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glws really nice

Thank you

Options that you pass when instanciate the plugin are not used, in your “jquery-accordion-menu” you should use this.settings object instead of defaults object

Updated version sent (In queue for review). Thanks for let me know my friend.

Well this work on a mobile ?

Yes, but it’s not a collapsible or off-canvas menu.

is change from rtl to ltr available

Unfortunately not.

Very nice. But can it be used with dynamically created CMS menus that are using
  • ul.level_1, ul.level_2, ul.level_3 and an additional submenu-class to indicate a following sublevel and
  • that don’t have built-in spans for the font-awesome submenu-indicators?

Not ready for CMS systems. Sorry.

On Preview Page Virus Warning vom Kaspersky !

i manipulate the url … your url is the url with warnings. its a massage because something is multipacked. i think its al false warning

Certainly is a false alarm!

I think u have contact kaspersky support or change the packer :-) packer is faster

How do I keep a submenu open by default on page load? Thanks.

What would be great is when a user click a parent item (with submenus and link) the visitor would go to the link and the submenu (by choice) could stay open. Thx.

Is possible to start a submenu open by default. I have a solution. Please send me a private message: Thanks.

Is there option “save state” based on cookies? And another I need, open node by URL. And open node by simulate click.

Unfortunately not.

I want to buy this friend, works as plugins for wordpress

And you can use wordpress or not

And you can use wordpress or not

Is possible, but you need to make the adaptations to WP enviroment. Thanks.

Can you provide wordpress plugin for this menu with multiple instance possible and configure it with wordpress custom menu of sidebar.

Unfortunately we don’t have plans to provide a WP version. Sorry and thanks for the interest.

Very nice system! I’m using this as a side menu and Menuzord for the top-level menu and they don’t seem to want to play together. I chalk it up to my lack of competence with JavaScript but do you have an easy solution to get them both to work at the same time?

No worries, I fixed it. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for this plugin. I was wondering if there is a way to have the menu open by default ?

One problem I have found is that when using this menu on mobile and you have a long scrolling menu you can not scroll down to see the bottom of the menu. As soon as you touch the menu it considers it to be a click rather than a scroll and swipe and opens whatever you happen to start your touch on. Can this be resolved? It is unusable on mobile in my opinion.

Hey Kubik101, I had the same problem, and the Author didn’t respond to my mail, so i fixed that by my self. Pretty easy to solve so hope it will save you some time. Just remove touchstart in line 39.

and yeah my support wasn’t expired when i ran into that problem.

Does menu have session storage? Thanks

Im wondering if the menu holds its state when new page loads. Eg: Will a tab that is expanded also be expanded on new page load?

Unfortunately not!

Ok. Thanks for response. Nice menu though!

Nice plugin!... small in data size, clean coded, well documented, so its easy to customize… thumbs up and 5 stars!

Is there a way for the list to remember what sub item was selected?

Hi. Can be set to open upward. I mean “Menu 1” bottom-fixed and the “Menu 1 content ” opening upward. Will be placed on bottom-right an opening upward. When height is bigger than 100% height, scroll bar appears. Thanks.


nonamer66 Purchased

how can I remove the white borders around menu. Thank you