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Hello, do you know how to get this working with Wordpress? I am able to get it to work, but there is a conflict with the bundled Jquery library and breaks the rest of the Jquery dependent functions on the page.

can we get same features as this plug in does? like auto play at same and different intervals. also when we put on auto play can use still trigger animation with click or rollover?

You need to organize your css and instructions a little better. As a novice I am finding the instructions very hard to follow, and looking into the css file I am seeing that they just seem to be pulled from the demo page.

For example, you are changing the body font and background. Why is this in purchased css? I have to go through the css and edit this crap out?

The css should be ready for me to include, not have to sift through and edit all the things you had on your demo page, that I don’t want in my production site.

Your instructions don’t even mention where to go to change the div size, after I apply the feature to an image.

While I’m sure it is easy to follow for experienced programmers, and perhaps they know right where to look to change any of these settings, I’d prefer instructions that took into account novices on code canyon, and experienced programmers could just bypass the specifics.

But css files should be ready to add to a site without having to look through them and take out your specifics you used on your demo page regardless. Specifically your body css with a wooden background.

Hi, thanks your feedback, I put the CSS in same file due to limit the file size, it seems not a good idea. Will make the CSS separately in the future update.

Hi Sike,

first of all great plugin! I only have one question. When you look at the site I’m building (, you will see your effect on the homepage. When I go over one of the blocks, they turn, but when I want to use the menu (button CAROZ -submenus) AFTER that it disappears behind the blocks… How can I change this?? This only happens in safari…

Thanks, Werner

These seem to require fixed-size cards. It would be nice if they work with responsive layouts. Any way to modify this to work with a flexible-sized grid?