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I downloaded the files and there is a linked style sheet for later than IE 7 which is missing from the files.

Where can I find a copy of the /ie.css file for the menu? it was not included in the css dir.

<!--[if lte IE 7]>

Thank you Al

I’m about to lose my mind trying to implement this…I’m sure it’s me, but I’d really like to get some help and I can’t seem to get registered on your forum.

What’s a purchase code, and where do I find it? I tried my invoice# and my order# that I found on the CodeCanyon Invoice. Neither worked.

Having the same problem Winbach was having,

Greetings. I added the menu to an HTML document and now the drop down will not work.. sigh. I copied all of the code and modified the paths to reflect the change. The rollovers work on the first level but the drop downs do not.

But he didn’t get a reply. I’m new to all of this but I have a decent grasp on HTML and CSS …what do I need to do?


Live support is online, I can help you from there.

Cheers, A


Then I finally found my “purchase code” to join the forum on the license certificate and the forum says it’s not valid.

really frustrating.

I’m sorry…where is live support? Are you talking about the Envato Support?

I guess I need you to talk to me like 5 year old.

Just ignore, problem solved Lovely menu :)!

hi, I am trying to center main botton links and have them built with fixed space so all buttons have same size. I can’t find a class under your stylesheets that would control that. Can you point me to a right directions?

thank you,

I am having an issue with the bullet still showing in the menu. I am going through the code in the css and don’t see where the list style is set to none to hide the bullet. I am not versed in CSS3 & jQuery so is the bullet turned off somewhere else. Other than that, I have the menu working.


That was it, I added this code to the css for the blue li: list-style:none;

I just solved the mystery.

Good job!

Nice thanks a bunch, easy to use, customisation a breeze, better still a bargain :)

Live preview is forbidden…

Sorry for that, we will update this now. The working link is: http://cc.aa-team.com/javascript/dropdown/

Thanks, Andrei D.

I would like to buy this product i want to ask something can i add more images in the drop down menu

Hi kemalekren, Just one image per drop down column. Like our “Drop Down menu with image” in our demo.

Best regards

the demo is a dead link, the