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I don’t think your live preview and your site are working. It seams that they are not ready yet. Please fix them.

Does your code need Flash to be installed on client browser? Are you positive it works on IE?

Best of luck and sales,


Indeed you are correct, this wasn’t the intended result. The reason for this is, at present there is no newline to

I have fixed the the formatting by adding a line of code and it is now live on the demo site.

I will continue to test the new code and upload the fixed package to code canyon tomorrow morning.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • The reason for this is, at present there is no newline to <br /> conversion.

edit: the html break tag was removed

The updated code with original formatting has now been approved and is part of the plugin.

Thank you for alerting me to the problem.


Demo link not working…


My new website is still in a state of flux, i do apologise. I have sorted the demo link out for you. Just copy any text and paste it somewhere to see the plugin in action.

If you have any troubles please let me know.

Thanks for taking a look :)

Good plugin, just what I was after. Cheers.

Awesome, looking good.

Easy to install.

Cheers dude,

Been looking for something like this for a long time but could never find it until now!

Easy setup, easy to install.


I really like it: demo clicked and I loved it!

Thank you very much. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


Doesn’t seem to work for me in FF 18.0.1—any advice?

Hi awgorge, thanks for the response! I haven’t purchased yet, but the demo is the one that’s not working for me on FF 18.0.1

Just tested clearing my cache and disabling all plugins and it still didn’t work for me.

Thats quite strange. I have checked my site, i do appear to be having troubles with my syntax highlighter that is causing error in the console. I will try to get this resolved shortly.

Are you perhaps on a windows machine, i will test that as soon as i get hold of one.

The purpose of the plugin is to add data to the text you are copying. To use the plugin, highlight apart of the text and copy (cmd-c or right click copy).

When you paste it into a text editor extra information will appear.

Tested on Windows, works fine too :S Do you see any errors appearing. Can you describe what happens?

We need to remove the feature that prevents copying on our own site, because with Firefox, this entirely prevents users from copying from our main site into our forums.

If we just remove the code starting at: “If we are pasting on our own site, remove the additional message”—

1. Will this fix the problem? and 2. If it would, exactly what slice of code should we erase?

Hello, thank you for purchasing. Which version of Firefox on which platform. If there is an issue with pasting data I need to get this addressed. The pasting section of the code try’s to intercept the users paste in order to delete any inserted data to prevent you custom message from being displayed again on your site. So you are free to remove this whole section if you wish.

If you pm me your URL I can take a look tomorrow morning and help you debug the problem.

Sorry for the short delay, CC doesn’t notify via email when you get a new comment.

Hi, can this replace all copied in clipboard content with other? Regards.

Good morning, thank you for purchasing. I am trying to understand the question. Are you asking whether this script can replace everything in your clipboard history? The answer would be no, without the use of flash we cannot directly access the clipboard as it is a security concern. This script manages to inject content into the current selection when a user makes a copy on your website.

Great script. Please respond to recent post. Regards.

Is this script still supported? I’m sure having bad luck. It seems if you buy a script on code canyon the developers stop support it after a while.

Rest assured I am not that type of developer. I am always around to help. I have received your email.

Helpful !

what about mobile user?

I have tested it on the iPhone. iOS6 + iOS7 works as the desktop would.


Hi awgeorge!

What number 7 does in this line of code: injectThreshold: 7

Regards, Alexander

Hello. It is the number of required words that need to be highlighted before the inject script will kick in.

A word is determined by the amount of spaces that the user is copying. A bit rudimentary but does the job :)


Does it work with all websites? Any CMS? Do we need to copy into footer of each page?

Glad you got it sorted, You are quite correct, if any information is added to the url, it will be copied to the clipboard.


I’m sorry, I totally misunderstood this… Actually what I was seeing all this time was CopyNShare option due to some code from ShareThis. I have not implemented your code yet… Can you help me in this regard?

Sure thing, Send an email email through to me. The email form is on the profile page :)

Hi William,

Just bought your copy inject script. I do have however a question. Is there a way to insert the ‘canonical’ link in stead of the browser link?

When a visitor comes from for example our newsletter a lot of tracking info is added like … All that tracking info is inserted after the copy/paste. Much better would be to use the canonical link (if there is one specified). We always have a canonical on our website …



Thanks for purchasing :)

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to. Let me make some sample code for you.


Thx! Looking forward to the sample code!

After some research it appears you can get the `canonical` link with this line of code: $(‘link[rel=canonical]’).attr(‘href’)

Therefore in the javascript file under //Site Link You can replace window.location.href with the above.

If you wish, send me an email (link in profile) and I can send you the code.



Possible to insert this script in Wordpress?

Caught me on holiday. Sorry for the delay, although there isn’t a simple plugin for easy integration, it is possible to manually add the script. This would however require a little bit of code knowledge. You wil also have to make sure WP is running with a support jQuery version.

Nice code. I have just installed it and works ok.

... your spec says “Add link back to your website when a user copies content from your site”

But the example just adds text without the anchor See more here

ALSO ONE MORE Q: Sorry, I’m not familiar with jquery, where and how would I add the reference

am assumimg it goes somehere in the head tags??

Anyway, great code … thanks. Tim

Now I’m confused ….. the post has included an anchor right??

how can install it on WP?

Hey. Hope you are finding the script satisfactory. Unfortunately I cannot offer support with installing it on wordpress. However you may find adding the script into the main template file does the trick. Let me know how you get on :) W