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Very nice but I have a serious issue, when I launch it with chrome, the first top tabs are the same size but coming tio 9th tab i have a white border and the tabs double their size. Please help

Very nice but I have a serious issue, when I launch it with chrome, the first top tabs are the same size but coming tio 9th tab i have a white border and the tabs double their size. Please help

I have another issue when I select a parent tab, the child tabs are going down as the demo said but when they need to go up, they gio but the selected parent tab lose its hover color…

Hi Jack,

what version of chrome are you using and could you email a screenshot to support@klevermedia.co.uk?

To include a “current page” focus you’d nee to add a class to the list with these styles…

ul li.current { background: url(../images/listBgBlue.png) no-repeat; color: white; }

HI dose it work with ie6 and up ?


I’ve chosen not to support ie6, it has been tested in ie7+


Hi thanks for the answer. So it dose work good in ie7 and up.

Is ie6 still popular. Thanks

The numbers are slowly dropping so I choose not too support it as it encourages it’s use :)

Sure it’s been tested in 7, 8 & 9


Clean & beautiful, thank you :)

Ps: I wish i could use click instead of hover as sliding trigger, is there any way to do that ? Tried to replace “hover” with “click” in custom.js but doesn’t seems to work :(

Thanks! :)

I could email you code for the click function, I’ll just need to write it,

The only problem I see with a click function is that it’ll ignore the load of the sub menu and take you to the page, which I why I thought hover would work better :)

Great menu! Having some trouble getting jquery to take on a site that already has jquery running. Also, I installed the CSS version of the menu but replaced it with the jquery version. I’m still getting the css affect and not the jquery easing effect.

Can you help? Ryan.

I’m glad you like it :)

Have you tried replacing any $ with jquery, this should help with any .


Hi, great menu. I’ve come across an issue. Kinda strange how to explain it, but once you get it, hopefully you’ll understand. When you scroll over a top level item with a sub menu, after the menu has dropped, if you move the mouse off of the menu and then back onto one of the sub menu items the menu will, for lack of better terms “wig out”.

It also will happen occasionally happen when just scrolling down the menu to different top level menu items.

I can link to a video if you can’t reproduce. Any thoughts?

Hi Jeremy,

If you could email me a video that’d be great thanks

thanks for the quick reply, a PM was sent

Dose the Search Function as part of the Menu?


No as this is just html & css the search does not function, you’d require a php script for this.



Nice menu but how meany levels can I have?


At the minute you can only have the top and secondary level.


I will buy this, but… Is it possible to make the submenus only appear when you click on its parent?

it’s annoying because if I move my mouse over the parent, the submenu appears, but if I want to click the next button I have to move the cursor around the menu down to what I want to click, rather than just moving the cursor down the menu.


Thanks I’m glad you like it, sure the hover function can be changed for a click no problem.


Hi, how do I change the submenu behaviour from hover to click? Can’t find any info in the documentation about this.

Hi, I’m working on a modification at the moment to allow the click function. I do expect to have this up soon.

Hi Is there a way where a user has to click to display the submenu rather than mouse over a link. The reason for asking is sometimes when you mouse over to show the sub menu it sometimes throws a fit and flickers up and down. Other than that great menu Many thanks Patrick

Duh cancel my last i just read the bit in the js file :)

Hey, you beat me to it – glad you found it

Excellent script and so is the CSS version. As Google does seem to have some issues with crawling jquery loaded pages, i decided to buy and utilise both of these menus and use the css version for pages Google crawls and the jquery for the pages Google does not crawl. With help and support from Lee this option works great.

Both are excellent scripts and well worth the couple of dollars.

Thanks for the great feedback Patrick :)

Support from Lee on this product has been second to none. He has taken time out to assist me in adjusting the code to do Exactly what i want it to. Full credit to him

I have also now integrated the JQuery menu to draw its layout from MySql database so it changes depending on the page the user is on where I can adjust what appears on the menu

Hi, is it possible to change the color theme ? I’m looking for a light grey menu with red instead of black +pink/green/yellow/blue etc

Hi, very nice work, i only have some pre-purchase questions!

Is it possible to have 2 levels of submenus instead of the 1 level seen in the demo?

Of course, no problem :) it’d be quite straight forward.

What do you mean by multiple choice exactly? Sorry not too sure in the question :)

1) That would be great!

2) By multiple choice I refer to the ability to choose/activate/highlight more than one dropdown item.

I.e. in your video example’s scenario I would choose “Messages” and then from its subcategories I’d choose both “new messages” and “deleted messages”.

Ah ok got it,

It uses a hove function rather than click, so would only have the ability to highlight one item.

The script can can also be modified top level links, so when clicked the sub items display, this would make multiple items display.

I this along the lines of what you were thinking?

Hi, Does this support right to left?