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Is it possible to include this countdown in an email ?

hi, most email service, e.g. gmail don’t support the javascripts, so I think it’s the answer is no


shawn99 Purchased

When I download the zip file from Envato, and attempt install in Wordpress, it reads: “Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”

Can you please send me a zip file of this product that I can actually install. thanks Shawn

Hi, please unzip the zip file first, the plugin and help files was inside the zip file

Hello does this work on top of a slider ?

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean, but basically jCountdown works in any html page, all you need is embed the CSS/JS file in your html page, than you can create countdowns by simple javascripts

Your countdown is not working properly. I just added the shortcode and the layout is all broken. http://lcc.mynewsite.rocks

Hi, it’s just some CSS in your theme CSS style setting, we can fix it by simple CSS scrips, but please send me a message with the the account that you purchased this file here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo to get support

I have used the form to email as requested.

hi, please check your mailbox

Hi can I have responsive code please

sure, please check you mailbox

Hi thank you for this package i use it for my client and them told me when we set 25 hours (1 day and 1 hour) 1 days is removed please test it and if you can fix this i’m not jquery programmer that i fix my self best regards

hi, please make sure set the displayDay to true, and if it still don’t works you can send me your site URL here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo

Having issues with the timer being a little jumbled. I saw some other comments but it looked like the solution was related to the theme CSS. I use Movie Me wordpress theme.

Hi, it maybe something wrong in your theme CSS setting, but you can fix up it by simple CSS scripts, you can send me your site URL with the account that you purchased this file here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can try to help you

Can we have the responsive code? Thanks

Hi, please check your mailbox

i accidentally buy html version of this plugin can i get refund i need to buy it wordpress version

Hi, just get your request, please wait a moment


finfrock Purchased

How do I install the counter? Thanks.

please login with the account that you purchased this file to get support thanks, and please read the help file


finfrock Purchased

I have not purchased it yet. I want to know that I can install it properly before I purchase. Can you at least send me install directions that I can review to see if it is something I can do, or our I.T. Dept has to do? I know, it’s only $7 dollar risk, but finance dept doesn’t care.

Hi, jCountdown just like any wordpress plugin, all you need is include the javascript file in your html source code to install it, so if you had installed any like of plugin before, I think it’s very easy for you