have content in front of this slider? I need to have a background slider but showing content in the same page.

Thanks in advance!

Forgot to ask you : image are read from what? a directory of the website? can we set the path after a database query?