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Very nice item @sike! :)

I would highly suggest making it responsive, would be an INSTANT buy for me! :)

You have some of the best scripts out there! I will be buying it regardless if you make it responsive, but I do hope you do! :)

Hi, I don’t find a good solution for responsive. When in small screen display the list only? Then it lost the point of switch. Anyway now it works fine in the small screen like iPhone or iPad.

hello, is it possible to convert to wp? i know basic php codes and basic wp codex (get_post()...etc). is it not difficult to use it for wp?

Hi, you can upload the js/css files to your wp server, and embed it in the post.

Will the lightbox support an IFrame? If so, can you provide a code example?

Incidentally, nice script.

Hi yes, you can put a link like:
<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]"></a>
And then enable the lightbox in the javascript.
You can see more example from:

One concern When I switch to list and refresh the screen, it goes back to grid. Can it be made to remain even after a browser refresh.

Thank you

Hi, you can use the cookie to store the state.

Really nice script! Is it working with isotope too?

wow, 3 months waiting now for an answer by an elite author…

Oops, sorry for the late reply, I haven’t test it with isotope, so I think it doesn’t work with it.

How do you install in wordpress themes?

Hi, it’s not a WordPress plugin, you can use it only in HTML.

Hi, is it possible to use only the list view? I know that it lose the point of the switch but I need only the list view.

Tried already. Not working.

Or maybe I didn’t do it properly. Can you give me detail about how to do that please?

Ok, seems like the only way is to change the default values in the css…

Hi this grid support right to left language?

Hi! Are you planning on releasing a responsive version of this?


Enlarge an image by moving the mouse over as in the example here Zoom a picture in the search result as the site thank you

AGHHHhhhh this is not responsive design !!!!!