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:D Good stuff!

Hi, Nice script. I want to add a sticky menu top or footer. Is it possible? Cheers, J

Hi yes, you can customize the code to support this feature.

I would like to ask you a question before you buy. I can remove the scroll arrows and make sure to click on the text you enter into the website?

Hi Sike, Great script. The only issue I have is when someone clicks on the navigation arrows in quick succession some of the images disappear. Is there a bit of code that you can add to avoid the execution of the button script until the transition animation is complete?

Hi, Do you provide support for this code through these comments or do we need to contact you directly? I haven’t had any response yet.


Our one of slide is Google calendar page.

Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow?

Can we set the preview slide image on bottom of the page?