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Hi I purchased and followed the instructions but am getting an odd error. Here is an example of the playlist… The page I have this on is http://www.humorandheart.net/music/press-kit.html <track> <artist>Humor & Heart</artist> <title>California Dreaming</title> <url>http://humorandheart.net/music/DSAudioPlayer/Core/audio/cal_dreaming.mp3</url> <artwork>http://humorandheart.net/music/DSAudioPlayer/Core/audio/music1.jpg</artwork> <download>false</download> </track>

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Could you please let me know the error message? Also if you have a live version of the plugin please send that to me so I can check it directly. Due to copyright issues, please send me the link through the email form on my profile and not on here.


salam bebakhshid man fek mikardim in rispansive hasto motasefane nist emkanesh hast css ro ruy 270px dar 270px tanzim konid? chon man kardam vali button hay playo ina hame bozorg mimune o bhm mirize kolan size player 270 * 270 bashe

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. Due to the CodeCanyon convention, I will reply you in English so other users will use the information as well.

The item is responsive as some functionalities such as sound control and etc works based on the corresponding device it is opened in. However it is fixed size since making the plugin any smaller might make the buttons and elements hard to interact with or tap on. For this reason it is decided to keep it fixed size. As you requested size 270 X 270, is kinda too small for this item and many functionalities such as the pup up share button will be hard to even notice. Still I can advice you in any part if you stuck in customising the plugin.


y2gabs Purchased

This is great for what I need, a native web audio player that can play mp3, aac, SC streams but it seems that the more streams I add to the xml playlist, the longer it takes to load until it pretty much becomes unusable after 4 streams in a playlist. Is this because the player is trying to “buffer” or somehow “pre-load” the audio stream on startup? You do say somewhere in the comments that this is the case but it was on an unrelated subject. This is the only player I’ve found that seems to play all 3 stream types properly but it’s not usable for me if it can’t have a playlist of streams longer than 4 items. Is there any fix for this where it doesn’t actually try to buffer or pre-load a stream but rather only loads the xml playlist and loads the stream on-click? Hopefully I’m making sense here… :/

HI, thank you for your purchase. Regarding your matter that the player does not play more than 4 tracks, I would be suspicious to the server the tracks are streaming from. Obviously the demo version, has 6 tracks which all of the are loading with no problem. I have seen this player in my clients websites with lists over 20 tracks.

The player does not make any changes to the native HTML5 audio streaming, therefore, where there is a list of HTML5 audio files, in page load, the browser starts to buffer a certain amount of each file, and if the user plays any of those files, then it starts to buffer more until it downloads the entire file. This is what native HTML5 audio does and and exactly how the player you purchased does. Therefore, the problem could occurred from the server side, which many reasons can slowdown or stop the process, such as MIMEs, or bandwidths and etc.

If you still facing the issue, please email me a live link of your sample and I will have a look for you.

Best of luck.


gpsarch Purchased

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gpsarch Purchased

Dear danialsabagh “having a problem loading Playlist xml” thank you, I found the problem, I was linking scripts and Styles across domains. The DOM did not this and I was receiving (No) Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Hi, I’m glad the problem is solved. Thanks for your purchase.

any chance to add a audio visualizer or spectrum as effect for live streaming?

thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your purchases. Unfortunately this item does not have any visualiser. However, I am working on new products with visualisers that will release them soon. :)

Hello, Can it be used to play youtube links? Only the audio of the video.

If he can not, is it possible to make him play only the audio?

Hello, unfortunately this player does not support YouTube audio since based on YouTube’s terms & conditions, extracting audio from the video is not allowed and it might lead to a copyright infringement.

But obviously it does support many different formats of audio files.

I want to use it for browsing my sound files and listen, so this script support that?

Hello, Of course it does support it. It supports different formats of audio such as MP3, AAC+, WAV, OGG.

Let me know if you need any help. :)

so, how does it cost if I need for adding a feature to browse my sound files from my pc and play them?

You need to have a home server in order to do that, The other option could be saving your files on DropBox and link them on the player. So you will have locally access to your files.


