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The carousel is responsive?

hello? is this plugin a responsive one? if not, is there a way to make it responsive?

how to get this plugin?can anyone give me download link?

How can we modify the plugin to just pre-load 5 items..then on the 4th item, it will load 5 more items, then on the 9th item, it will load 5 items more.. so max of 15 items.


Hi I’ve downloaded the plugin and unzipped it using Zipeg. I’ve then uploaded the unzipped file into my Plugins folder – but the plugin is not appearing in the Plugins page of my WordPress back-end. Please advise

this is not a wordpress plugin, but a jquery plugin


Is it possible to make this carousel slide vertically rather than horizantally?

Thanks Harry


I’m looking for a 3D carousel slider like yours here but it needs the following functionality: 1. Auto Rotation 2. Pause on hover – when image is hovered over it must show text over the image, with a link to external url, this text and link must be on a solid colour background with transparency of 80%. So the colour background and text will take up the entire block that the image was in.

Can your slider do this, and if not how much will you charge to customize this functionality for me?

Or do you know of another plugin that will achieve this functionality?



Please?Tell me how to install this plugin? After buying the archive was two folders html and HELP

I have downloaded this carousel, but I cannot get it to work and judging by the other comments, several others have not received a response from you. This is very disappointing as I sent you a personal email thru Envato a couple of days ago and I’m still waiting for a response. The instructions that came with the package are in another language other than English so they are not helpful to me. I would appreciate some support. Thank you.

I downloaded and installed this plugin. The background slides don’t show until they rotate to the front thus I only see one slide of the carousel at a time. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong. I emailed the developer, however, I have had no response.

Thanks much,

Greg Milwaukee

Hi. That’s a great plugin! There is 1 detail I need to modify tough. I would like to move all items in my carousel to the front. It seems to work when I change line 279 in unminified file to if(hiddenSlide < 2) hiddenSlide = 0;(hiddenSlide to 0 instead of 2). But then, sometimes, the last item slides in front of the ‘second-to-last’. Is there a way to sort out z-indexes in such instance so that the last item always slides behind all others? Test page: and index2.html I know that this is not a default functionality but I would really appreciate any advice on this one. Thanks :)!

Hello I have a list of links in my page, is it possible to use callbacks to rotate slider to a specific image when a link is clicked?


This is not customisable. !!!

Hi. I simply would like to change image size. In carousel.css the width and height is set to 100%, but my images aren’t properly sized. What should I do. Thanks.


This Plugin is rather buggy: ~ pause-on-mouse-over is erratic – sometimes works, more often doesn’t; ~ when pause DOES work, often it doesn’t resume after mousing off; ~ controls are erratic – usually after clicking to advance or go back, the slides timing is NOT maintained (i.e. the next slide happens almost immed.); ~ slide timings are sometime erratic – a slide displays only a second instead of its intended time (not ALL of them, just one or two out of the blue);

Too bad; I bought it because it is a very versatile (and fairly elegant) Carousel. Did Mapalla bail because it was too much work to fix?...

This script not support touch?

I noticed there was a recent update – how do I update my carousel to the latest version?


Will your slider support reading images from a folder, instead of hard coding each URL?


Does it respond to swipe gestures?


folovr Purchased

This doesn’t work with last version of jquery