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Hi! It’s not showing up in Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 on Ubuntu 12.10.

Could you please check that somehow? (even the demo wont run) In Firefox it is okay! here is a screenshot:

Sorry, I can’t test it in Ubuntu :(

:/ Is it possible to show every image without the scrolling, so i could have a basic xml grid gallery with lightbox without the animation? Or if not, could you please tell me which lines i should check for this? (I don’t want to go through 1000 lines of code…)

I think i just found the solution on one of your comments :)

Hi, is it possible the make the grid images slide left to right and right to left instead of up and down?

Erm, yes, it’s possible. It’s all in the CSS, but it’s not a really simple job.

Hi, thanks for reply. Can give some pointers? I really need this to work. I have knowledge in CSS.

Use Firebug or any inspector, find out the class of the images or the div that gets animated, go to the CSS and modify the transition.

Any update on the multiple image gallery problem?

Can’t see anything with the included demo. Is this only a demo problem?

Can the scrolling be controlled by the user? Or is it simply timed?

It’s timed. The only thing is that the animation stops when the user hovers over an image.

Any reason why this doesn’t work in Chrome 25.0.1364.99 or Safari? Any way to get around the error: “Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin”?

You need to upload it to a web server, that’s why you are getting this error.

me too i also got problem with chrome… wierd because it works on this website with chrome but not on my server… only work with firefox

Is it possible to open a different image when clicking the thumb??

For example, I have image A in the grid as thumb, and when I click this image A, it shows a lightbox with image B.

What is different Dynamic Grid XML and Dynamic Grid Engine? Thanks

can i use fade effect instead of easing?

Wow, really cool plugin! Couple questions, 1) Does it work within the post? I mean does it pull the images from the post you want to use it in? 2) Is there a way to refresh the page when every image or second image is clicked? Thank you!

Sorry, one last question: Can you have one large image (like the featured image) and thumbnails below? Thx

Hi Nicky,

I currently have an xml flash gallery that I maintain, however, I am removing all flash from my website. I just wanted to know how editable the gallery is, especially the left and right arrows. Can I style these to my liking and reposition them? This is what I currently have. Can I replicate this?


Hi Chris, I’m getting a 404 on that page. If you have basic knowledge with CSS and ability to work with the Inspector you can customize the arrows just like you want them. Keep in mind, I’m not doing free customizations.


Can I use videos with this??

Is this gallery responsive and be able to swipe with fingers? I am planning to use it for ipad.

Is there any way to keep the proportions of the photos the same when in responsive mode. As in add/subtract columns/rows as the screen size becomes smaller or wider?

When the width is not specified, it becomes responsive, but the height remains fixed. Is there anyway to make the height responsive as well?

what is different Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery and Dynamic Grid: The engine

Hi, i can use without lightbox view?

Hi, sorry if my question seems silly to you. I am not developer. I have purchased the gallery as I have intended to make slider gallery like the one in home 3 version of Cheope theme <a href=”</a> I do not know how it should be installed. Is it possible to install it from WP admin level? or else? I would be grateful for any help, Best, DEA



This is a jquery plugin, not a wordpress plugin. You should have some basic knowledge how to work with jquery plugins, check out the documentation for this product if you need a bit of help.

Implementing in a wordpress site is a bit different and it depends on how the theme that you are using is coded.

Thanks nickys. I was afraid that things look like you said. Tell me please one more thing. I would like to have on my new ecommerce store a slider exactly like the one I mentioned in Cheope theme (by the way, the Cheope developer uses your jquery grid gallery for the theme). Is it possible to create such a main header/slider for my website with your grid gallery plugin for WP?

hi … i have a lot of images … have a solution to add them with one line code.. because there is hour of work to add them one by one


Hi, I’m sorry but there isn’t an automated way to insert images.