Nigrin Purchased

Hello, I could not configure the player. Could you send me the index and playlist codes to make it work?

My data: Stream: XML: http://euroticast5.euroti.com.br:8038/statistics

I would like the name of the artist, music and artwork.

Thank You! Alessandro

No that is not possible since the format of the live streaming does not cover such a functionality. But in my up coming products I will have a similar tool for showing current playing track info in live streaming.


Nigrin Purchased

OMG, very bad :/

Not sure what you mean. But as the functionality of this player is advertised, it supports XML playlists perfectly and you can provide title, artist name and cover of the for each track using that (Just like the demo). Even for live streaming you can ferch dynamic XML from the service provider and update it accordingly. Basically it is all the same as the demo version.. :)

Hello. Please note I installed the music player but for some strange reason I cannot get it to play the music. #5 of the manual “path” should I replaced it with the playlist.html, this is pertaining to the DS Audio Player Manual


Thanks for your purchase. The playlist must be in XML format. therefore, in step five of the manual you should link the player to the right existing XML file that contain the list of tracks. for example, ’../playlist/mytracks.xml’

Hope it helps

How can i use this with my wordpress site

As it is a HTML5 plugin, you can have it on any platform such as Wordpress. Although it is not a Wordpress plugin, but you only need to insert player’s links in the header of the Wordpress plugin and then insert the plugin anywhere you like within the site, as a post or so.

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Hello, I followed all the instructions but the player is not playing any songs when i clicked on it

Hi, Thanks for purchase. Well as the demo site for this player is working, that means the player is fully functional and working without any issues. However you might have made mistakes in installing it or etc. But I am more than happy to have a look at your page and check the issue. Please email me the link using the contact form in my profile. :)

Hello, Does your player read ID3 tags or does everything have to be in xml file? Thank you in advance.

Hello, unfortunately this player does not support ID3, but my other item, supports ID3 for all local MP3 files. Have a look ate the following list: https://codecanyon.net/item/all-in-one-audio-player/19143269

Hope it helps :)

Does Your player work with wordpress

Hi. Yes it does. Even though it is not a Wordpress plugin, you can set it up manually and place it anywhere in your WordPress website. Many of my clients use it on WordPress or Joomla websites.

Hey, most of the times i get the NaN:NaN error and it wont play.

Hi, it is probably the case that you are not providing it the right format of the file. or your live URL is not stream-able. NaN:Nan is a HTML5 error that means it cannot stream data from the resource.

Hi. I get the message “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed” when I try to install the plugin. Any help? I’ve tried this on a .dev site and a live site and got the same message and I don’t know what to do.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please note that it is not a WordPress plugin. So you cannot install it like a WordPress item. However since it is based on HTML5, you can install it manually on your WordPress theme by following the manual and configuring the Function.php. Hope it helps


Helgeus Purchased

Hi, Daniel. I really like this player. But I’m creating my web site on the Webflow platform and I do not know how to embed it on my site using the functionality of the Webflow platform. If at all possible. I am a professional composer and pianist, but I do not have experience in web development and coding, unfortunately. But I gradually master this sphere. Can I request any support in the matter of placing this player on the Webflow platform? Could you skim through the functionality and basic capabilities of the Webflow platform, and are there any features and necessary tools for embedding your custom audio player?

With regards, Noah Zante.


Thank you for purchasing this product. The player is based on HTML5 and there shouldn’t be any problem with installation in any platform. However, it might be different on specific CMS’s such as WebFlow. I am not sure what the problem is or how much of the installation you have done. But you can email me directly and send me a link to your website so I can see your work and advice you about how to fix it. :)

Hi, I would like to see the available skins, i’m doing a YOGA website and need orange tones


The player comes as a single skin but as it is kinda blurry, it sets with any sort of theme, Also you can add images with orange tones with make it the way you like. A little more technical, you can change the CSS a little bit to make the buttons and elements orange… In that case please email me directly so I can advice you how to do it. ;)