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Hi, this does not work with the current versions of Jquery

Its broken with both Jquery 2 & Jquery 3

can you please tell me what to do to make it with Jquery 3


thanks for looking into this aoenian and fixing the issue, I gave you a good rating! :)

BTW, when I change the styling the drag and drop stops working for me, is there a way you can provide auto sizing div with content.

The div’s should collapse (and expand to see content)

Thanks for good rating.

Can you please send me your source and screenshot about your issue on

Thanks for good rating.

Can you please send me your source and screenshot about your issue on

Hi, I got this product, and though I have got the php to work (ie. it will load from database) I can’t seem to get it to save.

what must I locate in my php directory. I have tried locating everything there, and seen no improvement.


Hi First check database connection And is there any notice or error when u run tree?

Please send me more detail on my email address


I got it to work. Perhaps I didn’t understand the instructions correctly, but I had to go into the javascript file and found all the ajax calls were commented out. I had to make the ajax portions active by removing the commenting slashes // then everything has worked since. I am just starting to use this now, and it looks quite promising. I’m sure I will have to make many changes eventually, but the first forays into getting it to work are not too bad.

I use php version, but there is problem in edit form, the values of fields appear empty

Let me check it, will contact u soon.


I want to use your plugin to draw a tree. I want to create tree in java script and fill it with output of web service that I received it by Angularjs. Can I use this plugin in this case?

sorry I should load a tree.can I use of this plugin for load tree?


jQuery Horizontal Tree is a jQuery plugin for visualising data in a tree structure. A plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a tree structure.


Hi, I buy this plugin but I did not received any documentation. Can you send me the documentation? thanks.


I see that in your wordpress version of the plugin, you can add many fields to a node.

Does the jquery version of the plugin allow this ? (with parameters or something like that) or does it need hack the code of the plugin (and so forget update) to do it ?

I just need to add a description textarea field to my node cause only a name field is too limited in my case.

Hi, Can I use this plugin for load tree(My json data come from web service). Thanks.

Hello, I just purchased this item, thank you for a wonderful work. My question is, once I build the chart I like how can I disable editing for people who view it on line? Debbie

Hello, my second question is how to save populated chart, I want it for my website?

If saving is not an option and I can’t use php on my server, this is not useful for me, what should I do?


You can use ajax for saving tree data in database. PHP demo is already included, Please check it again.

Please contact me on my gmail for future question.


hi, very nice work, congrats

i have this issue: i’m not able to edit or create new nodes. my db config is working because i can parse data from the db. i try it in local machine with php 7 and also in a remote server, with my hosting provider php 5 but not working. i take look to the ajax.php but dont see anything wrong, can u help, thanks a lot man

Hello, Can you please share a code with me. My email address If possible send me live URL. Thanks

hi again man,

forget it, sorry i didnt see that was commented on the ajax.php, it is working now.

One question can i put an imagen on each node instead of the nodes?


I bought their product today. Now I noticed that this does not work on touch-enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately I can not use it. Can you reverse the purchase?

Best regards Sven


Do you want to drag and drop in to touch device?

Please, I am using the JQUERY version. I have a huge tree with around 200 elements distributed in 6 levels This turns very difficult figure out the main structure. So HOW TO to collapse into just 2 or 3 levels (1.2.3, 1.4.5 etc) to improve the readability right at the start time ??


You can close particular branch. You need to add ‘thide’ class in

  • for that. Thanks
  • I purchased the product today And i notice on my card i have been overcharged : USD $28.25 I also see three licenses available for download on my account (I only intended to buy one).

    Please correct this purchase as i only intend to use a single license of this product.

    Thanks Rahul

    just need a quick fix here. How do i disable the tree auto restructuring itself when we click on expand/collapse. I would rather have the page width increase then then tree rearranging the node to fit onto the page.

    Any suggestions would be helpful on this.



    Below function call on page load but you can call it on any other event instead of page load.



    Does it work with bootstrap 4 and jquery 3? I need it to only display my tree , without all the crud operation. Can I achieve that with your plugin?


    I have just purchased your plugin, however, I have trouble using the php version. do you have any documentation that explains how does it work. my php is 5.4. thank you

    Did you check a mail I sent you on

    I have paid a developer to fix the issues. now I have another issue when I add a new child, it does not save automatically, when I do it the second time it saves it into the db. is there away to fix that?

    Hi, PHP demo working fine from my end but I will retest it again. And I already approved your refund request. Thanks

    I have a presale question.
    How the script jQuery Horizontal Tree store data for tree?
    Does we store tree data to json or what?
    Thank you
    I’m looking for your respond asap


    zivo13 Purchased

    hi, i bought it, great work! one question: can it be possible to have one last node at the end of the tree that has join with all the last nodes of each branch, just like the first node, but at the end,

    Hi, if I click to highlight and make a hyperlink for goto another page , How to back to highlight again from new page?

    iam alrady save it in database , could you do examble for me

    iam using .net mvc C#

    Sorry, I don’t have an example right now.

    But try the below steps

    - Manipulate tree UL / LI structure and add unique data-id into each li.

    - When you redirect to another page, save that particular LI data-id into the database or cookie

    - When you come back to the tree again you just need to get that LI data-id and then use the below jQuery code (bottom on a page)

    var $data-id;

    if ($data-id) {

    $(".tree li[data-id=$data-id] > div").addClass("current");
    $(".tree li[data-id=$data-id] > div span").show();



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