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I purchased your Multivalidator form validating plug-in. I need to validate that in a group of checkboxes, at least 1 is checked. I couldn’t find any information within the documentation file to do this. Any help would be GREAT. I am on a major deadline and desperately need this help.


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validation for groups of checkboxes is now available

Any change to avoid refresh while validating… ?? Thanks.

Hi xerracol, can you explain with more detail?, what part would you like to not refresh?

Hi first of all, very neat and classy validation :) My 2 questions: 1. How to validate against a username already existing in database (I use MySQL and PHP).

2.How do I position the validation popups as currently they animate and move to the far right of the input box…however in my current design the input boxes width are the full length of the content area so because of this if a user who has a small resolution the validation tooltip will be off the viewable area…so what i would like to do is position the validation tooltip so that it right hand side edge will align to the right hand edge of my input box so that on small resolutions it will always be in view.


I replied you via email Chris, thanks for your comment

Want to follow up on 2 upgrade availability things you said you would work on… - an image of a ship to use instead of the car or plane images that are there now - a server side php script that works without the jscript so the captcha works in all situations and that stops all the automation spam currently getting through this client side captcha

Hi alex, i will add more vehicles this weekend including the ship. Because this is a javascript plug and in order to provide flexibility to other developers, it does not include extensive php code, but is prepared to handle it as i mention before. However I can help you to set a php code especially for your page.

Hello there,

i buy your validator last year. How can I manipulate the top-value for the error-flag to move it a little bit more down or up? Best regards Uwe

Hi, you can use margin css rule
.pop {
      margin-top: 5px;

Before i make a Purchase, I wanna know does this validator integrate with custom jquery plugin for fields replacements like select2, chosen2, bootstrap ajax mode

Chosen CKEditor iCheck Mask Pickadate NEW Raty Select2 Summernote TinyMCE

is the above plugin supported with this validator, let me know so i can make my decision for purchase

Hi gavy81, currently Multivalidator don´t support select2, chosen2…

how can i use it for my Application/ Website ?

You can use an ashx handler or a webmethod

Awesome design, I like it!

thanks for your comment!