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Great work Sike. Very smooth on the iPad :)

Excellent Work!

nice things. one question. i saw that the big image ul is display none. will all the image load first or your plugin manage that. because if the big image load first then the site will become slow. is there any option to manage in your plugin.

Some suggestions:

1. If the full size version of an image is taller than the browser window, there is no way to scroll to see the whole image. It’s static. The user needs to be able to move the full size image around to view the whole thing.

2. It would be cool to offer a means for using all the images in a given directory instead of having to hard code each image and thumbnail into the page.

3. Even more slick would be to offer a means of automatically sizing the full size images to create square thumbnails instead of batch processing the thumbnails in photoshop.

You’re genius! I truly admire your work, and will make it a point to include all of your pieces in my toolbox… and will be sure purchase unique licenses for any real work outside my personal web tinkering hobby.

I’m happy you like it. :)

Hi Sike, thanks for the cool plugin. Looks awesome.

I have a question though, is there an option for a loader on the main images of the gallery?

When you have a number of thumbs that refer to the gallery, they take a while to render in the browser.

Any help would be great.

Sike i emailed you a detailed question i’m having with your lightbox viewer, think you can help me out?


Hi, i’m having difficulty integrating this plugin with my php script. I look forward to your help.

Is it possible to put the X close button in the top right part of the picture?

Does it work with DIVs instead of images? or atleast can i put somekind of link on the picture?.

Thank you.

Hi sorry right now it doesn’t support these features.

does this support IE7 ?

Hi the CSS3 transition only works in the modern browser, like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE10 . You can see it in IE7 , it may works with the fade transition only.

Hi there – just bought this plugin and it’s lovely, but could you please tell me if there’s a way to auto-resize the big images to fit inside the screen resolution?

Thanks for your time! Leigh

I wish I had read the comments first. Without a way to resize based on resolution, this is junk. Garbage.

Same here, should have read the comments first. Disappointed by the limits of this paying plugin. Doesn’t match a true lightbox plugin.

Does not support inline content, iframe, etc.. Image only. Preloading only.

Hi, very nice plug in! I would like to ask you if is possible, when the lightbox is open, to add the thumbnail of the other photos under the big one, therefore you can have a vision of the next photo that you are going to see. Thanks for replay


Hi, will this also display iFrames? Or just images?