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HI I wonder if you can assist me. I have just purchased your audio player and cannot get it to work. I am not very technically minded though. I am using Bravenet to host my website but they only have a flash plugin and I want your audio player on my website so that people can listen to audio on different devices. I am unsure how or where to place your installation files and how to use the code…can you assist me with the installation and use of your product for my website please

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. In order to use this plugin. You need to access the body tag of the website and its header. I had a look at Bravenet, it seems more drag and drop based, but if you contact their help services, they must be able to direct you how to access the mentioned sections. I am believe it is possible to do it.

Can I embed the code to be displayed in my android app? My app has a control panel, where in the derscript accepts html, so you can understand, I can put streaming to play.

I am not sure if it is possible to embed it in that app, however there is a high possibility that you can do it since it accepts HTML, you will also need to have supporting links that normally go on the header of the web page.

Hi . I just bought your jQuery Audio Player , thank you very much for your great work and keep it up :)

I have this problem … the mp3s that I use , some of them are longer than 3 hours … your player reads its time wrongly … could you help me to add something like this hh:mm:ss

Responded your question in your other post.

Hi . I just bought your jQuery Audio Player , thank you very much for your great work and keep it up :)

I have this problem … the mp3s that I use , some of them are longer than 3 hours … your player plays half of it and it show as number (100/100) instead of time like 00:00:00 … could you help me to fix this bug ?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. Have a look at the following code, I believe it should solve your problem.

function getReadableTime(value) { hours = Math.floor(value / 3600); value %= 3600; minutes = Math.floor(value / 60); seconds = value % 60; return hours + ”: minutes +seconds.toString().slice(0,2); }

Let me know if you need any further help :)

Thank you very much … It is working now perfectly . I wish you all the best my brother :)

Thank you. Glad you are happy with your item ;) good luck mate.

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Hi, Thank you for your purchase. I had a look at the link and it seems working, the audio streams just fine and there is no problem in changing the tracks through the playlist. However the error you mentioned still exists, but it does not stop the player and only initiates for the first stream.

I believe the error is related to conflict the jQuery with another jQuery plugin possibly or having different versions of jQuery within the same page, since you there are different plugins such as the loader. You can narrow down the error by removing the elements from the page and see what cause the error. Right now it seems everything related to this music player is working just fine.

P.S due to copyright rules, please send your links through the email form on my profile page.

Hope it helps. Dan

Hi brother

I have another problem … How can I make your code protected (hidden) or unaccessable because if I publish it like this then everyone can access all the code by using the (view-source ) easily and it affects your selling rates .. as they can get it kind of free .. I hope you get my point … plaese provide me a way to protect it .. I will pay some charge to you too if you could help me :) Thank you very much

Hi, Unfortunately there is no any absolute way to achieve what you requested. However there are methods to make it a little more complicated. You can email me directly for further advice.

Thank you very much .. I will email you my brother :)


Hi. Is where any possibility to do not preload all files before rendering UI? I have 10 MP3 files in play list and UI is showing after 15 seconds. Please help!!!

I’ve solved it by adding duration into xml metadata. Your implementation iterate all tracks on page load and makes requests for media content to get duration.

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Normally users expect the player to stream as soon as the page is loaded and the implementation on this player is based on that.

But it seems you requested the opposite. Anyways although you solved your issue, you could change the audio `preload` value to `none`; So no track starts streaming (downloading) unless user plays it. Just some advance configurations. :)

Hi I am interested in purchasing your plugin to display my apple music playlist but have a couple of questions.

1. When I update my apple music playlist, will it automatically update on my website?

2. Also is there a way to display it in a carousel style like this site has: https://www.soul-cycle.com/instructors/10363/eddie/

3. Does the plugin have the capability to play the full songs or are they only snippets?

Please let me know asap because I am ready to purchase and am in a bit of time crunch

Hi, Thanks for your interest.

This player only supports Audio files, such as MP3, WAV and etc. It does not support iTunes (Apple Music).

Regarding the last question, as it is not based on iTunes, then it depends of the file it is linked to.

However, if you check my other items, you can find players that support iTunes tracks. And also you can contact me directly for customisation, such as the carousel style that you mentioned.

love this and hopefully this is just a quick question but i’ll buy the support if i need to.

for <artist> the display truncates – how do i allow more characters? digging in the CSS and finding the artist section for font sizes/styles but not the display of that area and don’t want to mess it up.

Thanks for your purchase. The length of the text controls in the JS. For both artist and title.

got it – and changed. thank you!

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btw – i moved it to home / testing as the mp3 player i was using and my station player both share w/o issue. when i can fix this i’ll put it back but for now i need the functionality.

followup – facebook is doing the DENY. my hosting provider didn’t have any of this set on my web server and in fact, you’re trying to pull facebook into an iframe vs. the pop-ups my other widgets have. i don’t believe facebook will allow that. please help me understand how to get the sharing work or i have to give up on the player.

Alright, I am suspicious that this issue is related to your website, since the player works just fine in any other website and it gets blocked only on yours.. that is why the implementation could be wrong.

Could you please email me the address of the web page again. Probably I can provide another share method based on your website.

Please email me through the following form: https://codecanyon.net/user/danialsabagh#contact

Hello sir,

i would like to pre sale inquiry, can you please modify player with repeat playlist button, i need repeat single song and repeat playlist buttons if we press repeat playlist option whole playlist should repeat if not it should stop on last song.

Thanks Tariq

Hello, Yes. Of course we can make such a customisation for you and add an extra button for that feature. If you like that, you can email us directly through the following form: https://codecanyon.net/user/danialsabagh#contact

hello i have sent you personal message kindly reply on my email regarding my question, i would like more customization.



Buongiorno volevo configurare il player inserendo il mio url per lo streaming in diretta e tutto quello che serve per farlo funzionare. Io per il mio sito uso un programma chiamato xara web designer di conseguenza mi serve il codice HTML finito da inserire in un segna posto del mio progetto. Grazie. Simone

Ciao, Grazie per il tuo acquisto. Avete controllato il manuale. È necessario inserire un codice nell’intestazione della pagina web e un altro codice nel tag del corpo. Non sono a conoscenza di come funziona Xara Designer, ma dovrebbe avere qualche livello HTML che inserisci il tuo codice custome come quello per il giocatore.

Spero che sia d’aiuto. :)

Hello, Is there a way to change the player width?

Hello. The player comes in single size but you can easily change the width to any size using CSS. It might require some modifications in the style but it is totally do-able. Also you can contact us for customisation if you prefer so.

Thank you for the info.


klegrant Purchased

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