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Nice work, good luck with sales!

Thought you offered support for your plugin. i reached out to you yesterday for assistance but yet no response.

I sent you my reply. Thank you ;)

What icons do you use? Are they included?

I created only several icons for the demo. But you can download more icons from the Internet ;)

Hi, i am interested in buying your menu.

Is it possible to maybe change it to vertical menu?


Please disregard my last message. I don’t need the menu in vertival form.

But i do have one need, if you could please send me some modified code that would make the menu to open the third level of links.

For example, where you put the cursor on the last item on second level, to have that plus sign and open the third level.

I really need it and would be very gratefull.

Many thanks


I sent you mail. I will try help you ;)

Hej Lukasz > Will this work with Wordpress? I use jquery 1.7.4 on some other things in WP.

Kind regards.


Yes, the menu can be use in WordPress, but you must add the script manually to your template. ;)

Bought. Lukasz was very helpful and accommodating.

Hi im having real problems integrating the css style sheet into my existing site. I end up with plain white squares instead of the icons????


Please contact me. I will help you ;)

Hi, can this be used to collapse/expand a home page navigation bar? Thanks.


I am not sure that I understand you well. Could you explain your question better?

Dear Lukas,

I bought the Glyph menu some time ago. I’m using on my site where you can take a look.

The css/variable names on the menu conflicts with . So I changed to #first.menustyle and it worked. So this is more a suggestion not a complain. I believe ‘menu’ conflicts with them.

Well, this is fixed but the problem I’m having is that my icons don’t link :(

Something strange is happening the icons don’t get linked. Here’s part of the source code from my browser I see it’s missing the link.

<a class="iconlink" href="#"></a>

Any clue what am I doing wrong just buy looking at the menu on the site? By the way, is there any new version coming soon?

Thanks for any info. Paulo.

Hello Paulo,

Thank you for purchasing my items. Please write me private message via CodeCanyon – I will send you modyfications.