Discussion on jQuery Media ToolTip

Discussion on jQuery Media ToolTip

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cool work ! all the best for your sales


Nice plugin.

However, I am getting message:

“sorry there was an error encountered while loading this video” for vimeo.

Any idea?

Thank you.

Got the issue…you didn’t check the url or http or https ! And hence the substring got wrong! Thanks.

hi again another question how can i make the tooltp hide faster than it is now

it has a delay



You can set the speed animation. For example:
$(".video a").mediaToolTip({
    Speed: 200 

hi what about my first question !

how can i make the video autoplay


hi i contact you befor im trying to show mp4 videos on a tool tip

vut cant make it to autoplay

how can it be done thanks



If you want to set autoplay for mp4 video – you can do it in this way:

where do i put it? the mp4 is embed via excerpt can i make it automaitc autostrat by adding a code


Hi again,

I wrote the mini script special for you, please copy the code to your file of jQuery script, before initialize the ToolTip plugin:
//find the MP4 files
    var HrefFile = $(this).attr('href');
    $(this).attr('href', HrefFile+'&autostart=1');

I hope help you ;)

Can I put image on your tooltip?

Unfortunately, You can’t use images in this version of the script.

hi i have baught it thanks for the code

i have a question how can i make a vimeo video auto play when tol tip

is on i see that on youtube it autoplay thanks


Please contact me. I will send you updates with vimeo autoplay :)

looks like another great script by lukasz!

Are the thumbs needed, or is it possible to highlight some text with a tooltip hoover?

The possibility isn’t available in this version of the script.

so does it automatically pick up youtube and other links from the page?

Yes, you can redirect to original links when you click.

nice, but cant you get the thumbs directly from the YouTube video instead of having to make them yourself?

You must make the thumbnails personally at the moment, but this is a nice idea. I will try add the feature in next updates. Thanks! :)

Just a thought too, have you considered ajax version to propagate the tooltip on click with the video ? Would reduce page load for pages with gazillins of links.

This is cool, my only request would be.

On click, apend the video to a div ( so it docks itself ) until you close it. Otherwise as you hover away you cannot watch the video, and I just cannot see anyone sitting there with the mouse in one solitary position for 4 or 5 minutes whilst a video plays.

Good luck with sales


Thank you for the information about bugs, but I forget change a link to new demo of the script. So, please see it again. Now the TollTip should working well :)

Amazing! Will buy extra license asap


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