Javascript console - fConsole

Javascript console - fConsole

fConsole.js v1.1 – For touch devices and desktop browsers

A simple plugin that you can use to display the values from JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Very useful for touch devices and desktop browsers.

  • useful for environments who lack of a console eg. (mobile, tables – browsers) as well for desktop browsers
  • you can dragg the console around the browser (works on touch devices too)
  • you can resize the console (works on touch devices too)
  • you can run JavaScript code from fConsole and see the results by pressing Enter Key or Exec button
  • will log all JavaScript errors
  • on desktop browsers use “UP” or “DOWN” keys to access typing history
  • you can clear/minimize the console
  • available keyboard shortcuts:
    • alt + c – Open fConsole
    • alt + x – Close fConsole
    • alt + z – Minimize fConsole
    • alt + d – Clear fConsole
  • available inline commands:
    • type /? or /help – will show all avaiable commands
    • type /cls or /clear – Clear fConsole
    • type /m or /min or /minimize – Minimize fConsole
    • type /c or /close – Close fConsole
  • general Help Functions
    • you can access them like fConsole.fn.<function-name>

Change log

  • v1.1 – 24 July, 2016
    • [FEATURE] – add clear button into header
    • [FEATURE] – add resize functionality to make the resize more easy
    • [FEATURE] – add inline commands. Type in fConsole ”/?” or ”/help” to see them
    • [FEATURE] – minimize console by pressing “ESC” key, press again to close it
    • [FEATURE] – add lots of methods that may help you. Click here to see them
    • [BUG FIXED] – fixed the eval js method
    • [BUG FIXED] – general code improvement
  • v1.0 – 11 January, 2016
    • initial release