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grq79 Purchased

sorry I bought the wrong plugin. I needed the wordpress plugin. I will purchase it right now, but will need a refund on this one. Thanks

Hi, please purchased the wordperss version first and request a refund and send your order info of the wordpress version, I will try to help you

Sorry, I accidentally purchased the one that was not for Wordpress. Can I be reimbursed for this. I have already purchased the Wordpress version as well.

Hi, you can send me your order info of the Wordpress version here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can try to help you

hi, i bought the jCountdown Mega Package, thinking it’s for wordpress plugin. I would like for a refund as i have bought the Wordpress plugin. Thanks.

Hi, please send me your order info here, so I can try to help https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo

Hi – bought and using jcountdown – works great.

But in iframe, it does appear, although the HTML gets inserted from the function.

var $iframe = jQuery(’#funnel_iframe’).contents(); // the iframe contents var v = ‘2018/12/31 23:59:59’; var style = ‘flip’; var color = ‘black’; var w = 0;

// following is the target element $iframe.find(’.tmp_countdown’).jCountdown({ timeText:v, timeZone:1, style:style, color:color, width:w, textGroupSpace:15, textSpace:0, reflection:false, reflectionOpacity:10, reflectionBlur:0, dayTextNumber:2, displayDay:true, displayHour:true, displayMinute:true, displaySecond:true, displayLabel:true });

Content after above is as follows, so function above is firing (apologies for no line breaks):

Sorry, line breaks disappeared after posting the above.

Ok – solved, and obvious now. So here for others as blindingly obvious when the penny dropped!!! The JS/CSS has to be loaded in the iframe source, not the parent page. Dur ;)

cool :)

Can I use it for Wordpress ?

basically jCountdown Mega Package works on any HTML base page, however if you don’t have much knowledge for add custom scripts in wordpress, I recommend you to use the jCountdown Mega Package for Wordpress https://codecanyon.net/item/-jcountdown-mega-package-for-wordpress/3545492 it’s a wordpress plugin version

Pre-sales Question: I need a countdown timer that starts at the same time each and every day, counts down to zero each 20 minutes and just loops forever. It must start at the top of each hour however. Can this script do this?

Hi, as you see at the preview page, you need to setup a target time text to create e.g. “2019/01/01 12:30:00”, so you can you can create a countdown with this target time setting like “2019/01/01 00:00:20”, and when it finish, create a countdown with the new target time setting “2019/01/02 00:00:20”, but you need to make sure you can input you the right target time by your own scripts