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Any chance to include AngluarJS support?

thanks for your interest, apart from our core JavaScript library you can use our core library with any third party JavaScript Library like Jquery, Jquery UI, Angular Js etc. it is totally supported with other JavaScript Library and work perfectly with out any issues.

It is difficult to decide on just some code screenshots. Any chance of a properly working demo?

thanks for your interest in our product, but it is JavaScript Library. if we provide any demo any one can rip the library and use it without purchasing it, but your concern is also right. so for this you can download the whole documentation to understand how it works. at this url : http://zincksoft.com/scriptdemo/zjsu2.zip

Great work on the documentation! its really in depth.

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Nice work, GLWS! :)

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Good day how would i go about making new plugins for Viewport and a Webview ?

it is pure, javascript with jquery you can use it with any plugin.

good work ! i wish you all the best for your sale

thanks, for your wishes.


LUGIERY Purchased

What about a new update ? ( ecmascript 6-7…)

did not get any time to update the library but you can extend it as per your requirement.