Discussion on jQuery MsgBox

Discussion on jQuery MsgBox

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I’ve found a way to disable the animation… just change moveDuration: 0 on line #58 :) There is a new version? it seems adbandoned. Do no works with jquery>1.9 tnx

script is not working under IE6. Ie7 is okay. update your description or fix the code.

Perfect little script! Thank you so much. Wish I saw it earlier….

is possible to place a function on the X button, a banner kind of hidden adsense?

Hi. I was familiar with your plugin since I bought one of Envato Bundles in which it was included. Yesterday I bought it for the second time beacuse I saw that new version was released a year ago (version included in the bundle was much earlier).

First of all I must mention, that this plugin is a very nice piece of code. I really enjoyed it. But it also has some disadvantages:

- there is no need to check if user has Jquery > 1.2. But if you still think this part of code is needed, you will have to improve your detection module, beacuse there is a large bug in detection of current JQ version. In example I use version 1.11.0 and this plugin throws the error that “The jQuery version that was loaded is too old. MsgBox requires jQuery 1.3+” which is obviously wrong

- there is a bug in detection for IE6. In IE11 this line: var ie6 = !$.support.opacity; returns… TRUE. Which means that in fully compatible modern browser your script starts to add iframe code to generate opacity background for modal window. I replaced this with the code from the older version of the script and it now works fine

- this script is not responsive, but it can be easily improved to “responsive version” by: changing css for .jquery-msgbox and adding one line: max-width: 95% !important; It will change the size of the container if screen size is really small (ie. old mobile phones). To make this script responsive ready you shold also add one line in script code: // vertically center y = scroll.x + ((size.x – this.options.width) / 2); // check if y<0 and if so change it to at least 0, beacuse it // prevents to hide a part of the script window outside // the viewport

if (y<0) y=0;

When I use prompt window in my project, which is created with the code:


Login to panel

', { type : 'prompt', inputs : [ {type: "text", name: "username", value: "", label: "Username:", required: true}, {type: "password", name: "password", value: "", label: "Password:", required: true} ], buttons : [ {type: 'submit', value:'Zaloguj si?'}, {type: 'cancel', value:'Anuluj'} ], form : { active: true, method: 'post', action: 'login.php' } }); ev.preventDefault(); });

there is no way to force it to “shake” the window if any of the required fields are empty. It does not work in any browser I use: newest FF, Opera, IE or Safari and Chrome. But it works in your demo index.html, so I think you really should improve integration of your plugin with other projects



For some reason.. I have an error msgBox that is not closing automatically.. here is the code I’m using to call it:
$.msgbox('You Must input a title.', {type:"error"});

But the error stays on the screen, without a way to close it. Any ideas?

Interesting issue I’m having with the plugin.. when I call a confirm msg, I need to handle the response and send data to the server if the user clicked Yes..

Here is my code:
bb_ajax_request.prototype.redeem_offer = function (offer_id){

    $.msgbox('Are you sure you want to Reserve this offer?',{
    function(result) {
        if (result) {
            this.DATA = {'offer_id' : offer_id};
            this.URL = 'beams/offers/redeem.php';
            this.resultHandler = 'redeem_offer';
            this.errorHandler = 'redeem_offer';

So, with this code the user is presented with a confirm message when we fire the redeem_offer function. If they click yes the confirm should go away, the alert should show (just there for testing) and the success function should be processed.

But, what happens is the user clicks the Yes button and the msg hides.. then there are TWO alerts shown, one after another, and the success function never processes these functions:
            this.DATA = {'offer_id' : offer_id};
            this.URL = 'beams/offers/redeem.php';
            this.resultHandler = 'redeem_offer';
            this.errorHandler = 'redeem_offer';

BTW, I also tried it with:

}, function(buttonPressed) {
  if (buttonPressed) {

   ... my functions here....



}, function(result) {
  if (result == 'Yes') {

   ... my functions here....

without any luck..

NVM, got it sorted out.

Eduardo, I am unable to make it work.

I keep getting:

TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘this.esqueleto.msgbox.queue’) line 313.

Using Safari 7 and jQuery 1.7.2

Love the file :) Is there anyway that I could implemented ajax content with this script? If so how would I go about it?

@enderyenice You can! I think you mean jQuery 1.10, unfortunately the code uses a parseFloat to check if it’s between 1.2 to 1.9, but doesn’t take into account 1.1 for 1.10!

For a short term fix, remove the version checker at the bottom of the script.

Also I’ve happily purchased this today because I liked it :) nice script! Please keep updating!!

Unfortunately this plugin is not compatible with jQuery 1.x. I bought it, but can not use.

I have a nube question, I was wondering where to enter the username and password in the jquery. As of now they can enter anything the username and password field to gain access to the linked page. Thoughts?

I am using the below to submit a form but cannot seem to submit the form on confirm? Any pointers?

$(’.msgbox-confirm’).live (‘click’, function (e) { $.msgbox(“Are you sure that you want to permanently delete the selected element?”, { type: “confirm”, buttons : [ {type: “submit”, value: “Yes”}, {type: “cancel”, value: “Cancel”} ] }, function(result) { ///what do I put here to submit to form? }); });

Hello, Nice script. I wonder can i use this script to confirm e.g, a Name field in an form on submit. I have two fields “Name” and “Email” and i want these fields to be validated, so if the e.g, Name field is blank a Msg,box will poppup. Hope you understand what i mean.

Thank you.

How hard would it be to add a drop down box where the user would select their state, and based on what they selected they would be taken to different pages.

I like it…. and i want it…

Is there anyway to replace the standard buttons in the confirm box with my own custom gif Accept / Cancel images? I understand how an onclick event associated with an image can be used to execute javascript but I can not find where in the code I might be able to make this change. Is it possible? If so, could you please point me in the right direction? I would appreciate it very much!


I just purchaded the msgbox plugin, but it is not working with jQuery 1.9.1. Where can I download the fixed version?

I just uploaded it. It will be available very soon.


Until the fix comes out, here’s a quick and dirty fix:

replace the line

var ie6 = (jQuery.browser.msie && parseInt(jQuery.browser.version, 10) < 7 && parseInt(jQuery.browser.version, 10) > 4);


var ie6 = 0;

This will make the plugin break on Internet Explorer 6 but at least it works on modern Internet Explorer with the latest jQuery.



I’m sorry for the delay. I’m uploading a new version.

If you don’t want to wait, replace it with:

var ie6 = !$.support.opacity;


Please update it to be compatible with jQuery 1.9.1.

Thank you, Lucian.


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