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very nice but it needs a top and bottom version

Nice one.

1. Agree to nokiko, need at least a Horizontal one on top.

2. How easy/hard to integrate this into CMS like wordpress and Magento, etc.



1. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do that on a future update.

2. About the hard/easy integration into a CMS , in my point of view is not very difficult, if you have the proper knowledges , maybe I’ll also make a future wp plugin from this menu.

3. It’s very easy to modify the colors, there are only a few css classes that you need to modify.

Cheers, A

3. Is the customization (color/font, borders, background, etc) easy?

Plugin not Working with Jquery 1.6 version…

It needs a fix.


We’ve implemented on a client’s test site and are having load issues on the 2nd tier menu and are hoping you have a thought as to why it has a lag.

Home: http://www.totalwellnesshealth.co/index.php 2nd Tier: http://www.totalwellnesshealth.co/index.php/corporate-wellness/health/solutions

Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to fix the issue with the 2nd menu items displaying. Seems like theirs an issue with the document function.

$(document).ready(function($){ $(’#totalwellness-1’).hugeMenu({ rowItems: ‘1’, speed: ‘fast’, effect: ‘slide’, direction: ‘right’ }); }); Code in Body:

Would locating jQuery 1.5 work better?


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

No support no purchase!

we do offer support :)

link to demo?

i want install description .

and can i use with php site script that i purchase from site ?

Are you still here ?

my question does not respond

Hello Kornea,

What question? Do you open some ticket on our support forum or on live chat skype support?

Thanks, Andrei Dinca

I would like to use this within a wordpress sidebar/html text widget

How hard would the integration be?

not very hard if you know some programming and your way around wordpress code

Live preview doesn’t go to the vertical menu, it goes to some css generator

The live preview is for the incorrect product.

I tested your Huge Vertical Menu demo url in IE-Tester, which is a desktop Windows software that mimics IE 5.5 all the way to 10

I found this menu worked in all versions of IE, although is looked very bad in IE 5.5 and had some display mistakes in 6.0, it still worked in all versions to slide out the menus

You show it only working with IE8 and up. Why did you not include 7 or downward? Is there a problem I did not see in IE-Tester that you know about.

I am interested in buying, Could I have a Left and Right Menu on same page? (same design, different links)

Hi, Can I use this on a wordpress site?

The only issue I have with this is that if javascript is disable, the menu won’t work any and even the css won’t display well. Is there a way to make work even when javascript is dissable?