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That’s great … I will also want a WP plugin as this tour is great … do you know when it will be available ?

The exact date is unknown, currently being developed a plugin management structure

Hi! Please tell me if iTour will work when using jquery migrate? I have to use

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.1.min.js”></script> <script src=”https://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.4.1.js”></script>

for compatibility :cry: Can I test it before buy?

On this page I connected your scripts versions http://demo.masscode.ru/itour/demo_multipage.html Test please :)

Thank you! :о)

(BUG) Hello, I’ve a problem with the multipage function. If the pages has the same name (for example “index.php”) but in different positions (for example, /en/contacts/index.php) the tour not works when you try to return back (with the “previous” link).

    title:'lorem ipsum 1...',        
    content:'lorem ipsum 1...',        
    prevText:'Previous Page'
    title:'lorem ipsum 2...',                
    content:'lorem ipsum 2...',    


Do you have a fix about this strange behavior? Thanks

Hi, I’ve used the absolute path (e.g. ”/en/contacts/index.php”) but not works.

I found a temporary solution using a query “page.php?query” in the url.

For example, if I use “loc:’/index.php?page-home’” and “loc:’/en/contacts/index.php?page-contact’” works good but I’d like a solution integrated in the plugin (query string could have a bad behaviour for the seo activity on the search engines).

The absolute path with the domain name: http://site.domain/folder/href.php

Ok, but if you have alias domains this operation could create problems. Furthermore, it’s very complicate to work in local modality.

However, if there are no solutions I’ll use the query in the url.

Hello, is possible to create an external link (e.g. a classic link in a paragraph) that open a page with iTour and automatically highlight a specific section (e.g. “name:tour-5”)?

Other question, is possible start automatically iTour when the page open?


I’ve a problem with “two or more external links”.

If I have two external links that open an itour in the same page, the itour open always with the first.

Example, if I use in the above test page a new link ”#tour-2” that highlight “Element 2” (with class “multipageEl_2”) always open the first #tour (with class “multipageEl_1”).

Do you have a solution for this behaviour?


Share your pages in internet and send me link. My email: limasscode@gmail.com

Problem resolved. Thanks.

Hello, is possible to hide the links in the steps “nextText” and “prevText”?

I’d like to open single/specific iTour with external links without possibility to move to the another steps in the page.


I’ve found the solution with “CSSClass”

Lovely plugin, thoroughly documented. I would like to buy the plugin, but there’s a feature missing for me – “beacon” (probably you’ve seen Iridize service with a nice option of blinking round-shaped form near the relevant object). I see that you’re working hard and updating the plugin. Do you have in mind – when could you build in this small improvement? If it’s a matter of this month than I promise to buy as I soon as I see this function in your great demo. Oh, and one more question: is it possible to remove map button (dots)? Will the layout adapt to different screen sizes accordingly (especially small ones)?


“is it possible to remove map button (dots)?” tourMapEnable:false

“Will the layout adapt to different screen sizes accordingly (especially small ones)?” Yes, layout is fully adaptive

Best Regards

Thanks for reply! What about “beacons”? Could you add this feature?

Do you mean the round shape of the backlight?