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your script its wonderful, i has been waiting for this for a long time!!!! thanks!!!!! good job!

thanks you for compliments. ;-)

if you want, you can vote me.


Code works great, exactly what we needed! We had a few issues getting it to work and the support we got from the author was top noch. I would recommend this code for sure, it should cost way more than a few bucks.

thanks for your compliments ;-)

How could I get an additional box to appear as soon as I type in the box above?

what do you mean? sorry but i not understand

Can you make a version of this that doesn’t require the script to be in the header? That’s just bad practice, all JS should be loaded at the bottom of the page.

insert script out of header is a very bad patice, but if you need this you can move the code:

where you want in the page.

Hi there, Is there a way of being able to add only a certain amount of row. I want to only be able to add a maximum of 4. Cheers Phil

hi, i don’t understand what you mean.

Hi! and thanks for the great script. I have a couple of questions-suggestions for you.
  • Is it possible to add/delete cloned containers programmatically?
  • Is it possible the Container_Cloned to defined also with ID, except the class?
  • T.I.A.

    hi, thank you for purchase.
    In order to answer to your requests:
    1) simulate click on the add button
    e.g. assuming that “add button” has class “x”, to add a cloned container after an event you can do so:

    2) you can’t initialize plugin on an id for Container_Cloned because there are many controll and you can’t duplicate an id in dom, it is a bad practice

    Thank you very much. Keep up the good work

    thanks ;-)

    I would like to use this script for a contact form that I am building.

    Is it possible to limit the number of extra fields that are added? I would like to have only a maximum of 3 added, and I couldn’t find the answer on the example page.

    Thank you,

    yes you can, but i need to do few changes.
    if you’ll buy the script i’ll work on it to do this upgrade ;-)

    I am looking to add this as a box on the front page to add a value {x} into a jquery script on the fly. will this allow me to add a name to my search criteria.

    sorry, i don’t understand what you mean, please can you explain me better?

    Hi again.

    Is the plugin full compatible with IE7? In my case, the elements of the newly added container don’t take id & name. I manage to overcome the problem, looping the elements of the container at the Post_Insert callback and manually reassigning id & name. This works fine and I manage to process and read the values of them, but when I delete ANY of the containers I receive the error “You can’t delete all fields because “First_Visible” options is true”.


    give me a link where i can see the script in action please.

    Unfortunately I cannot give you a link, because the project is under development in VPN and http secure, development servers and I’m not responsible for the NOC operations.

    Thanks for a great plugin, all works well except in IE, The post_insert and Post_remove functions don’t seem to work properly. Any advice? I can send you a link to the site we are using it on if need be

    yes, you are right
    let me study on the case, i’m developing another version.
    if you want, you can ask a refund.
    Sorry for inconvenience, but can you contact me on skype so i can give you another version? so we can test it in real time.

    Tried Contacting you on Skype, my name is Xenothan.Hojem please accept my contact request

    man how i put mysql database dropdown menu with this script? Can you help me?

    hi, thank you for purchase.
    sorry, but i don’t understand what you mean, can you explain better or show me an example?


    I wonder if you provide any code or instructions to insert the extra fields in to the DB?


    Hi, what do you mean with “into db”? Try to explain me your purpose please

    Hi, nice plugin. Is there any known reason for what Im able to clone only once, and second time Im getting $this.val(...)is null. Cheers!

    hi, tahnk you for purchase. it’s not normal, can you give me a link with example?


    Your script works with bootstrap and jquery 1.12.3 or 2.2.3 ?

    Thanks! Mick