Discussion on iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface

Discussion on iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface

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Hello, your plugin looks very promising, but it has not been updated in a long time

Do you have plans for maintaining it an/or updating it?

Thank you

Hi, Yes, this plugin is supported, but I recommend that you pay attention to the improved version of the plugin “iGuider”


Is it possible to integrate this plugin in a moodle website?


Hi, I have not worked with Moodle


Can it delay the start of the tour, for eg 5 seconds after page load?

Sorry, first link to another tour plugin. Here is the correct

Hello. I have two scripts hosted on sub folders/sub domains. How many licenses will I need to buy?

Hello, two licenses


I bought this but never used it and I am running wordpress. Can you help me with installation or have a wordpress plugin for same itour so I can buy please?


Hello, This plugin has more features and has files for installation on WordPress

Hi , 1. I plan to buy a itour? 2. itour and iguider is same? 3.If it is same,which one should i buy? 4. videotag and audiotag is supportable in iguider?

I advise you to buy iGuider! It has more features, including displaying multimedia files.

Hi, is there any way to know if the user pressed ‘Next’ or ‘Prev’ on a step?

Hi, Using callback functions

Hi! The iTour looks great and I would really like to try to implement it in our application.

I have tried many other tour solutions and a reocurring problem is that a lot of our content is loaded on demand using Ajax. This means that the DOM-elements are not loaded at the time the tour is initialized and started. None of the other tools I have tried support this (introJS, Anno.js, shepherd etc.).

Is this supported in iTour?

yes! tell me when you will buy and I will reduce the price.

Great! Thanks! Will get in touch when we get started on the implementation.

Verry verry nice, i was looking for “already made” form validation before going to next step.

Is that responsive on mobile ?


Yes, the plugin adapts to different screen resolutions. But I recommend that you take a look at “iGuider” enhanced version of this plugin.

Hi, I send you a email, hope I get reply before I buy it. Thanks

I have send you new message but you have not reply. Please check you spam box or please send me a private message on

I replied to your mail

Hi! Is there a “How to update” guide?

You just need to update the js and css file of the script (if you haven’t changed the design before)

Either files’ names don’t match (and therefore I am not sure I get the right place/files) or I am not finding the right files to replace on the server… :/

Now I understand what is wrong. I will send you an e-mail.

This plugin does not depend on the theme. Show how you connected it. For what purpose do you write this comment, if you have not figured out the reason yet?

Hi sir I want iguider in place of itour how I will buy

There is no possibility of an exchange. I can make a 50% discount on the iGuider plugin, if you share a link to facebook or twitter

Can we use tourMapVisible in individual steps? I don’t want the tour map to show for step 3 but then come back on step 4 – is that possible?

I made an example for you: Variant 1: Disable the tour map at a certain step; Variant 2: Enable the tour map at a certain step;

Thank you – show hide sidebar now working great. Just another issue now which is using the checknext function. The error div shows up but inside the error div the text is blank and not showing my MessageError text

see my code here please if i have an issue with it?

submit event can not be in one step with validation

Discount please of $4 i have $8 in wallet
Write to me on the mail when you are ready to buy and I will reduce the price:

What may be causing the itour script I’m using placed in the to clash with the design template/css? Forgive me, I’m sure the issue is a simple fix, but I’m no coder and I’m having trouble finding the issue. I do know that when inspecting in Chrome, it’s saying there is no plugin script to call.

I have an image for the front end view with code and inspection error uploaded at Also here is just html for the page:

Like I said, sure it’s something simple. I didn’t place something somewhere, but when I try to add the itour jquery plugin with my page design, nothing happens when Start Tour button is clicked.

Thanks for your response, I couldn’t figure it out so I took out the CSS stylesheet and made a simple HTML. One other question, what am I changing, when using the builder to have it autostart always?

autostart is a separate additional code, it is not a parameter, therefore it is not included by the builder

Your support and dedication to the growth and reliability of this plugin is amazing! Thank you!

2 Questions.

1. Can I hide the Prev button on a step? (not just change text but hide it altogether?)

2. Event ‘Submit’ is on but the event fires even if submit data is not valid. Is there a way to check if form has successfully submitted before next action?

1. You need insert in css file next code: [data-step=”step-1”] { display:none } Сhange the step number.

2. No. Try not to use the sending of the contact form on the tour.

So we cannot use something to check if value exists before movin to next step? like has user entered a field AND pressed submit? almost like check for two events before next step?

I added to the plug-in the ability to set the condition to go to the next step. Download the new version and watch the demo:

Your demo is not working

VM245:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: tempObj is not defined at eval (eval at _0xfdecx67 (jquery.itour.js:8), <anonymous>:1:1) at _0xfdecx67 (jquery.itour.js:8) at _0xfdecx67 (jquery.itour.js:8) at jquery.itour.js:8 at dispatch (jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3) at q.handle (jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3) (anonymous) @ VM245:1 _0xfdecx67 @ jquery.itour.js:8 _0xfdecx67 @ jquery.itour.js:8 (anonymous) @ jquery.itour.js:8 dispatch @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 q.handle @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 load (async) add @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 (anonymous) @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 each @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:2 each @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:2 wa @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 on @ jquery-3.1.0.min.js:3 (anonymous) @ carousel.js:495 (anonymous) @ carousel.js:11 (anonymous) @ bootstrap.min.js:6 (anonymous) @ bootstrap.min.js:6


On what page is it? I’m sure the problem is not in the plugin. Send me the address of the non-working demo page?

Best Regards

Will the files delivered be obscufated?

Thank you, I like to see what I include in my website :)

Hi, Does it work on a modal bootstrap? Example: I have an index.php page and I want it to open a modal when we click on “next” button on iTour. The modal -> index.php/folder/modal_form.php Is it possible ?

Could you give me your email to help me because my modals are not done the same and I would need help. I would like to send you my modal code for you to see.


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