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Great work sike!

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to add a link to an image itself. Making the entire image clickeable.


Hi right now we’ve to customization the code to support this feature. Regard

The autoplay doesn’t seam to work on any mobile, Android or iOs.

If this is NORMAL you should mention it in your description, if it’s not, then what could be the problem?


Hi, for I don’t detect the touch event to keep the code clean, you can drop me a line for a specify version to support the mobile auto play feature.

hello sike,

I noticed the slicing transition effects only work in Firefox but not IE or even Opera!

Is this normal or have I missed something? I want the animations to work the same way in ALL major browsers. Need help with this please.

Hi, right now the CSS3 transition only works on the latest modern browser like Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It seems the IE10 will support it too. Regard

How do i increase the size of the image of Example 2 from 960px by 400px to 980px by 300px as well as enabling the optional circle navigation on example 2.

hi. iwant to learn that is it possible to start slideshow auto… i see that when you mouse over and off than slideshow starts. if yes, please help me.

ok. i found it. in js var l=[];var s=[];var n;var y=false;“bigImages”,k);“isOverImg”,y); var q=0;“currentImageNum”,q);

Slideshow is not working properly on safari. Images only show when slide is advancing to next and the slides are shifted a bit to the right. Does anyone have a solution?

I am seeing vertical white lines on the slides during the animation and sometimes on the still image. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Hi, is there a simple way to set the option to auto start rather than waiting for mouseover?

can you reply please i have waited one month?