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Hello! it looks great, I would like to know if I can use this extension to show products list in magento or do you have any extension that make that, thanks a lot!

I’m not familiar with Magento, can’t give you any advice, I’m sorry.

Can I use this plugin to layout page structure? maybe structure forms? as I can see it keep on moving / animating – can I stop that?

Thank you, Leo

Hi Leo, that’s not really the intended usage of the plugin and I don’t know how well it will work out.

I’m having a lot of problems using the demo index.html I wanted to use the grid as a full page (just grid 8 ) but when I remove any of the other ones I get a script error:

while (!root.columns[index].animated) {

ah! figured it out! :) I guess a different question I have is how do you know what size the image should be to go in the grid? Is there anyway for the grid to size itself to proportions of the image?

The grid will scale the image so it fills the grid cell. The grid cell won’t resize according to the image.

:( wish I knew that before

Hi. Love the grid! How would I get text to overlay the scaled image?


All that the plugin provides is a grid. Any content inside is up to you to implement. You might want to check out this for a gallery:

Does it get information from an RSS feed?


Sorry, but the plugin doesn’t offer that functionality!



Can go fullscreen with no overlap? And responsive too?


Sorry, I don’t understand your question?

The variations, can they be made to fill the height and width of the viewport, regardless of screen size?

Yes, you can achieve that, but with a few lines of JavaScript. Please keep in mind that this plugin is a bare-bones framework of a grid and you will need to write some custom code in order to put some content in the grid.


Hello, please i have a problem. I am trying to use the grid. i want to display only 3 items in the grid without the slider changing. my settings are col=2, min-rows=2, max-rows=2. but when i do this. the browser crushes. it seems like everytime i place exact number of items to the grid. it crushes. How do i display items in the grid without the slider changing.


Can you zip me your project and send it to me via my contact form?


Even though it looks so simple, I have not been able to figure it out! Unbelievable! My page crashes severally…can you please help? how do I fix this?

Answered your ticket :)

Hi. Is it possible to use you gride with post o custom post (woocommerce product, for example)? I woud like to display my woocommerce product with a grid as yours.


The product that you are looking at is just a jQuery plugin which provides you with an animated grid. You will have to provide the content for it and it will require code. It doesn’t integrate with WP either, it’s just javascript.