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Hello ufo!

Your counter is great for customization, but I would need to set the time in UTC in order to display the proper countdown in each country, could you help me to do that?

Thank a lot.

Ok, I missread the documentation, so it will show the correct amount of time, being independent of the country where the site is browsed from right?

Somethig similar if i did this with JS:

var futureDate  = new Date();
var now = new Date();
var currentDate = new Date();

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean, but it will always display the same remain time, no matter what country you live in, you can try to set different system timezone for two machines, and browse your site, they should display the same result

can i set this up as a count down timer for a shipping module. say shipping cut off is 3pm. Monday to Friday, “no shipping on weekends” so the timer would need to reflect this

Hello, I bought jCountdown to insert into a website but I can not display the counter.

If you look at the source code, I added the js the <head> and <script> before the closing . I also added the in the place that I need but does not appear.

Could you help me please?

I already resolved it. Thank you as well.

cool, have a nice day

Quick Question:

How do I reposition and resize the countdown?

Everytime i edit the width in HTML, it seems to shrink the clock.

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean, maybe you can send me your site URL here, http://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can help you

I haven’t hosted it yet. Still working on it in Dreamweaver.

Can the countdown scale with the dimensions of the screen? (desktop, mobile, etc)

I’m trying to view the countdown on different screen sizes.

yes, I can send you responsive example files, but you need to send me your email here http://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo

Can the countdown scale with the dimensions of the screen? (desktop, mobile, etc) And how i can add the countdown in my Joomla website in Russian? Maybe I can add with joomla HTML modul? If it is possible to insert a countdown into my joomla website, I’ll buy it.

Hi, I had not use Joomla before, but jCountdown works on any HTML page, so it should works fine on your site too, all you need is make sure you can include the CSS and JS files in your HTML page source code, and upload the files to your server

I installed the plugin and it works nicely when the browser width is under 1000px. Any larger than 1000px, and the countdown timer breaks and looks like this:

[link removed]

Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

You can see it working here: http://bit.ly/293yfjh

Hi, I have checked it on my browser FF, Chrome, and my screen resolution is 1650×1080, and everything works fine, so can you please check it again on your browser, and make sure it’s nothing wrong on your own scripts? if it still don’t works fine, please contact me here http://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo, so I can send you the screenshots of my browsers

We just purchased jCountdown Mega Package but it is not showing up in our downloads area. Any idea what’s up with that? Can this be used in Wordpress, or do we need the Wordpress version? I presume I can add it to the header.php file Can you send a download link?

Hi, I’m not sure what’s happen, but usually you should find the download link here http://codecanyon.net/downloads, if you can’t find it, maybe the payment was failed, and if you want to use jCountdown on wordpress site, I recommend you to use jCountdown for wordpress http://codecanyon.net/item/-jcountdown-mega-package-for-wordpress/3545492, you can create Countdowns in your Post, Page and Sidebar with Shortcodes, and if you want to add countdown in your header.php, you can create it by simple javascripts

I asked for some help with http://global-oneness-summit.org last week. Have you figured out why the numbers are only 1 pixel high yet? Please email me ASAP at webmaster@humanitysteam.org. BTW, while I’m waiting for this to be fixed, the timer is now in the footer. We plan to move this to http://globalonenesssummit.org in the next day or two.

Hi, I had send the example files 5 days before to julene.cole@humanitysteam.org ,seems you don’t get the mail, but I sent it to webmaster@humanitysteam.org again, please check your mail box

Sorry, but Julene did not get any emails from you several days ago and I did not get any emails from you at webmaster@humanitysteam.org either. Please try again using garth.catterall@humanitysteam.org Thanks, Garth

okay, I just sent it to garth.catterall@humanitysteam.org please check your mail box


mikbe8 Purchased

Hi I´ve downloaded jCountdown Mega Package (effbb32c-9925-44e1-9f3f-bf8392f999e3) but it don´t possible to install, it´s something wrong with the file

Hi, have you unzip it, and read the help file? and it also contains the example files, please check it on your browser, and if you still can’t get it work, you can contact me here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo


urozz Purchased

Hello – presales question and request. I have emailed you (from uzkingz@googlemail.com) but in case you missed it please see below:

I’m very interested to buy your timer script however I would like one slight modification. I wanted to ask you how much would that cost or if the existing script can support this function.

I need the timer to count down (lets say 60 seconds) and once activated, NOT to be reset on page load/refresh or even if a new user enters the webpage until the counter goes to 0. Then do ‘something else’.

If a new user enters the page, the counter should automatically resume whenever the count was when it was originally activated.

I have read online and it should be a simple html5 localstorage command.

Can the script support this or would you need to adjust it manually. I’m happy to pay extra if needed of course. Looking forward to your reply or email.

Thank you!

Hi, please check your mailbox

Hi, How do I set to countdown 30 minutes and not from a certain date?

Hi, you can contact me here, so I can send you the example files, https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo


RedRya Purchased

Hi I just purchased by mistake, needed the WordPress Plugin which I’ll get now. Would it be possible to receive a refund for this version?


RedRya Purchased

Seriously? I have purchased also the WordPress version of this plugin which is what I needed.

I mean I don’t have the refund function in my control panel, so I can’t do that for you, but I think you can try to contact the envato help team to do that


RedRya Purchased

ah Ok, I’ll check with them:)


swamyg1 Purchased

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swamyg1 Purchased

Awesome plugin, thanks!

you’re welcome, have a nice day


swamyg1 Purchased

Hi there, is there any way to get this plugin to work with jQuery v1.11.0?

sure, but please you make sure you add this line

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js"></script>

under the jquery.js script


domarez Purchased

I read there is a resize function available through support. I would like to use this for changing the counter to another size. My purchase code: 4aa83f4889b7433ea6a100d2578ed540 thanks Matias

sure, please contact me here, https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can send you the example files

Hello! Is it possible to embed countdown timer in another page? Fox example: configuration of timer is on page “configuration.php” and the timer is on page “index.php”. Sincerely, Nitz

Hi, I’m not sure what is your question, but the control panel is only for preview, so you can set all countdown setting by simple javascript


djsaahil Purchased

I have bought it, but i can’t seem to instal it – it says no plugin found

Hi, please check the help and example files


djsaahil Purchased

Hi i bought this thinking it will work on wordpress, didn’t realise wordpress has a different plugin, can you please refund or atleast let me pay the difference only for the wordpress plugin? thanks

Hi, please contact me here, https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can try to help you


ArcScisl Purchased

The plugin uses jQuery.browser but this has been removed since JQuery 1.9.

Can the plugin be updated to use feature detection? I don’t want to use the JQuery migrate plugin.

Thank you

Hi, actually I’m working on it, and next version will contains some new functions, so please wait for the release, but if you really need it now, you can contact me here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can send you the fixed files